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Teaching Aptitude Practice Session 11 (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Talvir Singh
Double JRF Commerce/Management Motivational Speaker Comedy Addict Lyricist 5 Year Teaching Experience #TREND SETTER

Unacademy user
sir I'm from English medium n I don't know Gujarati grammar how can I studied? plz upload such type of videos for English medium students
Amit Shukla
a year ago
Well mam i started series ,for grammer see alankar series in feed
guruji....I think you are the....जादूगर....your word give us new energy to do.....lot...7/7.....
thank you Sir... bhut help ho rhi hai revison mein... 🙏👍
thank you Sir for your best wishes........
Thankyou so much sir...
  1. 1. If some of your pupils misbehave with you in the college campus you must report to the principal * report to their parents improve their behavior by your own character and scholarship * mobilize other teachers against these guys

  2. 2. A teacher who is not able to draw the attention of his students * should evaluate his teaching method and improve it * resign from the post .find fault in his pupils start dictating

  3. 3. If back-benchers are always talking in the classroom a teacher should * let them do what they are doing punish them . ask them to sit on the front benches none of the above

  4. 4. If a teacher is not able to answer the question of a pupil he should say that he will answer after * rebuke the pupil * feel shy of his ignorance consultation say that the question is wrong

  5. 5. The most important ability of an efficient . Competence to plan and provide effective, goal * Skills to dramatize learning experience teacher is? oriented learning experience Ability to explain the learning material with clarity . Generating camaraderie between yourself and students

  6. 6. You recognize one of your former pupils in the marketplace. He/she passes you by without even acknowledging you. Your reaction will be to Feel disappointed and forgot all about it Discuss deteriorating values of modern day youth with your class next day Go up to the student and castigate him Call him and talk to him pleasantly

  7. 7. A student visits home to share his/her academic and personal problems. You will Extend help to boost morale of the student . Ask him not to intrude on your personal time Talk to his parents about his/her problem . None of the above