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Teaching Aptitude Practice Session 8 (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Talvir Singh
Double JRF Commerce/Management Motivational Speaker Comedy Addict Lyricist 5 Year Teaching Experience #TREND SETTER

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(98×99×197)/6 = 49×33×197 how? In video no. 26
thanks. ..thanks. .....sirji.......7/7...the way you teach us .....result is on score's all because of your guidance. .....
Thank you sir mera exam 22 ko h sir
video chal Kyon Nahi raha he???
thank you Sir.....
  1. 1. What would be your approach if a student interrupts in your class? (A) You will ask him to leave the class . (B) You will ask him to behave properly . (C) You will assess his reasons to do the same . (D) You will give him extra home-work

  2. 2. In a democratic country like India, schools should concentrate on . (A) Development of traits to face hurdles of daily life . (B) Inculcation of values cherished by the community . (C) Preparation for academic excellence . (D) Development of traits of good citizenship

  3. 3. While teaching the concept of a 'circle', which one of the following would be the best way to do it? . (A) Present a picture of a circle . (B) Present pictures of circles of various sizes . (C) Present pictures of circles and ellipses . (D) Present pictures of circles and polygons

  4. 4. In this age of academic excellence demand, inclusion of games and sports in schools is- . (A) A wastage of time . (B) Taking away a lot of time from academi<c work (C) Giving time for leisure or relaxation (D) Necessary for the co-ordinated development of the individual

  5. 5. Which one of the following may not be the best reason for cheating in the class-room examination? . (A) Too lazy to study . (B) Parental pressure for good marks (C) Fear of failure . (D) Self-prestige

  6. 6. Teacher's class-room behavior should be good because- . (A) It will set an example . (B) Students will be more attentive (C) Environment would be conducive to learning . (D) Students will appreciate it

  7. 7. Teaching aids are useful because they . (A) Help teacher's work . (B) Activate all senses . (C) Help students to be attentive . (D) Make learning more meaningful