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Communication Practice Session 8 (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh
JRF Qualified | Motivational Speaker | Comedy Addict | Lyricist | 5 Year Teaching Experience |Youtuber | Unacademy Top Educator

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कुछ जगहों का नाम बदलना ठीक भी है लेकिन इतनी तेजी के साथ भी नही और अगर नाम अटल जी के नाम पर न भी रखे जाते तो ऐसा नही है कि उन्हें कोई भूल सकता है बच्चो को अटल जी और कलाम सर के जीवन के बारे में बताया जाना चाहिए North Atlantic Treaty Organization Headquarters -Brussels, Belgium 29 member country


  3. 1. Which of these must be avoided for effective communication? a) Sharing of activity b) Listening c) Ambiguity d) Politeness

  4. 2. To make our communication effective, we C's and_ should follow a) seven, four b) seven, three c) six, four d) six, three S's.

  5. .4S - Shortness, Simplicity, Strength, and Sincerity. 7C- Completeness, Concreteness , Courtesy, Correctness ,Clarity ,Consideration Conciseness

  6. .3. There is a barrier to communication when words are uttered in a a) negative b) positive c) polite d) good sense.

  7. 4. Which of these is the most common form of dyadic communication? a) Conversation b) Texting c) Blogging d) Writing

  8. 5. should be avoided in a conversation. a) Standard words b) Slang c) Name of the other persoin d) Truth