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Teaching Aptitude Practice Session 3 (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh
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Q-2 Recently newly elected up govt announced 30729 crore Rs to waive crop loan. Farm loan may be refers to a crop loan or a investment loan taken to buy agricultural equipments. Farm loan waiver may be defined as good politics and bad economics. It poses both positive and negative impact which are as follows. Positive - a) it provides temporary relief to already distressd agricultural sector of country. B) it will cut down the raising farmer suicide rate. C) providing opportunities to farmers to make the use of money in modernising and expanding the current agriculture area by paying their debt off. D) it will increase saving leading to capital formation in rural area. Negative : a) similar demand will be triggered in other agrarian states as well as recently protest was staged in tamilnadu. ‌B) most of the time it is done with political intention for short term populist gain to secure a seat in election. ‌c) govt does market borrowing to raise the money for respective purpose resulting in crowding out of private investors which will lead to decrease in investment. ‌d) it will make the loan costly which in turn will increase inflation and fiscal deficit will increase. ‌e) bank's npa problem will further increase. ‌ therfore we must revive Indian agriculture rather providing them temporary monetary relief. Further loan waiver is required only in extreme conditions as mostly it is associated with political interest.
nice sirji......7/7....I have cleared my JRF...JUNE 2019
sir micro teaching during the teacher practice aayga 3 que b answer..
Sir ye Sare questions aap 30 days ki mcqs series m discuss kr chuke ho .... per accha hua apne 1 br phir se revise krva diye .... thanks Sir 👍👍
Sir nice step but logical reasoning revise krwa dijye
sir ek missing d.i per hi video bana do
  1. 1. Most important challenge in teaching a resource . (a) Identification and assessment of the disabled . (b) Sensitization of public, parents, and peer .(c) Establishing resource room and supplying . (d) Teaching plus curricular activities teacher is children groups assistive devices

  2. 2. Micro teaching is more effective (December 2009) (a) during preparation for teaching practice (b)during teaching practice (c) after the teaching practice (d)always

  3. 3. Micro-teaching is useful to students of (a) Primary classes only (b) Junior classes only (c) 10 + 2 classes only (d) Both for primary and higher classes

  4. 4. Which of the following university was the pioneer in micro-teaching concept started in 1961? . (a) Stanford University (b) Oxford University . (c) Delhi University (d) J L N University, New Delhi

  5. 5. In which of the following is instructional procedure the main component? . (a) Synectics teaching model .(b) Basic teaching model . (c) Inductive model . (d) Social stimulation

  6. 6. In education, John Dewey stressed on . (a) Learning by doing . (b) Authoritarian teaching methods . (c) Rote learning . (d) None of the above

  7. 7. Symposium is a type of (a) Discovery method (b) Discussion method (c) Lecture method (d) Demonstration method