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Communication Practice Session 2 (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh
Double JRF Commerce/Management Motivational Speaker Comedy Addict Lyricist 5 Year Teaching Experience #TREND SETTER

Unacademy user
Sir, I am a beginner in UPSC prep..I want to ask whether I should read editorials or not ? Are they helpful in writing mains exam ? Or should I develop my own take on issues? Thanks Sir for providing informative bite sized videos
Vineet Kumar
3 years ago
It would be better start reading editorials. You'll get an insight about writing mains answer and gain views on various topics which help you to develop your own views.
Pawan vivek
3 years ago
Without reading associated editorials, it will be difficult to get an insight into various topic & about the critical appraisal of issues. In the beginning the editorials may seem to be complex and tough, but will become easier to understand when you will start associating relevant current affairs & get used to the topic. Always keep in mind the syllabus while reading the newspaper & the topic's relevance from Prelims, mains & interview point of view.
outstanding sirji.....5/5......
5/5 thank u sir ....its all because of u that we 're able to answer these questions.....thank u soooo much


  3. 1. Day dreaming is a type of communication. Inter-personal Intra-personal . Group . Mass

  4. 2. What is the basis for intra-personal communication? Expectation Perception Self-concept . None

  5. 3. Which is not included in the 7Cs of effective communication? . Concreteness Courtesy Chronemics Correctness

  6. 4. What does haptikos mean? . Able to grasp or perceive Able to communicate Able to understand None

  7. 5. Messages conveyed through eyes by blinks, eye movement etc is termed as . Chronemics Haptics . Oculesics None