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Chapter-6 Renewable Energy, Waste Management in India (in Hindi)
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E- Waste Management in India (in Hindi)

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  1. Environment Book Summary Presented Bu Aartee Mishra


  3. and Other Electronic Devices E WASTE .The discarded and end-of-life electronic products ranging from computers, equipment used in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), home appliances, audio and video products and all of their peripherals are popularlyE-waste Type known as Electronic waste Personal Electronic Devices Scanners and Copiers Monitors and Laptops Televisions .E-waste is not hazardous if it is stocked in safe storage or recycled by scientific methods or transported from one place to the other in parts or in totality in the formal sector. Cell Phones Equipment

  4. Lead Used in glass panels & gaskets in computer monitors Used in soldering in printed circuit boards & other components Attacks nervous system, Kidneys & reproduction system & endocrine gland Impedes Brain development among children . Mercury Used in thermostat sensors, relays, switches, medical equipment, mobile phones, lamps & in batteries Now a days also used in flat panel displays replacing cathode tubes It is estimated that 22% of yearly world consumption of mercury is used in electrical & electronic equipment Cause damage to brain, kidneys & foetus (Developing foetus is highly vulnerable to mercury exposure) When spread in water forms methyl mercury, which bio accumulates through food chain & spread minamata disease . .

  5. Barium A soft silvery white metal, used in computers in front panel of CRT, to protect users from radiation Exposure to barium can cause brain swelling, muscle weakness, damage to heart, spleen & liver Beryllium Commonly found on motherboards & finger clips Used as a copper beryllium alloy to strengthen connectors & tinyplugs while maintaining electrical conductivity Exposure can cause lung cancer, skin diseases as poor wound healing & wart like bumps Toners . Found in plastic printer cartridges, containing black & printed toners .Contains heavy metals & causes respiratory problems

  6. GUIYU- CHINA: CASE STUDY Maharashtra 19 131 Guiyu in China is major hub for the disposal of e-waste and is Tail Nadu widely considered to be the Andhra Pradesh 12.5% largest e-waste disposal site in the world. 13.1% Ultar Pradesh 101 9.8% Guiyu receives shipments of e- est Bengal 9 waste, both from domestic sources and from other countries Delhi Kamataka Gujarat 8.5% 8.8% According to U.N. report "E Waste in China," Guiyu suffered an "environmental calamity" as a Madhya Pradesh 7.6% result of the wide-scale e-waste disposal industry in the area. State-wise E-waste Generation in India(Tonneslyear

  7. Unregulated and improper management of e-waste in the region has caused tremendous damage to the environment and pose a great threat to human health in the region E-WASTE DISPOSAL AND RECYCLING PRACTICES IN INDIA Unorganized sector/ Informal: . Around 90% of the recycling of E-Waste in India is done by the non- formal/unorganized sector. Non-formal units of e-waste recyclers are distributed all over India. Informal units generally follow the steps such as collection of the e-waste from the rag pickers, disassembly of the products for their useable parts, components, modules, which are having resell value. . The rest of the material is chemically treated to recover precious metals and non-recoverable materials are disposed in landfills

  8. The endocrine system Pineal gland Hypothalamus Pituitary gland Thyroid gland Thymus Pancreas Adrenal glands bd Testes (male) Ovaries (female)