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Chapter 3 part 3 - Tropical seasonal forest, Forest found in India, information about Subscription
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Tropical seasonal forest and other forest found in India, information about the plus subscription

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Aartee Mishra
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Unacademy user
Mam neet meh jo ncert me mention hai molecules aur apne yaha samjaye vo enough hai? Varna pata kese chalega ke O2 & F2 vali series me kon ayega aur Li2, Be2 vali series me kon ayega???
Sufficient hai, and even try to understand the method, you must be confident enough , kuch bhi aaya kar loge
Generally Period. 1& 2 elements hi aane hai exam mei.
Heena Sheikh
a year ago
Ok mam thank you so much ke apne reply kiya and i understood the method nicely. But jese O2 vali series alag hai aur Li2 vali alag hai toh question Cl2 ka aya toh konsi series lagau 2pz pehle ati hai vo ya 2pz badme ata hai vahi samj nahi ata ke elctrons ko kaha place karna hai
Cl2 k liye O2 wala pattern follow hoga
Heena Sheikh
a year ago
Kya sabhi halogens ke liye vahi follow karna hai?
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Very useful lectures thank you mam...
mam plz add bipin Chandra novel..modern history lessons add kija nah...
watch modern history of bipin chandra by prashant yadav on unacadmy app
please mam thode jaldi. lesson add kijiye m.laxmikant ki summary me and ye wale course me bhi
very helpful lecture thank you very much mam
  1. Environment Book Summary Presented Bu Aartee Mishra

  2. Tropical & subtropical moist broadieaf forests Tropical & subtropical dry broadleaf forests Tropical & subtropical coniferous forests Deserts & xeric shrublands Temperate grasslands, savannas, & shrublands Montane grasslands & shrublands Temperate conifer forests Flooded grasslands & savannas Boreal forests/taiga Mangroves Tundra Mediterranean forests, woodlands, & scrub

  3. Tropical seasonal forests: Tropical seasonal forests also known as monsoon forest occur in regions where total annual rainfall is very high but segregated into pronounced wet and dry periods. This kind of forest is found in South East Asia, central and south America, northern Australia, western Africa and tropical islands of the pacific as well as in India. . Subtropical rain forests: Broad-leaved evergreen subtropical rainforests are found in regions of fairly high rainfall but less temperature differences between winter and summer Epiphytes are common here. Animal life of subtropical forest is very similar to that of tropical rainforests.

  4. INDIAN FOREST TYPES India has a diverse range of forests from the rainforest of Kerala in the south to the alpine pastures of Ladakh in the north, from the deserts of Rajasthan in the west to the evergreen forests in the north-east. Tropical Wet evergreen forests . Wet evergreen forests are found along the Western Ghats, the Nicobar and Andaman Islands and all along the north-eastern region. It is characterized by tall, straight evergreen trees. The more common trees that are found here are the jackfruit, betel nut palm, jamun, mango, and hollock. . The trees in this forest form a tier pattern: shrubs cover the layer closer to the ground, followed by the short structured trees and then the tall variety.

  5. India Natural vegetation Vegetation of India can be divided into five types cold desert . Tropical Thomy vegetation Alpine and sub-alpine Himalyan dry temperate Himalayan moist temperate Sub-tropical coniferous Hot desert * Tropical Evergreen forest Tropical Deciduous forest * Thorny Bushes Mountain Vegetation Mangrove Forests. Tropical moist deciduous Tropical wet evergreen Tropical semi evergreen Tropical dry deciduous

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