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Chapter 10 - Difference between warm blooded and cold-blooded animals (in Hindi)
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Chapter 10 - Difference between warm blooded and cold-blooded animals (in Hindi)

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Aartee Mishra
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Unacademy user
please help the harmone and gland study
Diksha Patel
a year ago
I don't understand what are you saying, please elaborate.
mam chapter number 10 me biogeographic provinces wale topic ko miss kr diya hai mam.please continue it.thank you mam.
mammal ex. you and I mam
maam plzzzz go only important topics not whole
Thank you so much mam..
Squirrel,Bear are mammals. You are adding enough lessons in free platform too ahead of busy schedule in Plus, i am highly satisfied. Thanks for such lessons more power to you and us. You will be 1st shortly😊
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  4. Cold Blooded Warm Blooded Almost all animals are cold- Only two kinds of vertebrates birds and mammals-are warm - blooded. Their blood and body stay the same temperature no matter how cold or hot their surroundings are. These animals become ill or die if their body temperature changes very much. blooded. The temperature of their blood and body changes when their surroundings become warmer or colder,

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  8. .have scales, hot fur. theave dry stin Crocodilians Newt .vsually lay USwally lay eggs, Sometimes live yong . Cold-blooded Lizards Poison Dart Frog live on land in water . Cold-blooded Snakes Salamander ay eggs moist sKin webbed feet Turtles &Tortoises Toad