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(Hindi) Shankar IAS - Environment and Ecology Simplified


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Aartee Mishra

Shankar IAS Environment and Ecology book simplified through story telling. With all necessary information chapter wise in this course.


71 lessons • 8 h 41 m
Overview of the Course (in Hindi)

5m 09s

Chapter 1 - Ecology - Basic details with Levels of Hiearchy Part- 1 (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter1 part 2 External and Internal environment of fish, Different levels of Ecological hierarchy

15m 00s

Chapter1 Part-3 : Components of Ecosystem - Definition and Scope

11m 47s

Chapter 1 part 4 - Flow of energy between primary secondary and tertiary consumers

11m 35s

Chapter 1 part 5 - Ecotone Characteristics and features

11m 17s

Chapter 1 part 6 - Edge Effects and Types of Niche (in Hindi)

9m 02s

Chapter 1 part- 7 , Introduction about Major Biomes of the World with Maps and Images

15m 00s

Chapter 1 Part 8, Desert ,Savannah, Tundra, Taiga, Rainforest and temperate deciduous forests

12m 42s

Chapter 1 part-9 Aquatic Zones - freshwater ecosystem and Marine ecosystem

10m 01s

Chapter 1 part 10 - Definition of Biosphere

6m 33s

Chapter 2 Part-1 The Function of an Ecosystem

10m 46s

Chapter 2 part 2 - Grazing food chain and Detritus food chain

9m 48s

Chapter 2 part 3 - Pyramid of number, biomass and energy flow

14m 09s

Chapter 2 part 4 - Pollutants and trophic level

15m 00s

Chapter 2 part 5 - Biotic Interaction Types (in Hindi)

12m 15s

Chapter 2 part 6 - Nitrogen and carbon cycling

8m 07s

Chapter 2 part 7 - Nitrogen fixation and Dentrification

10m 25s

Chapter 2 Part 8 - Sedimentary stages - phosphorus cycle and sulphur cycle (in Hindi)

11m 43s

Chapter 2 part 9 - Ecological succession - primary and secondary succession (in Hindi)

10m 03s

Chapter 3 - Terrestrial ecology , tundra biome, Arctic and Alpine (in Hindi)

11m 37s

Chapter 3 part 2 - Forest ecosystem - Boreal and temperate forests

11m 22s

Chapter 3 part 3 - Tropical seasonal forest, Forest found in India, information about Subscription

10m 34s

All types of forests in India with maps and important points

14m 17s

Chapter 3 part 5 - What is deforestation and how it affects us?

10m 10s

Chapter 4 - (Part-1) Aquatic ecosystem (in Hindi)

7m 51s

Chapter 4 part 2 - Classifications of Aquatic organisms on the basis of their zone and occurrence

9m 27s

Chapter 4 part 3 - Factors affecting aquatic ecosystem (in Hindi)

11m 02s

Part 4 - The process of Eutrophication

10m 39s

Part 5 - Explanation about wetland and the difference between a wetland and lake (in Hindi)

13m 00s

Chapter 4 part 6 - Benefits of Energy and Mangrove ecosystem

13m 13s

Chapter 4 part 7 - Role of Mangroves and it's importance (in Hindi)

10m 19s

Chapter 4 part 8 - Functions of Coral Reefs (in Hindi)

8m 50s

Chapter 5 Part 1 - Environmental Pollution (in Hindi)

11m 15s

Chapter 5 part 2 - Why Ground Ozone layer is bad? (in Hindi)

9m 46s

Chapter 5 part 3- Air pollution and water pollution

14m 53s

Chapter 5 part 4, Thermal pollution and Underground Water Pollution - Effects

13m 23s

Chapte 5 part 5, Soil pollution and Noise pollution causes and effects (in Hindi)

12m 23s

Chapter 5 part 6 - important discussion on Radioactive Waste and Pollution (in Hindi)

9m 06s

Chapter-6 Renewable Energy, Waste Management in India (in Hindi)

14m 55s

Chapter 6 , Solid waste management measures in India (in Hindi)

9m 55s

Chapter -7 Bioremediation and biotechnological applications to reduce pollution (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter 8 part 1 , EIA : Environmental Impact Assessment (in Hindi)

12m 42s

Chapter 8, Part 2 - EIA Process followed in India (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter 9 part 1, Biodiversity in India (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter 9 part 2, Why tropics have greater biological diversity ? (in Hindi)

11m 13s

Chapter 9 part 3 - Biodiversity conservation methods and Botanical gardens in India (in Hindi)

10m 47s

Chapter 10 - Biodiversity and Indian realms diverse landscapes (in Hindi)

15m 00s

Chapter 10 - Difference between warm blooded and cold-blooded animals (in Hindi)

10m 32s

Chapter 12 - Animal Diversity of India (in Hindi)

9m 43s

Chapter 12 part 2 - Endemic animal species in detail (in Hindi)

9m 07s

Chapter 12 part 3 , Species Which move from vulnerable to endangered section in India (in Hindi)

9m 16s

Chapter 12 part 4- Vulnerable and near threatened animals of India IUCN book list (in Hindi)

8m 26s

Chapter 12 part 5 - National Aquatic Animal of India (in Hindi)

7m 19s

Chapter 13 part 1- Plant Diversity in India (in Hindi)

11m 12s

Chapter 13 part 2 , Active and passive insectivorous plants in India (in Hindi)

14m 14s

Chapter 13 part 3, Invasive species and endangered insectivorous plants in India

11m 49s

Chapter 13 part 4, Details about medicinal plants and parts of a tree (in Hindi)

8m 55s

Chapter 14 Part 1 - Marine organisms : plankton introduction (in Hindi)

7m 57s

Chapter 14 Part 2 phytoplanktons and zooplanktons difference

8m 58s

Chapter 14 Part 3, Factors affecting the growth of phytoplanktons - light, temperature, salinity

8m 36s

Chapter 14 , Part-4 Role of phytoplankton in climate change

6m 10s

Role of zooplanktons, Sea Grasses - Importance (in Hindi) Part-5

8m 09s

Chapter 14 Part- 6, Seaweeds - Advantages and Disadvantage

7m 46s

Complete one year time table for all the beginners

6m 36s

Shortest book list to cover entire Syllabus of UPSC

6m 02s

Chapter 15, Part - 1, Protected Area Network - National park and wildlife sanctuary

7m 44s

Chapter 15 Part - 2, Difference between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

7m 27s

Chapter 15 part 3- Chapter 15 part 4 - settlement of rights

6m 51s

Chapter 15 part 4 conservation reserves and community reserves

6m 19s

Tricks to increase concentration in studies

7m 09s



292 reviews

Ankita Singh

reviewed on Jan 25, 2019

Mam u r best.. best educator at unacademy.. mam u r helping us alott by making such an important courses from main reference books for UPSC... thankkksssss a lottttt mam..

pooja Tiwari

reviewed on Jan 25, 2019

Thank u so much ma'am for this course. Beginners ke liye ye course sach me bhut hi helpful hoga. Itne ache se aapne isko samjhaya hai.

Ashish Singh

reviewed on Jan 25, 2019

thank u so much maam for providing this course...most awaited...this going to be milestone for ias preparation..thanks once again maam

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