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8th June - The Hindu Editorial - Part-1(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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India being a secular country should India take steps to strengthen and infuse among the people of India to develop the the secular bonding among different secular community of India to avoid such frequent communal riots.

  2. The Thoothukudi fables Voilence in the Hills Sustaining earth for the future e airtel 4G S. UBHODEEP

  3. Context -Spark for the week-long incidents of violence in downtown Shillong was a lie spread through WhatsApp, the ubiquitous messaging platform that has increasingly become an unfiltered medium for hate and rumour-mongering. Mazhabi Sikh community Khasi youth and his associates Dispute amicably settled between representatives of the communities. SUBHODEP

  4. Reasons: - fabricated story -youth had succumbed to injuries sustained in the scuffle - large numbers of Khasi protesters laying siege to Punjabi Lane, demanding that the Sikh residents move from the area. -Settlers" - in Shillong-more than a century and a half, originally brought there by the British colonials to work as manual scavengers, and have since integrated themselves within Shillong not insulated them from being described as outsiders. moved from Shillong's commercial heart to its outskirts UBHODEEP

  5. Story: - Administration did well protect the dwellers of Punjabi Lane from physical harm, but mob violence persisted until curfew was imposed Meghalaya High Court had stayed an order by the District Commissioner to evict the residents from Punjabi Lane in 1986. UBHODEEP

  6. Reasons: Failure to forge a more inclusive politics in Meghalaya. Tribal angst over economic issues leading to the scapegoating of non-tribal long-time residents reflects the continued. "Though - enough provisions of affirmative action for the tribal people-80% reservation for the Khasi, Jaintia, Garo and other tribes in jobs and professional studies. Discontent A Labour Bureau report on employment in 2015-16 found Meghalaya to have among the highest urban unemployment rates (13.4%). UBHODEEP

  7. Need: To prevent a repeat of those incidents, the government must stand by and protect the Sikh residents, and not give in to the nativist arguments of the protestors. And as calm is restored, Meghalaya's politicians and civil society leaders must forge a more inclusive vision of the State's demographics UBHODEEP

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  10. Sustaining earth for the future The Thoothukudi fables Sustaining earth for the future S. UBHODEEP

  11. Anthropocene era - a new period in earth's history, when humans have begun to impact our environment at the global scale. Forests degrade and diminish, Our rivers vanish, Our air become unfit to breathe We constantly talk about cleaning up the Ganga, as if it were the sole wound, but we overlook that the whole tapestry covering our body is slowly disintegrating. All life requires nurturing. UBHODEEP

  12. This mapping effort would include not only all life, including cultures,_ethnicities, and dialects, but also the use of biodiversity and its vulnerability to changes in land use and climate. glimpse of what we have, and what is most vulnerable We still have only the most basic understanding of how society interacts with biodiversity, and how economic, social and political forces can erode the biodiversity that ultimately sustains us. Mapping: clue - natural services underpin our agricultural productivity and mitigate climate change. UBHODEEP