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19th June - The Hindu Editorial - Part-1(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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  2. Power crisis Heart of the matter The spirit of Sentosa In the shadow of FARC Iv n Duque's election as Colombia's President puts a question mark on the peace accord FARC Marxist guerrillas Iv n Duque, raises questions for the future of the agreement negotiated by the Nobel Peace Prize- winning outgoing President, Juan Manuel Santos S. UBHODEEP

  3. rleart of the matter Heart of the matter S. UBHODEEP

  4. Context We must publicise the full information on organ allocations to secure public trust in the donation process Case WhatsApp message from the head of the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) claiming that foreign patients who are waiting for a donor heart transplant are being prioritised over Indian patients by private hospitals in Chennai UBHODEEP

  5. T.N.: Tamil Nadu around 10 years ago Forward thinking bureaucracy, Committed non-governmental organisations - Willing political dispensation took up promotion of organ donation as a must-have in Tamil Nadu around 10 years ago. primarily in response kidney donation racket unearthed in the late 1990s Initial kick-start and continuing efforts have made Tamil Nadu the undisputed leader in organ donation in India. S. UBHODEEP

  6. Facts Oorgan donation - disappointing in north India. While the organ donation rate in Tamil Nadu is over 10 times greater than most of the northern States, there is a lot of work to be done to achieve the West's donation rates. OEvery country goes through an evolution process in terms of organ donation - different for each organ Kidney transplantation has been practised in India for over 25 years. - public confidence in the procedure massive waiting list for cadaver kidney transplants usonte procedure masie Liver transplantation in India were poor in the early stages UBHODEEP

  7. Heart transplants OCardiac and lung transplantation have been the last to develop in India. 0 Until five years ago, results of heart and lung transplantation were dismal in India OOver the last two-three years, results have improved significantly with the influx of talented and trained surgeons. But the number of patients being assessed and listed are still fewer in comparison to those listed for livers or kidneys- hard to find heart or lungs. S. UBHODEEP

  8. This is where the claim for utilising the organ for a foreign patient comes in as otherwise the organ would be wasted. comes eorgan would be wastedgn one-third of all hearts and lungs are still not being used due to "lack of a suitable recipient very tight timeframes within which these organs should be transplanted kidney can be preserved for 12-18 hours liver for 8-12 hours, hearts and lungs should be transplanted within six hours UBHODEEP

  9. Way Forward: As public and physician confidence in the success of heart and lung transplantation improves in India, the waiting list of Indian patients will increase and it will be possible to match every organ to a suitable Indian patient. -viable and accessible air ambulance service to transport organs Considering - local governments and corporate hospitals are still very interested in medical tourism - zonalisation across the country (like in the U.S.) so that more efficient sharing of organs across States. Process should be made more transparent and accessible to the public- highly emotive topic. Controversies donation rates drop UBHODEEP

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