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30th June - The Hindu Editorial - Part-3(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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please all topics teach me in modern history ...
I'll try to teach :-)
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anyone with sociology optional in hindi medium. plz suggest me about books, notes and test series in hindi medium for sociology plz
  1. The deepening disconnect Target incomes, not prices arget incomes, not prices Income support must be provided to at least the most vulnerable farmers S. UBHODEEP

  2. Our farm policy is so bad, the proverb 'you reap what you sow' isn't true any longer. Good rains, excessive sowing and the bumper harvest Drought ,poor Produce S. UBHODEEP


  4. None of the economic tools available for protecting farm income:s the price support scheme, the price stabilisation fund and the market intervention scheme was employed to the best advantage Flawed export and import rules UBHODEEP

  5. The MSP issue This year's Budget promised that the Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) would be at least 150% of production costs, a longstanding demand of farmers and recommendation of experts Even if the market prices fall below the MSP, as they did for major kharif crops in 2017, the government will procure the produce on MSP. And if it does not procure, it will provide a mechanism to ensure payments, equal to the gap between the MSP and the market price, UBHODEEP

  6. intention of assuring 50% profit margin over the cost of production is to make farming remunerative. On the formula for calculating production costs for plugging into the MSP formula, farmer groups and the government are not as yet on the same page But howsoever production costs are calculated, simply announcing higher MSPs will not raise farmer incomes. Several crops last year, the quantities procured were small portions of the total produce. Although MSPs are announced for more than 20 crops, noteworthy procurement is conducted for three: paddy, wheat and sugarcane (procurement by sugar mills, not the government, given cane must be crushed within a few hours of being cut, or it dries, impacting sugar recovery drastically). UBHODEEP

  7. Further, procurement frequently takes places at prices below the MSP, as is happening this year, according to reports Demand-supply mismatch A set of estimates of the price differential payments likely this year, premised on realistic assumptions, from agriculture economists led by Ashok Gulati projects that the MSP of paddy for the 2018-19 kharif season will have to be raised 11-14%, cotton 19-28%, and jowar 42-44%, if the MSP pricing formula of 1.5 times the cost is employed. UBHODEEP

  8. A rational response of farmers looking at this menu of MSPs would be to sow more jowar in the next season. The promise of profits is greatest for jowar. The policy will unwittingly lead to increased jowar production. There's no reason the demand for jowar would also rise A demand-supply mismatch would be inevitable which would send the market prices for jowar way below the announced MSP, calling for significantly expanded jowar procurement at MSP. Pricing policies distort market prices and send the wrong signal to farmers on what to produce and how much UBHODEEP

  9. The Telangana example Telangana has announced such payments for farmers at the rate of 10,000/ha (#4,000/acre) per season The cost projections for scaling up this model to the national level Logic of fiscal support for farmers on the grounds that it is fair agriculture sector engages more than 50% of the total workforce pricing policy instruments, so that inflation does not erode the rest of the population's purchasing power. UBHODEEP

  10. Can Indian football make it to the top league? S. UBHODEEP