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5th June - The Hindu Editorial - Part-2(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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mandatedfiscal deficit recommended by FRBM act is 3% of GDP
great explanation sir
  1. To be an environmental world power To be an environmental world power Context Actions taken ER Governance and the Governor Concerrn Need S. UBHODEEP

  2. Context: Cross-border environmentalism is crucial for South Asia, but India is not inclined to take the lead Distress is paramount in the northern half of the subcontinent. -The subcontinent is running out of the resource due to the demands of industrialisation and urbanisation The economic and demographic forces are arrayed against the rivers and their right-of-way. .(water diversion) (natural drainage is destroyed by highways and railway tracks ) (urban/industrial effluents have converted our great rivers into sewers. UBHODEEP


  4. Actions taken: China has been resolutely tackling air pollution and promoting clean energy. But while Beijing's centralised governance - the subcontinental realities demand civic participation for sustainability to work. Bihar is helping destroy - Siwalik range of Nepal to feed the construction industry's demand for boulders and conglomerate, even though this hurts Bihar itself through greater floods, desertification and aquifer depletion. Air pollution is strangling the denizens of Lahore, New Delhi,Kathmandu and Dhaka alike, but there is no collaboration. UBHODEEP

  5. Wildlife corridors across States, provinces and countries are becoming constricted. BRT Tiger Reserve kolo- Forest outside BRT TR Wildlife corridor Comidor village nagar 3 6 S. UBHODEEP

  6. Concerns: - Rise of sea levels - hardest hit will be the densely populated deltas where the Indus, the Irrawaddy and the Ganga-Brahmaputra meet the sea Tens of millions of 'climate refugees' ( Farakka Barrage did to livelihoods in downstream Bangladesh, causing the flood of 'undocumented aliens' in India.) atmospheric brown cloud' to explain the excessive melting of snows in the central Himalaya. 'black carbon' containing soot and smog sent up by stubble burning, wood fires, smokestacks and fossil fuel exhaust, as well as dust kicked up by winter agriculture, vehicles and wind -seet lahar, the ground-hugging fog that engulfs the subcontinent's northern plains for ever-extended periods in winter - poorest and shelter-less UBHODEEP

  7. Need: As the largest nation-state of our region, and the biggest polluter whose population is the most vulnerable, India needs to be alert to the dangerous drift. The erosion of civility in geopolitics keeps South Asian societies apart when people should be joining hands across borders to save our common ground. wildlife, disease vectors, aerosols and river flows do not respect national boundaries Environment ministry is invariably the least empowered in the major countries of South Asia - coordinate the ecological response New Delhi rise to connect the dots between representative democracy and ecological sanity - challenges have greatly multiplied and deepened. UBHODEEP

  8. Ensure underground aquifers are exploited to exhaustion consider drip irrigation "Inherited Western engineering canon that does not factor in the natural silt carried by rivers of the Himalaya embankment construction( but how do you de-silt a deep reservoir??) Environmental activists all over tend to be lampooned in the media and social media as anti-national, anti-development -The urban middle class is not visible in environmentalism, other than in 'beautification projects'. Empowerment of local government all over - organic environmentalism rises from the grassroots and makes state authority accountable. UBHODEEP

  9. To be an environmental world power Governance and the Governor arm friction Context Constitutional Mandate Governance and the Governor 1l position being abused Need +Possible Solutions S. UBHODEEP

  10. Misuse of the office by some is not a justification for removing it altogether. We need proper checks. A/c to Constitution: -Governor's mandate is substantial overseeing government formation reporting on the breakdown of constitutional machinery in a State maintaining the chain of command between the Centre and the State reserve his assent to Bills passed by the State Legislature promulgate ordinances if the need arises UBHODEEP

  11. Governor's position being abused at the behest of the ruling party at the Centre.(appointment) retirement package for politicians for being politically faithful to the government -candidate wedded to a political ideology could find it difficult to adjust to the requirements of a constitutionally mandated neutral seat UBHODEEP

  12. Most crucial issue - exercise- discretion. -Task of inviting the leader of the largest party/alliance, post- election, to form the government overseeing the dismissal of the government in case of a breakdown of the Constitution in the State frequently misused to dismiss recommending the imposition of President's rule. checked substantially by the Supreme Court through S.R. Bommai v. Union of India UBHODEEP

  13. Need: OBommai verdict allows the Supreme Court to investigate claims of mala fide in the Governor's report, a similar extension to cover mala fide in the invitation process could be a potential solution. Ocrucial link within this federal structure in maintaining effective communication current political climate examples being Goa, Manipur and Karnataka - it may seem natural to suggest that the post of the Governor has outlived its utility. ONeed to ensure proper checks and balances to streamline the functioning of this office. Need - debates on limitations on the power OMisuse of a position of power should not serve as a justification for removing the office altogether, unless such a position has totally lost its relevance. S. UBHODEEP

  14. power of inclusion and exclusion, which lies with the Centre. Schedule lists are critical Determine anti-poaching regulations Even habitat protection. UBHODEEP

  15. Errors-need to be addressed What is endemic may not be rare what is widespread elsewhere may be locally endangered what is endangered in one area may be a pest elsewhere Dilemma of ecologists in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, where the British introduced deer and elephants over a century ago. Caused large-scale degradation of native vegetation and threaten other native animals and plants. UBHODEEP

  16. Need Constantly updated through local research .Duly ranked in conservation value .Local habitat loss Cultural significance population decline diverting forest lands is difficult in areas where better-protected species are found A multi-parameter list would be a far greater reflection of India's biodiversity than a single Central legislation May be the fastest way to protect the critically endangered amboli toad, which is unlisted currently. S. UBHODEEP

  17. OPED Available, accessible, but not stable The rot in rehabilitation Checking crimes against Dalits S. UBHODEEP

  18. The Supreme Court banned the immediate arrest of a person accused of insulting or injuring someone belonging to the Scheduled Castes or Critics and activists have argued that this amounts to a dilution of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act (POA Act), 1989 What has been the impact of the POA Act, especially on violent crimes against Dalits? UBHODEEP