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6th June - The Hindu Editorial - Part-1(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Doesnt matter if it is 1 or not.... 1 is given here bcoz we are taking at some general time... Lets say... The total population be N at time T and change in population at any time is (B+I)- (D+E)... So total population will be... Population initial at time T+ change in the population...
best explanation..looking more from you..thnku sir fr such a useful series..need this

  2. A failure of govenance Life in Plastic Preventing the next health crisis S. UBHODEEP

  3. Context -Union Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan has said the government means business, and the UN theme, "Beat Plastic Pollution", will not remain an empty slogan His claim would have inspired greater confidence had India taken its own rules on waste management seriously. Solid Waste Management Rules Plastic Waste Management Rules of 2016 Remain on paper. UBHODEEP

  4. Data: -60% of about 25,000 tonnes of plastic waste generated daily is collected. 10,000 tonnes of trash is being released into the environment, a lot of it going into the sea. -Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna river system is on the UN map of 10 rivers worldwide that collectively carry the bulk of the plastic waste into the oceans. threaten marine life and the microplastics are now found well-being of people even in drinking water. S. UBHODEEP

  5. Voluntary help: Communities and environmentally minded individuals are ahead of governments and municipal authorities Segregate waste, compost at home, conduct "plastic free" social events and help recover materials that would otherwise just be dumped in the suburbs and wetlands. voluntary efforts cannot achieve what systemic reform can. UBHODEEP

  6. Need Centre's responsibility to ensure - Environment (Protection) Act, anti-pollution - implemented in letter and spirit State Level Monitoring Committees under the rules - accountable State governments - necessary momentum producers of plastic articles-must have shown little concern -negative environmental Need every piece of plastic collected by the system is scientifically processed impact not stopped counterfeit Plastic Waste Management Rules require manufacturers of compostable bags to get a certificate from the Central Pollution Control Board products from entering the market. Solving it will take more than slogans UBHODEEP

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  8. Course Curriculum The course is divided into 45 sessions in total, and will offer personalised guidance and doubt-clearing to all the learners part of the limited batch 28th June to 29th August 2018 Class Timings: 6:00 pm-7:00 pm THE EARTH IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM, Globe: Latitudes and Longitudes. THURSDAY, 28TH JUNE, 6:00 PM Motions of the Earth, Maps 2 FRIDAY, 29TH JUNE, 6:00 PM Major Domains of the Earth, Major Landforms of the Earth SATURDAY, 30TH JUNE, 6:00 PM Our Country -India, India: Climate, Vegetation and Wildlife. 4 SUNDAY, 1ST JULY, 6:00 PM UBHODEEP

  9. A failure of govemance Familiar moorings BIRMANIA LAOS FILIPINAS TAILANDIA Prevent the next health crisis VIETNA CAMBODJA MAL SIA SINGAPURA INDON SIA S. UBHODEEP

  10. Context: With his Shangri-La Dialogue address, the PM signals a foreign policy re-orientation Modi's visit to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, three of India's most important partners in Southeast Asia UBHODEEP

  11. Commitments: U.S. build a "free and open" Indo-Pacific region, maintain the "international rules-based order", and work together to combat terrorisnm and terror financing Membership - the Quadrilateral(with the U.S., Japan and Australia). he Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (the Russia- China-led grouping of Central Asian countries) UBHODEEP

  12. Preventing the next health crisis A failure of govemance Preventing, the next health crisis S. UBHODEEP

  13. Need: OAssurance of adequate nutrition (usually interpreted as dietary calories) and appropriate nutrition (the right balance of nutrients). Policy response has to move from "food security" to "nutrition security" Ostep up its efforts to fight overweight and obesity just as it has been doing with wasting and stunting. Durgency to take public health measures. Dlooks ambitiously toward a universal health coverage system where everyone can access quality health services that are free of financial burden UBHODEEP

  14. to garner the political will to drive "best buys" such as sugar taxes and mass media campaigns on healthy diets Policy responses - include agricultural systems that promote crop diversity (to enable dietary diversity) Regulatory and fiscal measures (to decrease the availability, affordability and promotion of unhealthy foods, while making healthy foods more accessible) Measures: ban the sale of junk food in and around schools. Lancet study on India - higher taxes on junk food can actually lead those on lower incomes to live healthier lives UBHODEEP

  15. OCheck- sale of Junk foods. Counselling and care are needed-ways of managing "poor lifestyle choices", obesity management Olndia should link obesity and undernutrition and treat them as twinned challenges to be jointly addressed under the universal health coverage umbrella. India will be in a better position to fulfil the promise of universal health coverage if it disrupts the cycle whereby poverty leads to NCDs and vice versa. S. UBHODEEP

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