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13th June - The Hindu Editorial - Part-1(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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thnkyou sir....& awesome lecture....😊
  1. Unscademy PiusX -)cli (- , Secure ! subhodeep 700 credits 11 minutes today unacademy Home Explore Plus Q Search Courses, Topics&Educators 8200 7,100 8,000 UPSC CSE NCERT Geography Book Analysis for Prelims 2019 ose Hindil Foundation course on Economics for 2019 URSO Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude for Mains 2018 Contemporary issues 2018& 2019 O Last date to appity is 30th June O Last date to apply is 27th June Last date to apply is 28th June O Last date to apply is 29m June Rishi Jain C Subhodeep Das Faizan Khan Ayusah Sanghi r5,400 4.200 9,900 28 600 04:23 PM 10-06-2018


  3. Russian games in Syria Historic handshake S. UBHODEEP

  4. Historic summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore two countries had been trading nuclear threats decades of hostility Winter Olympics in South Korea Thanks to, South Korean President Moon Jae-in's expansive outreach to the North UBHODEEP

  5. Brief ioint statement OMr. Kim iterated his "firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation Trump had promised that the North would be welcomed into the international community as a respectable member and be allowed to prosper economically Trump also announced that he would end the regular American "war games" with South Korea, a concession to the North Joint statement provided few specifics on how denuclearisation can take place or how North Korea's steps to dismantle its arsenal will be monitored. S. UBHODEEP

  6. Need: There are no deadlines mentioned. There is no reference to China, North Korea's only ally. OThere has been no word on whether the two will establish formal diplomatic ties.. Besides, being unpredictable and impulsive, Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim must also stare down hardline elements in their respective administrations This bold beginning must not be wasted. UBHODEEP

  7. Russian games in Syria Ethics first-on TN organ transplant allocations Organ Transplantation -art" Transplantation of human organs is today a mature progra m me in many States, making it possible for people with kidney, liver, heart and lung failure to extend their lives Her ::::::: e" +---...: rarnartm S. UBHODEEP

  8. Heart and lung transplants are expensive and less widely available, compared with kidney and liver procedures Context: State governments, which have responsibility for health care provision, are expected to ensure that the organs that are altruistically donated by families of brain-dead people are given to recipients ethically, and as mandated by law preferential allotment of hearts and lungs has been made to foreign patients in Tamil Nadu in 2017, foreigners accounted for 25% of heart transplants and 33% of lung transplants S. UBHODEEP

  9. The State is a pioneer in orderly and transparent allocation of deceased-donor organs, and has worked consistently to eliminate commerce in kidneys procured from poor living donors. The Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu has served as a model for other States that now have their own programmes Every effort must be made to ensure that it retains this high reputation, and organs go to the most suitable recipients on the rule-based parameters of domicile, citizenship, Indian origin and foreign nationality, in that order. UBHODEEP

  10. Organ transplants display a maturity curve over time, with a rise in the number of procedures improving outcomes and reducing costs. Kidney and liver programmes have reached a high level of maturity, resulting in rising demand. Most of these organs go to citizens. Tamil Nadu offers a subsidy for poor patients for a liver transplant Allocation of hearts and lungs to foreigners should, therefore, shed light on the factors that led to the decisions, including whether registered citizens were overlooked. UBHODEEP

  11. Nothing should be done to erode the confidence of the kin of brain-dead people who donate organs with no expectation of gain. Hospitals and professionals who engage in commerce or unethical behaviour should have no place in the system UBHODEEP