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15th June - The Hindu Editorial - Part-4(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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  1. The changingnature of violence Decongesting our cities E Decongesting our cities It's time to modify regulation to accommodate app-based public transport services S. UBHODEEP

  2. New Asian constellation The SCO summit gave India fresh leads to engage with Central Asia, China and Pakistan S. UBHODEEP


  4. Earlier this month, summit of eight Eurasian nations -SCO. India and Pakistan maiden appearance as full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCo) -Formed in 2001 For calming the Eurasian borders strained by the Sino-Soviet rivalry of the Cold War . mutated from its core security orientation, seeking greater regional prosperity China and Russia have been the pillars of the SCO-Central Asian core.seeking greater re -Eurasian Culture inclusive Eurasian identity. UBHODEEP

  5. Sco eight heads were meeting at a time when the leaders of the G-7 were engaged in bitter Twitter feuds across the Atlantic. SCO - showcasing the "eastern" values of mutual respect and plurality Mr. Xi went out of his way to quote Confucius as the template of the "Shanghai spirit" Mr. Modi evoked Buddha and Rumi as precursors of an inclusive SCO ideology. UBHODEEP

  6. Takeaways from the summi Mr. Modi's meeting with Mr. Xi on the sidelines of the event was important Bury the ghost of the Doklam military stand-off and flag a fresh start to a relationship that has a mixed legacy. Gave India fresh leads to engage with Central Asia Landlocked Uzbekistan will now funnel goods through the Iranian port of Chabahair. -Re-exploring a transit corridor to Central Asia through Pakistan under the SCO's multilateral connectivity initiative. can soften the ground for improved ties between New Delhi and Islamabad UBHODEEP

  7. During the summit, China and Russia repeatedly highlighted that the SCO was a platform for narrowing India-Pakistan differences . Need - develop a sustainable working relationship with Pakistan that benefits both UBHODEEP

  8. OPED The crimes of a few condemn the fate of many The math problem in faculty reservation he crimes of a few n the fate of mann S. UBHODEEP

  9. The profound lack of support for Rohingya refugees in India is shameful Al - documenting military attacks on the Rohingya that led to more than 693,000 people fleeing from their homes to other countries Al reports situation in Myanmar point to the overwhelming evidence that the Myanmar authorities have been unable, or dare I say, unwilling to protect its civilians. Amnesty International (Al) released a briefing that revealed that a Rohingya armed group, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), had committed serious human rights abuses against Hindus in northern Rakhine State in Myanmar. S. UBHODEEP

  10. Main Issue -Issue here is not about which "side" committed more atrocities. Issue is about people civilians mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, who have been killed, maimed and brutalised. It is about their rights as human beings. Useless to connect : armed ARSA to all Rohingya people. Indian government has refused to recognise them as asylum seekers and refugees. Instead the Rohingya have been labelled as "illegal immigrants" UBHODEEP

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