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19th June -Mains Answer Writing Discussion (Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Unacademy user
Sir, what does electric intensity means??
Kumar Ketan
a year ago
1. Electric intensity is the strength of electric field at a point. Electric intensity at a point is defined as the force experienced per unit positive charge at a point placed in the electric field or It may also be defined as the electrostatic force per unit charge
Eesha Gupta
a year ago
ok sir, thanku
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  4. Indian ocean has a great political and economic significance. Comment 250 Words

  5. Indian ocean Indian Ocean third largest body of water in the world Peaceful, via Trading routes, near choke points Serves - Asia's & worlds large economies Indian Ooean Sweet spot - world powers - compete for the region

  6. Political Significance: Presence strategic Islands , Chokepoint sea routes Lies- Rimland Major Players saudi, Iran, India, China -Military Bases Joint Military Exercises. Geostrategic Equations China pak. ,

  7. Economic Significance: Major route in World's Trade Activities .Gulf - Crude Supply. Polymetallic Nodules Proven Shoals Pockets- Blue Economy. Processed sea food emerging as major food items Futuristic Trade routes-BRI, project Mausam. Influences Monsoon "Islands - Tourism

  8. Conclusion With, High resource richness Powerful countries-in future Pirates Issue increase footprints orld Community -ensure its peaceful nature & prosper together. Telegram : subhodeepstudymaterials

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