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22nd June - The Hindu Editorial - Part-2(in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Unacademy user
Thank you ! Could you please explain how content of water in soil affects the damage caused by an earthquake?
Abhishek Kumar
3 years ago
Look, Shear strength of a soil describe the magnitude of the shear stress that a soil can sustain. The shear resistance of soil is a result of friction and interlocking of particles. Due to the excessive amount of water, the pore hole of soil is completely filled with water and subsequently loose their strength which leads to the more disastrous structural damage.
Abhishek Kumar
3 years ago
Ab earthquakeke samay aise hi time kharab hai 'S waves' or upar se soil ke interlocking (bonding) water ke karan easily slip karta hai.
  1. OPEI hould Delhi be gven state Should Delhi be given statehood? YES MANISH SISODIA NO ! SANDEEP DIKSHIT IT'S COMPLICATED OMESH SAIGAL S. UBHODEEP

  2. EYES MANISH SISoDIA Not about a political party. It is about the democratic rights of citizens Central government started stripping it of its powers. Centre responded by passing orders, forcefully taking away control of Delhi's ACB by sending paramilitary forces Union Home Ministry in May 2015 ruled that the Lieutenant Governor would have complete control over this department appointments and transfers of all officers of the Delhi government. S. UBHODEEP


  4. No other elected government anywhere in India, or even in Delhi for that matter, has seen such curtailment of its powers. Delhi government is not being allowed to operate by - Centre's mercy Bureaucrat in Delhi thinks it is okay to tell his Education Minister that he cannot reveal the number of positions vacant in schools for teachers because that comes under the Department of Services, which is under the Centre's purview. IAS officers have not attended any meeting called by Ministers, or responded to phone calls or texts Whether to create schools, colleges or hospitals, many of our policy proposals are routinely returned. UBHODEEP

  5. In 1991, when the 69th Amendment to the Constitution created the Legislative Assembly of Delhi, the city's population was much smaller. Today, there are nearly two crore people in Delhi. Nowhere in any democracy are two crore people represented by a government with powers as restricted as ours. With time, Goa, Manipur, Himachal Pradesh and Tripura have been granted statehood. The first stage of Delhi's evolution took place in 1991, when the Assembly was created. The time has come to enter the second and final stage to create the full State of Delhi. UBHODEEP

  6. NO ! SANDEEP DIKSHIT Delhi -People from all over India come Officials and people from the civil and uniformed forces from all national units work -It is the headquarters of intelligence and the security apparatus -It has a huge diplomatic core. -It is where all State governments have a direct stake, whether in land, offices or officers UBHODEEP

  7. OThis is not a city for the people who live in it alone, it's a city that houses the national government. -So, kept as a Union Territory with extraordinary powers to a subordinate State government. in ordinary circumstances, these powers should remain with the Central government OExcept for law and order and land - all other subiects are with the State government However, through Lieutenant Governor, the Centre oversees matters regarding Central civil services, some crucial matters of finance, etc. While some of these controls maybe unnecessary, they very rarely come in the wa of the State government doing what it thinks it should do. UBHODEEP

  8. Taking a close look at the points of friction, you find that they are mostly in areas involving either funds or contracts. In each case, the objections or reviews sought from the Lieutenant Governor are reasonable and exercise caution over proposals that on careful reading point to fishy deals. UBHODEEP

  9. AN IT'S COMPLICATED | OMESH SAIGAL The dramatic developments in Delhi, leading to the unprecedented 'dharna Nations attention This posture suits Mr. Kejriwal: by emphasising his lack of power, he can advance his case for statehood, for which the Assembly has recently passed a resolution, and explain his failure to deliver on promises. UBHODEEP

  10. If the status of a full State not given - despite persistent demands, there must be some major issues Two governments in the same city-State In the constitutional scheme, law and order, security and land are State subjects No Central government can afford to leave these critical issues to someone else in a city from which it is also functioning UBHODEEP

  11. Can these objections be met by carving out the New Delhi Municipal Council area?? No. Without them the State will be left almost totally bereft of finances. Create numerous problems of coordination- problems of division of water, power, and of drainage and roads UBHODEEP