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Various committees in planning

There are various kinds of committees in sports to facilitate the smooth functioning of the tournament. All the committees are allotted their respective duties and objectives.

To manifest proper organisation and functioning of the program, various committees are created so that everything in the event happens smoothly and with coordination. This is done to avoid miscommunication and disarrangement during the tournament. To achieve this purpose, various committees are formed & assigned with different roles and responsibilities regarding the tournament. This is done to assure that all the resources get utilised efficiently during the tournament, and the chances of uncertainty are reduced. The officers of the sports committees monitor all the activities of their respective committees. The committees and their duties are mentioned below.

What kind of various committees are involved?

  1. Organising committee

 The chairperson heads this committee as the overall in-charge of the tournament. Every part or aspect through which the respective sporting event is to be conducted are administered/managed by this committee.

  1. Finance committee

Every financial aspect of the event falls under this committee. They ensure that the event goes within the planned budget. This committee makes all the payments and works as asked and regulated by the organising committee,

3. Publicity committee

 The promotion committee’s role is to provide extensive promotion for the sporting event. Media aspects such as press releases, press conferences, and results throughout the meet and promotion relating to dates, venues, media, posters, printing, etc., are done by this committee.

  1. Technical committee

The technical part of the event falls under this committee. This committee is to create and conduct the event swimmingly. The officers’ are guided well earlier. This is deemed as the important committee in charge of organising sports events. Qualified and competent people are made judges and officials. They also compile the results of the tournament.

  1. Reception committee

 The responsibility of the reception committee is to ensure that every special invitee gets welcomed and is brought to the seats reserved for them. The committee ensures that guests are invited to the event in advance, and reception is up to the mark. The post-taking teams are received, and the correct arrangements are made until they depart.

  1. Accommodation committee

Arrangements to retain both players and officers fall under this committee. The accommodation places such as hotels are booked in advance as per the people expected to take part. The list includes participants, officials, managers and coaches, etc.

  1. Transport committee

This committee’s work is to manage the transportation of players and officers to the venue of sporting activity and back to the place where accommodation is organised. It takes care of it before, throughout, and after the sports event. They have every detail regarding the arrival and departure of every concerned person so that everything happens on time.

  1. Refreshment committee

Its work is to supply refreshments to the players, officers, and everyone concerned with the programme. It should be ensured that everybody is welcome and treated properly, with the appropriate soft drinks. They are also responsible for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the place of the keep. Correct hygienic meals ought to be served.

  1. Purchase committee

 It is often pre-event work. The responsibility of buying a kit and other items needed for the tournament is allotted to this committee. They are also responsible for setting the playing field as per the international standards and fulfilling the criteria of the game/sports.

  1. Awards & prizes committee

This committee purchases prizes based on the number of winners expected in the event. Also, mementoes for the officials are well-organised by this committee. To ensure that prizes and awards are presented on time in the correct number is a responsibility of the awards & prizes committee.

Objectives of forming various committees:

  1. To Reduce Uncertainty
  2. The future is often filled with uncertainties. One should perform in any uncertain situation. Therefore, committees help in foreseeing uncertainties caused by ever-changing technology, government rules and regulations, etc.
  3. To employ the resources in a very higher manner, coming up with it builds an effective and correct utilisation of resources. It establishes all such accessible resources and makes optimum use of them.
  1. To increase effectiveness: planning guarantees effectiveness. Effectiveness makes sure that the planner is in a position to attain its objective because of the increased potency of the planner and supporters.

Advantages of having various committees in tournaments:

  1. Reduces the value of performance: Planning assists in reducing the value of performance. It represents the selection of only one course of action that may result in the most effective end result at the lowest cost.
  2. Helps in coordination: Sensible plans unify the division activity and clearly lay down the world of freedom within the development of varied sub-plans.
  3. Effective management: Planning and managing area units are inseparable because unplanned action can’t be managed due to control, which involves keeping activities on the planned courses by rectifying deviations from plans.
  4. Encourages innovation: Planning helps innovative and inventive thinking among people as a result of several new concepts returning to the person’s mind once they’re planning.
  5. Increases competitive strength: Effective planning offers a competitive edge over alternatives that don’t have planning or have ineffective planning.

Conclusion –

Various committees are created to conduct the program without uncertainty and avoid disagreements during the event. Each and every committee has and works with the roles and responsibilities assigned to them. Officers from various committees monitor the functioning of the tournament. 

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