Dialogue Writing

Tips and Tricks for Excellent Dialogue Writing in EnglishMeta Description - Dialogue Writing is the written form of communication between two or more people. The dialogues have to be crisp and meaningful. Dialogue Writing is an important English writing skill.

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Dialogue Writing, an important part of English writing skills, is useful in many ways. Dialogues denote communication between two or more people, and Dialogue Writing in English scripts the written version of the same. Dialogues always need to be written very carefully. These should not be elongated or dull; otherwise, they wouldn’t be interesting. Dialogues are written in novels, stories and plays. Every dialogue should be short, crisp, and meaningful. When writing dialogue, it is essential to use different punctuation marks like exclamation marks and question marks. The dialogues are enclosed with quotation marks. Plato, the famous philosopher from Greece, was the first one to use dialogues.

What is Dialogue Writing in English?

Dialogues are a form of communication between two or more people. Dialogues make stories interesting, hence, these are often used in plays. The entire plot of the story depends on the quality of the dialogue. The dialogues need to be extremely impactful in order to leave an impression on the readers’ minds. Dialogues should be written using correct punctuation marks and good vocabulary. Short dialogues leave a deeper impact. Good vocabulary should be used while writing dialogue. When writing dialogues, make sure to divide them between the speakers and always use a new paragraph for a new dialogue.

Points to Write Good Dialogues in English

Dialogue Writing can be confusing unless understood properly. Various things need to be kept in mind when writing dialogues. The following points will help you in writing good dialogues –

  • Dialogues should be short
  • If you write lengthy dialogues, the readers might get confused
  • Proper tenses should be used in each dialogue
  • Use simple English that all can understand
  • Always remember to include two or more people for dialogue writing Dialogues can not be written for one person
  • The dialogues should be divided among the speakers, and the paragraphs should be changed for each dialogue
  • Always use punctuation marks like question marks and exclamation marks
  • Quotation marks are very important when writing dialogue
  • Open quotation marks should be placed when the dialogue begins and closing quotation marks should be placed at the end
  • Punctuation marks are placed inside the quotation marks
  • Always add a comma to separate the dialogue from the tags
  • You should always use the voice of the dialogue in a proper way
  • You can include character traits of each speaker to make the readers recognise the speaker on their own

Dialogue Writing: An Example

Dialogue Writing in English is an extremely important writing skill. Here is an example of Dialogue Writing-

Write a dialogue between Aarush and his friend, Ravish, about vacation plans.

Aarush – Hi Ravish. How are you doing? I have been waiting for an hour for you. Where have you been?

Ravish – Hey! I am fine, and I’m so sorry I got a little late because of the jam-packed road.

Aarush – Never mind. Sanitise your hands now and tell me how everything at the office is?

Ravish – Oh yes! Thanks for reminding me. Well, I am not very happy doing this job. They make me work a lot and do not pay on time. I feel so tired.

Aarush – I guess this is the same for each one of us. Deadlines are short, and payment is late. I feel like going away from this boring and bustling life.

Ravish – I feel the same, to be honest. Oh! I have an idea!

Aarush – What is it? You sound very happy.

Ravish – We are going to get a week off this month. So why don’t we plan a vacation?

Aarush – This sounds superb. We can probably ask Muskan, Avi and Tanya too. All of us can go on a trip and enjoy it together.

Ravish – Yes. We’ll be away from all the stress for at least a week. I think we should go to Shimla or Mussoorie. It is snowing over there.

Aarush – What an idea! And I have a friend in Shimla who can help us find a budget-friendly and comfortable hotel.

Ravish – I am in! Let us fix it as soon as possible so that we can book the tickets for the destination and hotels too.

Aarush – Let’s go home and do a conference call with the others.

Ravish – Perfect! See you then.

Aarush – See you, friend.

Sample Questions for Dialogue Writing

  1.       Write dialogues between Manisha and her father. They are discussing her career.
  2.       Write dialogues between three friends who are talking about the teachers at their school. Fabricate all the details that are required.
  3.       Write a dialogue between the Principal and the coordinator of Arya Public School, discussing the progress in school renovation.
  4.       Write a dialogue between the three members of FK finance, talking about the sale and purchase taking place in the e-auction organised by their company.
  5.       Write a dialogue between Amina and her brother, talking about the merits and demerits of online exams.
  6.       Write a dialogue between the teachers of AR Public School, discussing the side effects of excessive painkiller medicines.
  7.       Write a dialogue between AK Sinha and MP Singh, discussing the elections taking place at the state level.
  8.       Vijay and Mina are discussing politics. Write a dialogue between them. You can fabricate all the necessary details.
  9.       Ashu and his mother are fighting over the advantages and disadvantages of social media. Write a dialogue between them.


Dialogue Writing is an important English writing skill. It refers to the written form of a conversation between two or more people. The dialogues should be in quotation marks, and correct punctuation marks should be used. Write in a simple, easy-to-understand language and try to portray the tone of the dialogue in itself. The dialogues are not supposed to be lengthy. They should be short, crisp, and to the point; otherwise, the readers will get distracted. A comma can be added to separate the dialogue from the tags. Make sure to include the punctuation marks inside the quotation marks. Always remember to separate the dialogues for each person and divide them into paragraphs.