Sit and Reach Test

In this article, you will learn about the Sit and Reach test, its uses, procedure, measures, advantages and disadvantages, and much more

Every person is physically unique; some have great flexibility, and others have great muscle strength. Tests are also important for determining a person’s positive and negative aspects. That is why, with the help of instruments and devices, tests and measurements are introduced in physical education to provide you with vital information about your needs and capacities. Knowing your capacity is critical for staying healthy and living a long life. The sit and reach test is one such test for flexibility. This test determines the flexibility of your lower back joints and suggests exercises based on your results. To read about it in more detail, check to sit and reach the test pdf.

What is a sit and reach test? 

Sit and reach test is a type of flexibility test that evaluates the range of motion. Sit and reach tests can also be used to assess your flexibility. This sit and reach test measures the flexibility of low back muscles and hamstring muscles. Dillon and Wells proposed the sit and reach test in 1952, and it is now majorly used as a standard flexibility test. 

The sit and reach test’s purpose

The sit and reach test evaluates hip flexibility, including the lower back and hamstring muscles. In general, there is a higher risk of injury due to the region’s lack of flexibility. It’s also associated with mild lordosis and back pain in the lower areas.

Equipment needed

Sit down and grab a box or an improvised ruler. It is possible to use a box where each individual’s zero mark can be adjusted based on their sitting reach level.


To pass the sit and reach tests, you must follow a set of procedures outlined below.

  • Before taking the test, take off your shoes and socks.
  • Sit on the floor with your legs straight ahead of you. The feet ‘ soles should be kept flat opposite to the box.
  • Both knees need to be locked and flat on the floor. In addition, you may use an assistant to keep the knees down.
  • Your palms should be facing down, and your hands should be side to side or one below the other. 
  • Individuals should extend both hands ahead towards the line to be measured in the box as far as feasible. 
  • They should not jerk or bounce and maintain the full reach position for two seconds to record the score.
  • Although warming up produces the best results, it is not permitted in sit and reach tests.

Sit and reach test measures

The measurement is taken with a zero mark and should be at your fingertips, whether using a sliding ruler or a makeshift ruler.


The scores of sit and reach tests are generally recorded through the cm or half an inch as both hands’ fingertips reach the distance.


  • It is a simple test that can determine a person’s flexibility.
  • The test is simple to carry out.


  • The sit and reach test only looks at the flexibility of the hamstrings and lower back and has no bearing on the flexibility of other joints.
  • People with long arms generally get better results than people with short arms.


One of the best wishes a person can make is to live a healthy and fit life. And, just as we use tests to check our study preparation, periodic tests are required to stay healthy. And physical education tests and measurements serve the same purpose. You can identify your weaknesses and work on them using various tests. And one such test for determining lower joint flexibility is the sit and reach test. A flexible person can move his body fluidly and quickly, efficiently, and easily perform various tasks. This test determines how much you can bend through your lower back.


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