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Physics Formulas

Do you find physics a difficult subject? Don't stress out. We have covered all the physics formula which will help you in solving problems at ease.


Physics is the branch of science that deals with the technological advancements around us. It led to improvements in television, computers, and industrialization. You should have a basic understanding of the subject to apply it in daily life. Candidates should start the preparation for physics by studying the theoretical concepts followed by the formulas and numericals. Regular practice of numericals will help in scoring well in the examinations.

The questions that are asked in Physics are challenging. They test the knowledge of the students on the grounds of following three things:

  • Properly examine the question and understand what exactly is asked in the numerical to solve
  • Use the correct formula to solve the question asked
  • Fill the values at appropriate places to get correct solutions

Students must have clarity, understanding and thorough knowledge of concepts, SI units and Physics formula. We, at Unacademy have provided all the Physics formulas in the most simplified manner. Students can browse the list below and access the formulas.

Below are formulas of Physics provided by Unacademy for the reference of students

Acceleration formula

Energy density formula

Power formula

Stress formula

Kelvin to celsius formula

Heat capacity formula

Impulse formula

Spring force formula

Average speed formula

Thermal expansion formula

Linear momentum formula

Strain energy formula

Electric field formula

Magnetic field in a solenoid formula

Pressure formula

Electric current formula

Derivation of lens formula

Elastic potential energy formula

Bulk modulus of elasticity definition formula

Angular acceleration formula

Snells law formula

Latent heat formula

Escape velocity formula

De broglie wavelength formula

Work formula

Resistivity formula

Displacement formula

Voltage drop formula

Magnetic flux formula

Molar concentration formula

Gravity formula

Wavelength formula

Tension formula

Force of attraction formula

Lens formula

Charge density formula

Internal resistance formula

Spherical mirror formula

Latent heat of fusion formula

Emf formula

Reynolds number formula

Angular displacement formula

Inductance formula

Mechanical advantage formula

The lens makers formula

Efficiency formula

Average velocity formula

Equivalent resistance formula

Initial velocity formula

Average acceleration formula

Net force formula

Gravitational force formula

Distance speed time formula

Electric power formula

Frequency formula

Resistors in parallel formula

Spring constant formula

Angular velocity formula

Velocity formula

Centripetal force formula

Orbital velocity formula

Weight formula

Momentum formula

Intensity formula

Mass formula

Mechanical energy formula

Specific heat formula

Current density formula

Friction formula

Moment formula