Do you find it difficult to memorize formulae? If yes, then we at Unacademy have provided formulas for all the subjects. Read more and know about it in detail.

What is a formula?

Solving Mathematics problems or any other problem requires thorough understanding and learning of the formula. A formula is a method to express information and represent it symbolically in subjects such as Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, etc. All you need to do is apply the correct formula to solve a problem to get the accurate answer. However, for this you need to memorize the formulas for examination, which can be overwhelming at times. 

Thus, to make it easy for students, we at Unacademy have provided a list of more than 100+ formulas for Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Students can easily access the list and solve the problems. Students can select the chapter and browse the complete list of formulas for all the concepts of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Not only school students but also the ones who are preparing for competitive examinations can browse the entire list of formulas and prepare well to score better marks.

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Below is the list of formulas provided by Unacademy for candidates reference. It is as follows:

  • Permutation and combination formula
  • Deviation formula
  • Declaration formula
  • De Broglie wavelength formula
  • Discount percentage formula
  • Beam deflection formula
  • A 4 B 4 formula
  • Log change of base formula
  • Rectangular parallelepiped formula
  • Isosceles triangle formula

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