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Kelvin to Celsius Formula with Solved Examples

Kelvin To Celsius Formula: Explore more about the Kelvin To Celsius Formula with solved examples.

Fahrenheit To Celsius Formula

There are multiple temperature scales used across the world. Kelvin and Celsius are two of these temperature scales and many times, the conversion between the two is necessary.

What are Kelvin and Celsius?

Temperature is measured on many different scales, including Celsius (or Centigrade) and Kelvin scales. A change of one degree of temperature Celsius is the same as a change of one Kelvin. Celsius (also known as Centigrade) is a measure of temperature that is abbreviated C. Water freezes at 0°C and boils at 100°C. In 1742, Anders Celsius developed the Celsius scale.

Kelvin is a measure of temperature that is abbreviated K. The units of the Kelvin scale are called Kelvin’s. Kelvin is a temperature scale designed so that 0 K is defined as absolute zero. All molecular movement stops at absolute zero. All actual temperatures are above absolute zero. Water freezes at 273.16 K and water boils at 373.16 K. Many scientists use this scale because all the temperatures are positive, making calculations simpler than the Celsius scale. The Kelvin scale was designed by Lord Kelvin (William Thomson).

What is the Kelvin To Celsius Conversion Formula?

To convert degree Kelvin (K) to degree Celsius (ºC) , we are required to use the following formula:-


Where: TC = Temperature in Celsius

  TK = Temperature in Kelvin

Solved Examples

  1. Convert 0 K to ºC




Thus, 0 K  is equal to -273.16ºC.

  1. Convert the room temperature 293 K to ºC



TC=19.84=20 (rounded off)

Thus, the room temperature of 293 K is equal to 20ºC.

  1. Convert normal body temperature 310 K to ºC



TC=36.84=37 (rounded off)

Thus, the normal body temperature of 310 K is equal to 37ºC.


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