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CBSE Class 12 Results 2023

Check your CBSE 12th result 2023 easily using multiple options. Visit the official website, use the SMS service, access DigiLocker, or try the Umang App.

The CBSE 12th result 2023 is not just a scorecard; it is a doorway that leads students to a world of possibilities and aspirations. This long-awaited result unveils the culmination of years of hard work, determination, and growth, propelling students towards their dreams and ambitions.

The eagerly-awaited results, which shape most of the student’s future paths, were declared on May 12, 2023. Do you want to know how to check these results? Here are some simple steps.

Steps To Check CBSE 12th Result 2023

To check your 2023 12th grade CBSE result, you have multiple options.

  1. Official Website: Simply visit the official CBSE website or the CBSE result portal. Enter your roll number, date of birth, and school code to access your result.
  1. SMS Service: CBSE provides SMS service for result updates. You can receive your result on your registered mobile number by following the instructions mentioned in the official result announcement.
  1. DigiLocker: Access your CBSE 12th result through the DigiLocker platform. Log in to your DigiLocker account using your credentials and locate the result document.
  1. Umang App: Download the Umang App on your mobile device, go to the CBSE section, and enter the required details to view your 12th result on the app.

The CBSE 12th result 2023 marks a crucial moment for students, and with various convenient options available, accessing the result has become hassle-free. Remember to collect your original mark sheet and seek assistance if needed.

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Frequently asked questions

Get the important frequently asked questions for CBSE Class 12.

When will the CBSE Class 12 results be declared?

Answer: The CBSE Class 12 results are typically declared in May or June. Please refer to the official CBSE website for the exact date.

How can I access my CBSE Class 12 results?

Answer: You can check your CBSE Class 12 results online on the official CBSE website or through other designated platforms. Follow the instructions...Read full

What is the passing criteria?

Answer: The passing criteria for CBSE Class 12 exams vary depending on the subjects. Generally, a student must obtain an overall aggregate of 33% m...Read full

How can I obtain the original mark sheet?

Answer: Once the results are declared, you can collect the original mark sheet and other relevant documents from your school. Contact your school a...Read full

Can I request a photocopy of my answer sheet to cross check the results?

Answer: Yes, you can request a photocopy of your answer sheet by following the procedure mentioned in the official r...Read full

Is it possible to apply for revaluation of marks for specific subjects in the CBSE 12th result 2023?

Answer: Yes, you can apply for the revaluation of marks for specific subjects by following the guidelines provided i...Read full

What should I do if there is an error in my 12th grade CBSE result 2023?

Answer: In case of any errors or discrepancies in the result, you should immediately contact the CBSE helpline or yo...Read full

Can I request a duplicate CBSE mark sheet for the 12th result in 2023?

Answer: Yes, if you misplace or lose your original mark sheet, you can request a duplicate mark sheet from CBSE....Read full

How can I obtain the migration certificate based on the CBSE 12th Result 2023?

Answer: To obtain the migration certificate, you need to approach your respective school and follow their instructio...Read full