Assertive Sentence

Assertive sentence states a truth or a proposition. Let us learn about the Assertive sentence, Assertive sentence meaning, and assertive sentence in this article. We will look at the examples of assertive sentences too.

Every day, we utter tens of thousands of words to convey our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and each one has a specific purpose depending on its context. In this, you must have heard about assertive sentences too. But what exactly is an Assertive Sentence, and how is it defined? The term “Assertive Sentence” refers to a sentence stating a truth or a proposition without equivocation. This article will examine Assertive Sentences of both their affirmative and negative types.

What is an Assertive Sentence?

An assertive sentence is a declaration of the claim. The word “assertive” alone conveys the message of the statement. Facts, history, views, events, feelings, and beliefs are all covered in one statement. This is a popular statement in books, papers, and reports, but it may also be found in essays. With a full stop, a forceful statement is complete (.) Assertive sentences make up the majority of English sentences.

Simple statements are used in declarative phrases. There is no limit to how long a declarative phrase may be. Even if the length of the words fluctuates, the subject and predicate are always present. In the chapter ‘The sentence,’ we already saw this.

Assertive Sentence: Example

Some instances of declarative phrases are shown below. Take a look at this:

  1. In her spare time, she enjoys writing about the chirping of birds.
  2. She has an aversion to crowds.
  3. Her younger brother mimics animal noises.
  4. It had started to rain.
  5. Honesty is the best policy.
  6. The class was full of pupils.
  7. East is the direction in which the Sun rises.
  8. We’re not related to you in any way.
  9. I cherish every one of you.

Types of Assertive Sentences

There are two types of assertive sentences, which are:

  • Affirmative assertive sentence
  • Negative assertive sentence

Declarative phrases may be positive or negative, depending on how they are worded. We’ll go into this further later. 

Affirmative Assertive Sentence

We utilise an affirmative tone in the affirmative assertive phrase.

Affirmative Assertive Sentences: Examples

Here are some examples of assertive phrases that are positive and confident. Look at this-

  1. There is no doubt in their minds that you will be taken seriously.
  2. This is a stunning bird.
  3. The Jama Masjid is one of Delhi’s most popular tourist attractions.
  4. She’s my mother, and that’s her lifting her hand to acknowledge me.
  5. After a conference in the United States, my father returned to India.
  6. By a margin of sixty runs, India triumphed in cricket.
  7. Throughout their holiday, they had scheduled a trip to Jama Masjid in the heart of Dhaka.
  8. I’m currently working on an epic storey.
  9. I think Sameer is a talented football player.

Negative Assertive Sentence

A negative set of words is used in an assertive negative phrase. The opposite of a positive set of words is a negative one. This ensemble conveys a negative vibe.

Negatively forceful statements like these might be used to make a point. Look at this-

  1. He can’t get out of bed in the morning.
  2. The pupils are not attending the Maths lesson.
  3. When a dog barks, it does not mean it intends to attack.
  4. I have no hatred towards anybody.
  5. They’ll ignore you.
  6. That squad does not include her as a member of that team.
  7. Without oxygen, we are doomed to extinction.
  8. She is not a novelist but rather a playwright.
  9. You can’t just walk away from me. You must make contact with me directly.


We learnt how to utilise an assertive sentence. One should remember how and when to use declarative phrases for the benefit of purpose. There are two types of assertive sentences- affirmative and negative. One should be thorough with their rules and uses to implement them correctly.


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