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8th + 9th July {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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Ayussh Sanghi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ayussh Sanghi
Passionate Educator - CSE / Other Govt Exams [Peep into my Unacademy Plus Courses & experience awesome learning.]

Unacademy user
sir kya first paper ke liye new kvs madan lena h kya o new add toipc cover kiyah
Thank you for this course sir. Your teaching style is awesome sir. As per my opinion, you are the best best faculty. You make the difficult concept very easy and lucid.
sir plz ye course throughout continue rakhana thanks
sir please upload of 10,11,12th July asap
Ayussh Sanghi
2 years ago
10th July - coming up by 7:30 PM sharp. 11th and 12th by tomorrow.
sir thank you and continue pls
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  5. Farm policies off target: study Report says it's consumers who benefit from them more than farmers The report has several suggestions for policymak ers, including reform of mar ket regulations, strengthen- ing initiatives such as eNAM and allowing private players to play a larger role in the SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT NEW DELIC Despite the general percep- tion that Indian farmers are beneficiaries of major subsi dies, a new report says the overall effect of policy inter- ventions between 2014 and 2016 is, in fact, a 6% annual reduction of gross farm reve nues. Consumers, on the other hand, pay an average 25% less for commodities as a result of policy Regulatory ecosystem It also recommends a streng thening of the regulatory en- vironment governing land is- sues, strengthening access to credit, especially long-term According to researchers at the Organisation for Eco- nomic Cooperation and De- velopment (OECD) an in body of 36 developed countries-and the Indian think tank loans, and developing collec tive-action groundwater and watershed management and correcting measures in On the wane: Between 2014 and 2016, gross farm revenues dipped 6% annually. *RM.MOORTHY cluding electricity pricing ruse of water. With regard to ICRIER, who analysed poli ulations and restrictions -the overall effect of policy in the PDS, the report suggests cies that affected the agricul both in the domestic market tervention over the 2014-16 gradual reduction and a tural sector over the two- and also when they attempt period is a 6% annual reduc- move towards cash transfers year period, government in- to export their produce tion of gross farm revenues." and allowing the private sec- terventions were more which often lead to producer While consumers have be tor to manage remaining than prices that are lower than nefited from the overn stock operations. comparable international le- ment's efforts to keep prices To make trade work for vels. The researchers argue low, a poorly targeted, inefi Indian agriculture, import that "despite large subsidies cient and wasteful public dis tariffs must be reduced and The report "Agriculture Poli for fertilizers, power and i tribution system means that export restrictions relaxed cies in India", which was re gation, which offset some malnutrition and food inse to create a more stable and leased this week, points out what the price-depressing ef curity continue to persist, predictable market environ- Many curbs that Indian farmers face reg fect of market interventions, says the report. TENTH PAGE THE HINDU [Sunday

  6. 09:23 unacademy Login Signup Indian Polity & Governance (Prelims + Mains) Ayussh Sanghi 180k followers In this Course, Ayussh Sanghi will cover all the topics related to Polity (for Prelims) & Governance (for Mains). Looking at past year analysis of Prelims and Mains - static and dynamic blend requires an updated approach for preparation. It becomes difficult for aspirants to prepare due to the vast syllabus and a plethora of recommended books/ content. This course has been designed in such a fashion that you get a clarity of: The Analytical part which is extremely important for Mains (Governance) through topic explanation and Answer Writing to test your skill/ learning & The Conceptual as well as Factual details important for Prelims. The focus will also be on key analytical areas with utmost clarity where students face difficulty in understanding and which have a high probability of being asked in UPSC exams. The content is prepared from the 10,300 Includes 18% GST Apply for this Plus Course 9 Last date to apply is 31st July In HIGH DEMAND Cost increases on 15th July.