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2nd August {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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maam thanks or this i need to read 2016 india year book for 2018 attempt?
Mohanjeet Sahoo
3 years ago
i m also need 2016. if you get mail me plz..
  1. NCabinet clears Bill to restore Rulrises Our first aim is to the provisions of SC/ST AcOUst Bun.: Mamata by 25 bpsoust BJP: It will be introduced in the ongoing session of ParBament, historic, says Pasw RoWdy Sanghi's MCQ Digest 2nd August, 2018 The Hindu +The Indian Express +PIB + others

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  4. Cabinet clears Bill to restore the provisions of SC/ST Act It will be introduced in the ongoing session of Parliament: historic, says Paswan A JEBARA Back to the bas the betterment of Dalits and Adivass, he sald hears the review and the e tame Benchthe Facing pressure from Dalit A synopsils of the SCIST Act's observes that its March leaders within the ruling al fate in the Supreme Court lance as well as from the Op position, the Centre has de- cided to introduce a Bill to Acts On March 20, the Su- t issued a slew of Supreme 20 innocents from arbitrary gudelines to protect people arrest, and not an affront against arbitrary arrests un- der the Act, directing that public servants could be ar rested only with the written to Dalut rights sions of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes Prevention of Atroci ties) Act, 1989, which the Su preme Court had struck down in a March ruling that the police need to conduct an enquiry before anrest in cases where they feel a complaint filed about an atrocity comenitted on of their appoint Paper I - Salient features of Indian Society, Diversity of India authority, while in the case of private employees File photo of a protest against the Act's dlution in April 2018 Duitsis cotright abf Police concerned shoud the Senior Superintendent Cabinet had MARCH 20, 2os: Justices allow k. A preliminary inqui ULYJusrice A.K Gelry should be conducted be ven its nod to the Amend A.K.Goel and u. Lalit of the ment Bill and the govern- Supreme Court hold that the ment would try to introduce it in Parliament during the public servants. The SC reads ongoing session, Food Minsdown Section 18, which bars ter and Lok Janshakti Party anticipatory bail to suspects leader Ram Vilas Paswan APRIL The Centre fles a review sions of the SciSt Act told reporters after the Cabi net meeting on SC/ in his retirement speech fore the FIR was registered Paper I - Social empowerment communalism, regionalism & secularism ST Act has become an instrument justifes the March 20 for blackmail" of citirens and to check if the case fell with in the ambit of the Act, and whether it was frivolous or AUGUST Union Cabinet gives its nod to a bill to restore the original provi motivated, the courtruled. The ruling was greeted by a storm of protest from Dalit groups, which said the order The decision comes approval, while the third and tribal communities- dilured the law. On April 2, ahead of a planned "Bharat says that the provisions of cduding several from the BJP violence during a nation bandh by Dalit groups on Section 438 of the Code of and its albes had backed wide bandh left at least nine Criminal Procedure- which the demand Calling it a "his people dead and hundreds The Amendment Ball deas with anticipatory bai -toric decision," Mr. Paswan injured. However, the court seeks to insert three new shall not apply to a case un said the Amendment Bill was refused to stay its ruling chuses after Section 18 of the der this Act, "notwithstand "a slap in the face of eve leading to the demand from Dalit groups that the govern- original Act. The first stipu. ing any judgment or order of lates that for the purposes of any Court the Act, "preliminary enqui- ryone who has been criticis ing the Modi government as ment introduce an ordi nance or an Amendment Bill ry shall not be required for Paswan hits out at critics Law Minister Ravi Shan to restore the provisions registration of a FirstInfor The Amendment Bls provi kar Prasad dedined to share Protests intensified when the mation Report against any sions were made public by details of the decision in the govemment appointed Jus son. The second stip Mr. Paswan, whose party official post-Cabinet media tice A.K Goel, who authored the March 20 verdict, as the son accused of having com ultimatun to restore the first inform Parliament. Chairman of the National stringent provisions by Au This government is ready to Green Tribunal on his retire being anti-Dalit that the arrest of a per hadgiven the govermment an briefing, citing the need to mitted an offence under the Act would not require any gust 9. MPs from the Dalit do whatever is needed for ment FRONT PAGE-THE HINDU

  5. Kerala firm on lifting Sabarimala temple ban Says the bar is a violation of their fundamental right KRISHNADAS RAJAGOPAL NEW DEL The Kerala government on Wednesday reaffirmed in the Supreme Court its complete support for lifting the prohi- bition on women of a certain age group from entering the It is a case of discrimi- nation on the basis of menstruation alone and is temple cannot claim to be a dis- tinct denomination to claim a customm which bars entry of women of 10-50 year age group to the like creating sub-classification even among women. It is Paper I - Role of women and women's organization, population and associated issues, poverty and developmental issues urbanization, their problems and their remedies not only discrimina- tion between men and women but also women and The court reserved the case for judgment. Appearing before a five- judge Constitution Bench led by CI Dipak Misra, senior ad vocate Jaideep Gupta, for the Kerala government, submit cannot be used as an argu judgment supported the res ted that pilgrims to Sabari ment to bar women from en triction on women devotees. mala could not claim to be a tering the temple to offer It found that the curb had separate or distinct sect or worship. The government's been in place since time im- religious denomination. He stand is the exact opposite of memorial and was not dis- said the bar on entry of wo- the Travancore Devaswom criminatory. men aged between 10 and 51 Board, which had strongly The court had, on October was a violation of their fun opposed the lifting of the 13 last year, referred the issue damental rights. Mr. Gupta centuries-old prohibition. oa Constitution Bench after said temple customs come The Board insisted tha framing five "significant" within the ambit of Artide 13, the nature of the deity in Sa questions, including whether and they should not be barimala is of a Naishtika the practice amounted to dis- against fundamental rights. Brahmachari and it should crimination and violated wo AIDEEP GUPTA The State argued that the Sabarimala deity's celibacy not be disturbed. It argued that a 1991 Kerala High Court men's fundamental rights under the Constitution. FRONT PAGE-THE HINDU

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