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31st July {Part 1} (in Hindi)
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sir please explain the topics bar magnet as an equivalent solenoid
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  1. THEM! HINDU" 10 0 Over 40 lakh left out of draft NRC in As Stop Choksis travels, India tells Antigua People whose names are missing have till Scpxember 28tfik cims State remains.calm and no incklents Isse rocks Parliament: Mamat of violence have been reported Banerjee alleges vote ink politics Bengal CM adiso dnp h were accepent, sald M India ban asked Ani fears influxnd raes Michal Wed Bengal Chie ister ound he wor e espressed he feae that te ahoritee alo noted crore apploits is Amam includes fir,t list M.Choksi commied 0004,207 apelcans, whooe nanes didat are in The draft NRC wa tar Ceneral of India Salesh opportunity chrouh apro soon as the Manstry of opernal Ais EA kind of po to kden and puh them buck wwle the publicaos Mr Salesh and Mr.Hae Rajya Sabha Sanghi's McQ Digest 31st July, 2018 The Hindu +The Indian Express + PIB + others

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  4. PART -1 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST


  6. Q Consider the following statements about the Public Service Broadcaster of India, Prasar Bharati: Prasar Bharati is a statutory autonomous body established under the Prasar Bharati Act 1. 2. Both All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan are constituents of Prasar Bharati 3. Headquarters of both AIR and Doordarshan are located in New Delhi Which among the statements given above is/are correct? a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 1 and 3 only d) 1, 2 and 3 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  7. Staff crisis in AIR, DD; officers threaten stir Accuse Prasar Bharati authorities of being apathetic STAFF REPORTER davit filed by the Centre in motions for 25 to 30 years. Discontent is brewing among a section ofstaff in All the Delhi High Court,of teThey further alleged that 1,038 sanctioned pasts unofficers from other cadres der the Indian Broadcasting such as Indian Defence Es. India Radio and Doordar Programme Service (IBPS) at tates Service, Central Secre shan against the alleged AIR and DD, 1,032 are vacant tariat Service, Indian Broad- casting Engineering Service authorities in filling up vaAs many as 220 staff in and Indian Telecom Service cant posts in the two AIR and DD are working on are being appointed in the programme section in viola- The Programme Staff As years without any promo tion of IBPS recruitment apathy of the Prasar Bharati as on April 28,2018. lower ranks for two to seven sodation, an organisation of tion, a senior official said. rules e staff of AIR and "AIR and DD are reeling Recently two officers of accused the authorities under the shortage of senior ITS joined as Additional Di of violating recruitment programme officrs as rector General (Programme rules by appointing officers around 1,032 posts of the which the IBPS officers daim from other cadres in key po sanctioned 1,038 are lying is their domain and requires sitions and jeopardising the vacant, said R.Srinivasn, an experience of at least 17 two organisations by creat general secretary of PSA. years in the field of art, cul ture, education and produc- tion of programme, as per launch a large-scale agitation He alleged that by "being the IBPS recruitment ing a "policy impasse They threatened to Policy paralysis if the issues were not re- aloof to the crisis" the Prasar noms." said Mr. Srinivasn. solved at the earliest. The Bharati authorities were According to the Indian of Pra creating a "state of policy pa Broadcasting (Programme sar Bharati, Dinesh Mahur, ralysis which could affect Rules, 1990, "17 years of ex refused to comment on the both AIR and DD in the near perience in supervisory ca- matter future The programme officers The PSA members television, radio, film, pro- are responsible for planning, claimed that the existing gramme production, public producing and broadcasting programme officers - who ity having visual or audio im- as gazetted officers -pact is required for ADG According to a recent affi been deprived of pro (Programme) posts. SECOND PAGE- THE HINDU

  8. India's Public Service Broadcaster OORDARSMAN Prasar Bharati is a statutory autonomous body established under the Prasar Bharati Act and came into existence in 1997. It is the Public Service Broadcaster of the country. The objectives of public service broadcasting are achieved in terms of Prasar Bharati Act through All India Radio and Doordarshan, which earlier were working as media units under the Ministry of l&B and later became constituents of Prasar Bharati. . The Prasar Bharati Act grants autonomy to All India Radio and to Doordarshan, both of which were previously under government control. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  9. All India Radio (AIR) All India Radio (AIR), officially known since 1956 as Akashvani is the national public radio broadcaster of India and a division of Prasar Bharati. Established in 1930, it is the sister service of Prasar Bharati's Doordarshan. Its headquarters are in the Akashvani Bhavan building in New Delhi. Akashvani Bhavan is also home to the Indian television station Doordarshan Kendra. .AIR is the largest radio network in the world and one of the largest broadcasting organisations in the world in terms of the number of languages broadcast and the spectrum of socio-economic and cultural diversity it serves. AIR's home service comprises 420 stations located across the country, reaching nearly ninety 2% of the country's area and 99% of the total population. AlR originates programming in 23 languages and 179 dialects. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQDIGEST

  10. Doordarshan Doordarshan (DD) is an autonomous public service broadcaster founded by the Government of India, which is owned by the Broadcasting Ministry of India and is one of two divisions of Prasar Bharati. It is one of India's largest broadcasting organisations in terms of studio and transmitter infrastructure, having been established in 1959. It also broadcasts on digital terrestrial transmitters. DD provides television, radio, online and mobile services throughout metropolitan and regional India, as well as overseas, through the Indian Network and Radio India CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  11. Q Consider the following statements about the Public Service Broadcaster of India, Prasar Bharati: Prasar Bharati is a statutory autonomous body established under the Prasar Bharati Act 1. 2. Both All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan are constituents of Prasar Bharati 3. Headquarters of both AIR and Doordarshan are located in New Delhi Which among the statements given above is/are correct? a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 1 and 3 only d) 1.2 and 3 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST


  13. Pink bollworm attacks cotton crop in Vidarbha, Marathwada PRESS TRUST OF INDIA MUMBAI rance from the state govern- eastern Maharashtra, the official in the agriculture de Pink bollworm is an insect ment on controlling the pink which chews through the cot- bollworm attack or any com "The pest has again shown ton lint to feed on the seeds. munication about advanced Maharashtra this year, aus The pink bollworm attack its presence. It has attacked Since cotton is used for both methods to check its spread ing concern among farmers on cotton has been reported plants in their early stages of fibre and seed oil, the dam- Therefore, many farmers decided to change the crop The pest had caused lar Washim districts in Vidarb trolled in time, the plants will A farmer from Nanded dis- as they had lost the cotton crop last year in central and ni in Marathawada, a senior yield," he said. The pink bollworm has again state's main regions produc partment said. attacked cotton plants in ing the commodity and the government. gescale damage to the cotton ha, and Nanded and Parbha die and there will be no trict said there was no assu yield last year," he said. this year from Akola and growth. If the pest is not con- age is two-fold. FOURTH PAGE- THE HINDU

  14. Pink Bollworm .Infestation on susceptible cotton is generally controlled with insecticides. Once a crop has been harvested, the field is plowed under as soon as possible to stop the life cycle of the new generation of bollworm . Unharvested bolls harbour the larvae, so these are destroyed. . The plants are plowed into the earth and the fields are irrigated liberally to drown out remaining pests. . Some farmers burn the stubble after harvest. Populations of bollworms are also controlled with mating disruption, chemicals, and releases of sterile males which mate with the females but fail to fertilise their eggs. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  15. Q Consider the following statements about Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Tejas: It is designed by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy 1. 2. Tejas is the first supersonic fighter jet developed by HAL Which among the statements given above is/are correct? a) 1 only b) 2 only c) Both 1 and 2 d) Neither 1 nor 2 OAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  16. FLIGHT HISTORY Homegrown firepower 1983: DRDO gets A lowdown on the 2001: Maiden successful flight Combat Aircraft 2011: Initial LCA is an indigenous, light weight, multi-tole aircraft, powered by the GE-404 engine Clearance-l OC-D 2013: Initial Operational Clearance- LAF will procure 123 jets in various conng urations: 20 in Initial | Mk-1A will have four major and 45 minor improve- Operational Clearance, ments. The major ones include an Advanced Electron 20 in Final Operational Clearance & 83 in Mark1A OC-1) Dec. 2018: new ically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, Self-Protection Jammer (SPJ), refuelling probe and ability to fire Astra Final Operational Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missile Clearance target LCA clearance may take time had signed two contracts eters are yet to be validated, with Hindustan Aeronautics an official source said. DINAKAR PER NW DELI The target for the indige Limited, one for 20 aircraft nous Light Combat Aircraft in Initial Operational Clea Yet to be demonstrated (LCA) Tejas to achieve Final rance (IOC) configuration The major capabilities that Operational Clearance (FOC) sigied on March 31, 2006 to are yet to be demonstrated is December 2018, the Go be completed by December on the Tejas are gun firing, vernment informed Parlia 2011 and another for 20 air air-to-air refuelling and new ment on Monday. However, craft in FOC standard signed data-linked software defined official sources said this is on December 23, 2010, radios, among others. The likely to slip further to the which was to be completed AF has conveyed that it middle of next year as there by 2016. are several capabilities yet to The IAF constituted the standard feature on the FOC be validated. wants new data links as a first LCA squadron with two variant as communications Production for 20 LCA IOC configuration aircraft in are an essential feature for will be taken up after FOCby 2016 and as of july 2018 only an aircraft to operate in a Aeronautical Development nine aircraft have been in network-centric environ Agency, for which curn ducted. The deadline for ment. target is December 2018, FOC was missed again last Dr. Bhamre said that the IOC aircraft is currently cap Subhash Bhamre said in aThe next target for the able of "undertaking air de- written reply in the Rajya FOC is December, but that fence operations and con- may be delayed by another ventional ground attack with Minister of State for Defence month. The Indian Air Force (IAF) six months as several param heavy bombs is feasible. SEVENTH PAGE-THE HINDU

  17. HAL Tejas The HAL Tejas is an Indian single-seat, single-jet engine, multirole light fighter designed by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy It came from the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) programme, which began in the 1980s to replace India's ageing MiG-21 fighters. . In 2003, the LCA was officially named "Tejas". . Tejas is the second supersonic fighter developed by HAL after the HAL HF-24 Marut. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST


  19. Ban on oxvtocin: doctors feel pinch Hormone needed for pregnant women YOTI SHELAR Doctors are already feeling the pinch with the govern ment's decision to ban oxy- tocin and its formulations for the domestic market The move, which came into If we are not able to create utcrine contractions,we are increaing the chancesof Csection RL Da,TAA eflect from July 1, was in tended to curb the hormone have already returned the injection's misase in cattle stock of injections to the but the impact is being felt companies by pregnant women, whoSicwe are not allowed require the medication the tostock it any more, most of us have returned the stock Our stock got over as we to companies or sold it to required more number of nursing homes who may vials of oxytocin for a partic have the requirement,said ular patient, sald Malad- Hakim Kapasi of Andheri based gynaecologist DE. Nik Chemist Association. The hil Datar. "We replenished it governments ban involves with some ditticulty. There removing chemists from the is no clarity on how to pro chain of supply of oxytocin cure the injection and from and a complete ban on im where. well Super important Dr. Datar calls the medica Lopsided attitude tion "super important" for A Kanataka-based public his fiekd. Known as a natural sector company has been hormone, oxytocin helps in appointed and authorised effective uterine contrac tomake and supply the drug ons during labour and pre in the country venting post partum hae"But there has been no morrhage While there are communication on how to atematihes that one can use obain the drug through this to stop bleeding post deliv channel," sakd gynaecologist ery, if any, for effecthe con Dr. Bipin Pandit, adding that tractions, doctors say, oxy the move reflected the lop tocin is the only option If sided attitude of the govern we are not able to create ment. uterine contractions, we are They are prevening pe increasing the chances of G ople from using the medica section deliveries," said Dr. tion rather than stopping Datar those misusing it. Those Post the gowernment ban, who misuse it will find ways chemists across the city and means to do so SEVENTH PAGE-THE HINDU

  20. Q - Which among the statements given below is/are correct? 1. The oxytocin hormone plays a crucial role in the childbirth process and also helps with male reproduction 2. Oxytocin injections to milch cattle for milk letdown have become a common practice amongst dairy farmers in India 3. The Government of India recently banned oxytocin and its formulation for the domestic market Select from the code given below: a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 1 and 3 only d) 1.2 and3 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST