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10th July {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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Superb explanation, Madam :)
sir in the court proceedings not every case should go live as u said that it might harm the image of a woman during divorce case procedure. But can it be like there should be some permission of the convicts that they should sign a deal if this proceding goes live or not, in some sensitive cases.
like ur way of teachig as u select-5 topics d made it clear thq sir
sir please upload videos of 11,12,13,14 asap... we are eagerly waiting
sir jio institute to abhi bana v nhi can a govt gave IOE tag to this private institute..please clear my doubt
sir will mcqs of august also continue?
  1. THE HINDU SC says it is ready to go live, Deiu busISc. IIT-D chosen Centre moots a TV channeaps tfor special grants RUSSIA 2018 Buttle royale This will be an extension of the open court system, says Chief Justice Misra rTowards victs in the Delu bus raeons, incading the India f mtinae of today that Ive ea camera whe the o Mainh, 29, Pawan Gup ba, and Del%, and the pro- No one shokd prol from.wre sestenced 0 been med t uationsof The So Istinr in Maa on the isue of taming Potioe of idia Dipak Ma pry - among three TV channel or eta Chiet tice of indu Dipa and Justke duction The Bench d December only an ion of the 2 hee death ing Sanghi's MCQ Digest 10th July, 2018 The Hindu +The Indian Express +PIB + others

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  3. PART 2


  5. SC says it is ready to go live, Centre moots a TV channel This will be an extension of the open court system. says Chief Justice Misra fundamenta right to privacy. KRISHNADAS RAJAGOPAL NEW DEL The Supreme Court said on Monday that it is ready to go live on camera while the go- vernment mooted a separate TV channel for live-stream ing court proceedings. Towards transparency A three-judge Bench of the Supreme Court favoured tive-streaming of court proceedings Senior advocate Indira Jaising, who filed the peti- tion in the court in person, cautioned that agreements with broadcasters should be on a No one should profit from A three-judge Bench of Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra and Justices AM. Khanwilkar and DY. Chan- drachud said a livestream is only an extension of the open court' system, where the public can walk in and court as a pilot thproceedings information. Matters delines for live-streaming watch court proceedings. project and then would bring However, with court pro be extended to transparency andnational importance ing is scheduled for July 23. ceedings beamed live on air litigants, law students and Hed Bench the public can watch them as they happen the arrangement. She also submitted that there should be no unauthorised repro duction. The Bench asked Mr. Venugopal to address it on the issue of framing gui Live- streaming ol have richt to of constitutional andproceedings. The next hear the rest access to justice can be lihe streamed Ms. Jaising said citizens have the right to information and matters of constitutional nugopal proposed a dedicat courtroom to the sober at and national importance can ed channel like the Rajya mosphere in the British be live-streamed. If lives Sabha TV and the Lok Sabha courts, where proceedings tream of the top court's pro- ceedings is not possible, al Spared from travel Chief Justice Misra said a liv TV for the Supreme Court. are live-streamed. estream would help litigants He agreed that a livestream He, however, expressed ternatively the video follow the proceedings in would keep a check on la- reservations about live- recording should be al their case and also assess wyers' conduct inside the streaming cases involving lowed, she argued. their lawyers' performance. courtrooms. With the entire national security concerns, This writ petition is filed People from far-flung States country watching them, matrimonial disputes and as pro bono for enforcement such as Tamil Nadu and Ker there would be fewer inter rape cases. A public viewing of public interest, to advance ala do not have to travell ruptions, raised voices and of marital dispute and rape the rule of law and to bring the way to the national capi adjournments from the la case proceedings would se accessibility and transparen- tal for a day's hearing wyers. Mr. Venugopal com riously affect justice and cy in the administration of Attorney -General K.K. Ve pared the scene inside the amount to a violation of the justice, her plea said. FRONT PAGE-THE HINDU

  6. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, South Korea President Moon Jae-in, UPChief Minister Yogi Adityanath at the Samsung office in Noida, Monday.Rmuko Pur TARGET IS 120 MILLION HANDSETS A YEAR Setting stage for trade talks, India, S Korea launch biggest Samsung mobile factory Firm says invested Rs 5,000 cr to double capacity by 2020, PM says 1,000 new jobs will be created er a phased expansion by Samsung's plans to expand proare likely to sign an updated Economic will be made. What is also im- Comprehensive ENS ECONOMICBUREAU NOIDA JULY9 duction that will help it compete Samsung said it has invested with its Chinese rivals in the Partnership Agreement (CEPA portant is that 30 per cent atever will be produced, w around Rs 5,000 crore to in- crease the capacity at the man market Inhis address at the Samsung be exported to ifferent coun- event, Modi said that develop SOUTH KOREAN conglomerate Prime Minister Narendra tries of the world,"he said sung Electronics Monday ufacturing plant, where it will Modi andSouth Korean Presikdent ment would lend pace to the sung has played a key ncate devices ranging from d smartphones that cost under $100 to the company's MoanJae-in, wholedtheinaugu. ration, tookthe Delhi Metro fora partoftheirjoumey to the venue urated what it said is the Make in India programme.- have been told that this unit will be the company's largest manu- CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 that will have a capacity of 120 m llion handsets year nearly flagship S9 model The pity in da They will holdbilateral factur ng unit. Here, every RELATED REPORT doublethecurrent 68 milin-increase is in line with talks Tuesday and the two sides month around 1 crore phones PAGE 6 FRONT PAGE THE INDIAN EXPRESS

  7. 09:23 a unacademV Login Signup Indian Polity & Governance (Prelims + Mains) Ayussh Sanghi 180k followers In this Course, Ayussh Sanghi will cover all the topics related to Polity (for Prelims) & Governance (for Mains). Looking at past year analysis of Prelims and Mains - static and dynamic blend requires an updated approach for preparation. It becomes difficult for aspirants to prepare due to the vast syllabus and a plethora of recommended books/ content. This course has been designed in such a fashion that you get a clarity of: The Analytical part which is extremely important for Mains (Governance) through topic explanation and Answer Writing to test your skill/ learning & The Conceptual as well as Factual details important for Prelims. The focus will also be on key analytical areas with utmost clarity where students face difficulty in understanding and which have a high probability of being asked in UPSC exams. The content is prepared from the 10,300 Includes 18% GST Apply for this Plus Course 9 Last date to apply is 31st July In HIGH DEMAND Cost increases on 15th July.