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29th + 30th July {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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Tips to prepare medical science as optional?
nautical mile is basically a Unit of length which used to measure in sea. law of sea categorize the right and use of adjacent country on sea water and it's resources I.e. Baseline to territorial sea is 12 NM, from territorial sea to Exclusive Economic Zone is again 12 NM, and EEz length is 200 NM. it is pertinent to mentioned that India claimed the sovereignty over that area
isro has no role in DOM MoEarthScience is implementing it is just as revolutionary as isro
Ayussh Sanghi
a year ago
nautical mile- unit used for measuring distances at sea..1nm~ 1.8 km
isro has no role in DOM MoEarthScience is implementing it is just as revolutionary as isro
nautical mile is used to measure sea distance
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  5. ISRO-like' ocean mission planned 8.000 crore proposal given to PMO Looking to emdze the success of the Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO) in designing and launching atellites, the Centre has drawn upa fve year, 28,000 crore plan to explore the deep recesses of the ocean Paper III- Science and Technology-developments and their applications and effects in everyday life Achievements of Indians in science & technology indigenization of technology and developing new technology Divers training for a deep exit from a submersible off the The Union Earth Sciences Ministry-tasked Bahama Islands NAOL with coordinating the evercise- unveiled a blueprint of the Deep Ocean Mission (DOM on cobalk. "It is envisaged that Friday manganese, nickel and 30% of recovery ofthat lar Among the key deliverabies to achieve these gpals are an offshore for the next 100 years, It ha desalination plant that will been estimated that 380 work with tidal energy, and million metric tonnes of developing a submersible polymetallic nodules are vehicle that can go to a reserve can meet the energy requirement of India available the bottom of the seas in the Central metres with three peole Indian Ocean,"the report on board. The mission proposes to explore the deep ocean, similar to the over 22 million sq. km and space exploration started by in the deep sea, lies ISRO about 35 years ago unexplored and the report notes adds. India's Exclusive Economic Zone spreads Madhavan Rajeevan, India's share India has been allotned a site of 1500000 sq. km in Secretary, Earth Sciences Minitry, said he had out ined his plans to the Minister's Office. the Central Ind an Ocean Prime Basin (010) by the UN Intemational Sea Bed The Socus will be on technologies for deep-sea Authority for exploitation of mining, underwater vehicles, underwater robotics and ocean climate change advisory services among other aspects. PAN). These are rocks scattered on the seabed containing iron, FRONT PAGE-THE HINDU

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