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6th July {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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Ayussh Sanghi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ayussh Sanghi
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Unacademy user
Sir aadhi zalele live classes mi ata pahu shakto ka ani kas?
Hanumant Hande
a year ago
ho apan unacadmey chya learning app madhe jaun plus tab madhe jaun pahu shakta
Hanumant Hande
a year ago
kahi video youtube vr dekhil ahet
i was eagerly waiting for this lecture...thnk u sir
  1. THE HINDU Allow gambling in sports but Jilk.eunch Delhi oficials of Mallyasdefy Kejriwal allows search Refuse to change transfer authority Suggests that the revenue generated can be used for public welfare measures These has . The High Court Endorce ion that thead ed the powers of the Dipst the UT cadreoservces ceneralgnt and LG Roll of the dice The Law Coiion of n- Police public and land are under ch has been deoided in walk, Vay Malya's couR and take control of goods ng to a court onder from London Commercial The ordet elatrs to the brought by the Stne Bank The Comrisn RYORTER the Cand of Ministers of India and 1 12 odher bank mpne between the t aso mables the auth ho cotros matters of ion Mistry of Wome Alfains Sanghi's MCQ Digest 6th July, 2018 The Hindu +The Indian Express +PIB + others

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  5. India to bring back copters Delhi yields to Maldives demand doff, the government is an- derstood to have decided that talks are the only way Indiu is preparing to bring forward and that India i back the two helicopters it had ifted to the Maldives, Maldives not force any action on the in a sicn that it is hoping to Sometimes inaction is use dialogue as the way for also a policy. We are not sag ward in resolving issues pesting that India should not with Male ater montho of ever act, but we needht eraln in ties, caused by a react to situations cn squeeseon work perm sto Indians and wnhappiness souroe said over the Maldvian clection eejerk basis," another India hopes that it will a so persuade the Maldives to n principle decided towith of draaw the hellcopters, aswell who have not recelved work from two atols in the Malis the sovereiga richt dives, which has been the of a government to decide consistent demand of the who will or will not stay Yameen government for the there. It doesn't matter laxt few moeehs whether you are the size of The process has beemin the United States or that of cated, the source told The the Maldives the official Hindu, adding that the or source said ders need to be cleared the Ministry of External Af with Ithe Maldivian ove tairs, and then sent for ac ment. We are doing whutev tion to the Ministry of De er is necessary to persuade fence. MEA ofclals declined to There is a hne beyond comment on the specific whic the ial of visas status of the decision, say annot be countered by any ing only that talks on the forceful intervention, the belicopters wee sil urce contiued onging However, india will cont The helicoptens were p nue to raise its concerns ov- ed in 2013 and the agree er the conduct of clections ment for the first one, oper in the Maldives, which it be ated by the Indian Coast leves k is entitled to as a Guard, expired earber this "SAARC country and as a year but the helicopter has neighbour. remained there. The agree We have urged the go ment for the second one op vernment of Maldives to re erated by the Indian Navy turn to the path of democra expired on June 30. About cy and ensure credible 28 Navy persomnel are still estoration of the political process and the rule of law, Maldives with expired sas awaking instructions to be e the elections are co Afber months of a stan veesh Kumur old reporters FRONT PAGE-THE HINDU

  6. Trump's trillion-dollar trade war $17.5 trillion U.S. President Donald Trump's trade wars with allies and partners could easily surge through the trillion-dollar mark and affect almost a third of America's total trade with the world Global merchandise trade in 2017 rillion $1 Jul 6: U.S. and China to impose tariffs on $34 billion of imports European Union Threat to hit 10bn of U.S. goods U.S. trade with the world n 2017 ion Trade at risk if Trump imposes tariffs on further $16bn announced Trump has vowed further $400 bn worth of imports to be targeted with 10% tariff if Beijing strikes back. China has pledged tit-for- tat tariffs Total: $900 bn tariffs on auto trade worth $61.2 bn Total: $71.2bn No need to memorise the data. But you should have an idea about the looming trade war as a result of Donald Trump's policies. "f th U.S, implements tariffs, they will actually be adding toriffs on companies from all countries, including Chinese and U.S. Chinese Commerce U.S. has imposed 25% steel and 10% aluminium tariffs worth $12.6 bn. Canada is responding with like-for-like Looming threat of auto levies on Canada and Tariffs hiked by 50% on 30 imported U.S. goods in retaliation to steel and aluminium levies Total: $240 million Total: $246 bn Total: $25.2 bn Malaysia, South Korea Hit by 30%tariff on $4 bn solar panel exports to U.S and 20% tariff on $1.3 bn Has imposed tariffs on $3 bn worth of us. exports to match Trump washing machine exports Total: $6 brn TWELFTH PAGE THE HINDU