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15th + 16th July {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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Ayussh Sanghi
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Your teachings are crisp clear and so easy to understand. Your motivation and dedication to teach is amazing. I really appreciate your effort. Thank you so much ! :)
Will DBT cover the travel cost? suppose the villagers had to bring the food stuffs from a far away place... will the T.A. be maintained?
ur rigorous efforts are rightfully cherished looking forward to 13th nd 14th 's SMD
DBT will also reduce the storage & transportation cost of the food grains
Amazing lesson sir ....
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  4. 09:23 unacademy Login Signup Indian Polity & Governance (Prelims + Mains) Ayussh Sanghi 180k followers In this Course, Ayussh Sanghi will cover all the topics related to Polity (for Prelims) & Governance (for Mains). Looking at past year analysis of Prelims and Mains - static and dynamic blend requires an updated approach for preparation. It becomes difficult for aspirants to prepare due to the vast syllabus and a plethora of recommended books/ content. This course has been designed in such a fashion that you get a clarity of: The Analytical part which is extremely important for Mains (Governance) through topic explanation and Answer Writing to test your skill/ learning & The Conceptual as well as Factual details important for Prelims. The focus will also be on key analytical areas with utmost clarity where students face difficulty in understanding and which have a high probability of being asked in UPSC exams. The content is prepared from the 10,300 Includes 18% GST Apply for this Plus Course 9 Last date to apply is 31st July In HIGH DEMAND Cost increases on 15th July.


  6. Peak hour flights may get costlier with new AAl plan Government considering congestion surcharge AGRIT CHANDRA The government is muling the time for a period of six We should not months or the length of an Mr. Mohapatra said the with airines at a meeting, An allow con entire season over a proposal to impose a erating flights during peak to happen during peak sur charge on akrlines for op ours. There is a largemater was also discussed window of non-peak hours to enhance airport ca hours which we are irine executive said on the and to avoid flight de- acording to the Airpersunding airlines to condition of anonymity that move wil not be wel the ports Authority of Indiaonsider We want to AAD chairman Guruprasad encourage use Mohapatra Currendy, land oon-peak ing fees paid by airlinesreours determined by the weihf comed by airlines as it will impose an additional charge on those already holding such sots without address- ing the problem of air traffic an aircraft and do not varyATA according to the time of the day An airport typically sees four peaks in a day. We should not allkow con hours It also levies a steep These are approximately gestion to happen during penaty on airlines thatfail to between 6 am. 8.30 a.m. peak hours. There is a lage bepunctual window of non peak hurs An aviation industry insid p.m.and 7pm-9.30 p.m. that we are persuading air er with experience at amajor Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shi lines to consider, In fact, we airport in the country said vaji International Terminal are considering whether we the move would help spread and Delhi's IGIA are two of can introduce charges for demand through the day the most congested airports flight operations during peak and, if passengers can pay in the country and see up to hours. A concept note is be extra for more comfort and 52 and 73 movements per ing prepared and obal moleg room, they wosuld be will hour dandings and take dels are being studied. We ing to pay more to fly during offs), respectively, during want to encourage use o popular timings while lei peak timings non peak hours. This is right sure travellers lookingfor A senior otticial from a now at a proposal stage anda cheap fares will still have the domestic carrier said on the final decision is yet to be ta option of fying at non peak condizion of anonymity We ken, Mr. Mohapatra told hours. The Hindu in an interview 0.30 am.-noon, 4 p.m-t6 don't wekcome such apropo saL. The move, if put into ef fect, is unlike ly to changeair A government official cit Slots awarded ed the example of Heathrow Airlines are awarded slots for line behaviour as peak hour Airport to make a case for summer and winter sche lots are almost impossible peak hour pricing at Indian dules on a first-come first toget in large metros such as served basis as well as on the airports Mumbaiand Delhi. It will be Heathrow introduced the historicity of slots. An airine come an add ional charge traffic congestion, when it of a particular slot if it is able hour slots movements formub in 1972 to check air is said to maintain historicity on arlines hokding peak was already witnessing 72 to operate flights during aALMOST ALL STATE CAPITALS TO venskt punctually 80% of during peak CET SECOND AIRPORT. PAGE 14 FRONT PAGE-THE HINDU

  7. Be cautious in shifting to DBT, RBI tells States moting the concept of DBT is to reduce the leakage in the PDS, as the Central govern ment has to absorb a huge food subsidy bill under the existing system of distribu tion of food grains in fulfil ment of provisions of the Na Central bank's report details benefits, pre-conditions for implementation ievance redressal system. At present, three UTs T.RAMAKRISHNAN Acknowledging that pro Puducherry, Chandigarh blems have been expe and urban are:a rienced by three Union Ter- and Nagar Haveli are im ritories (UTs) in the plementing the mode of cash implementation of direct be transfer, under which 9.31 nefit transfer (DBT) for food lakh beneficiaries receive subsidy, the Reserve Bank of 12.82 crore every month The RBI has stated that the cash transfer mode reduced the India (RBI) has advised through their bank accounts need for physical movement of food grains. States that are planning to according to a publication of shift to cash transfer to be the Department of Food and plying rice. Last week, Pudu stated that the cash transfer cautious while effecting the tional Food Security Act During 2017-18, the Centre provided the Food Corpora tio of India and States about 1.42 lakh crore to wards the distribution of subsidised food grains. As for the processes to be Public Distribution in the cherry Chief Minister V. mode reduced the need for followed by States prior to Union government. The be- Narayanasamy told the Le physical movement of food DBT execution, the RBI has Further, given the referred to certain pre-con buying food grains from the Centre gave its "in principle wide inter-State and intra ditions mentioned in the approva for the UTs State variations in food con Central government's 2015 sumption habits, the DBT food subsidy rules. These in provides "greater autono clude complete digitisation my" to beneficiaries to and de-duplication of the be neficiary database and seed- cash transfer is an alterna basket, apart from enhanc ing of bank account detail neficiaries have the choice of gislative Assembly that the Problems outlined In its report on State financ open market. es, released a few days a the RBI referred to problems the poor finding it difficult to such as inadequacy oftransf- get rice under the DBT, the 'Greater autonomy' ers to maintain pre-DBT con- sumption levels, insufficien cy of last-mile delivery the Centre to permit it to rev tive to the public distribution ing dietary diversity mechanisms and a weak ert to the old system of sup system (PDS), the RBI has Another reason for pro- digitised database go, In view of complaints of request. Puducherry On the question of whether choose their consumption government, ly this year, approached and Aadhaar numbers in th SEVENTH PAGE THE HINDU