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28th July {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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thank you sir for vector algebra it is an important topic for AEROSPACE engineering students. please upload video on Calculus and differential equations
It is Asia’s highest honour and is often regarded as the region’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize. It was established in 1957 by trustees of the New York City based Rockefeller Brothers Fund and Philippine government in the memory of Philippines’ third President Ramon Magsaysay who had died in air disaster in March 1957. It is awarded annually to individuals or organizations from Asia region for their altruistic and philanthropic service. It carrries Medallion bearing the likeness of the late President Ramon Magsaysay, cash prize and a certificate. Some Indians who have won this award- Vinobha Bhave Chintaman Deshmukh Amitabha Chowdhury Mother Teresa Verghese Kurien Welthy Fisher Jayaprakash Narayan Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay Satyajit Ray M.S. Subbalakshmi Arun Shourie Kiran BEDI Arvind Kejriwal Palagummi Sain Mandakini Amte Deep Joshi Neelima Mishra Harish Hande Kulandei Francis Anshu Gupta And Sanjiv Chaturve
Ramon Magsaysay was former Philippine President. Award for 2018 given to 1.Sonam Wangchuk (India) 2.Bharat Vatwani (India) 3.Youk Chhang (Cambodia), 4.Maria de Lourdes Martins Cruz (East Timor) 5.Howard Dee (Philippines) and 6.Vo Thi Hoang Yen (Vietnam)
  1. LUP leader Chirag Paswan sets deadline for restoring SC ST Act Rahil Gandhi tweets birthday wishes to Shiv Sena's Udklhav Thackeray page Noath Korea returms Practice match against Essex throws up a remains of US war deadl Trump thanks Kim reality check for India Protect critical personal data of citizens: draft Bill Other personal data may be transferred outside India withen riders Safeguarding data The drat penonal da na beaded expers panel on Frida, has peoposed hut hich comn copy in inda Other persnal Cata muy be pply w ose carrying on cesing enky, for ioling se. The athe aderred outside the toity of india with somerid ins, such an pootang prompe actioa on a datae pective application and w pyofthedata wa tien tobe hatta. to data ptikipahin otseste or 2% ofturmwer turndand phased maar. , which India lopes wi viles be pemaie ot the da Petional dala, the drah the coming ieto force o Sanghi's MCQ Digest 28th July, 2018 The Hindu +The Indian Express +PIB + others

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  4. SRIKRISHNA COMMITTEE SUBMITS DRAFT FOR NEW BILL Aadhaar to Web: Govt gets roadmap for new law to protect citizen's data Paper Il Important aspects of governance, transparency and accountability, e- governance- applications, models, successes limitations, and potential; citizens charters transparency & accountability and institutional and other measures. PRANAVMUKUL NEW DELHI, JULY 27 Panel frames tension; SETUPDATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY hDigital growth versus withUnicnp SAYING THAT citizens must come at the top, the Srikrishna Committee Friday submitted the draft of a data protection Bill con- aining sweeping recommenda tions, including amendments to at least 50 laws such as Aadhaar and RTI, setting up a regulator and imposing strict terms for torage Justice BN Srikrishna personal privacy IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in Delhi, Friday. NEW DELHI, JULY 27 PTI often determine the purpose of the data much after it has been collected. Also, individual users behind their anonymised data may be able to get re-identified. That's why the committee KARISHMA MEHROTRA THERE IS aninherent tensionbe The draft comes after a year tween the growthof India'sdig- taleconomy and the protection deliberations by the panelA eaded by former Supremebetterdata protection Court judge, Justice BN RTTAct changes for Srikrishna, and ata time when atransparency, privacy Constitution Bench of the apex court has reserved its judgment on adutch of petitions challeng- tee's recommendations as a Aadhaar Act changes for Mandatory local storage personal data has identified two pillars as key ofpersonal data says the Justice to the protection of an individ- Srikrishnacommittee report on ual's autonomy: "Data minimi- sation"(theentityshouldcollect Atthe heart of this tension is onlythat muchdata as is needed) the quantity of data thatentities and purpose specification" (it Setting up Data Protection Authority data protection inter-ministerial consultationscompanies like Facebook, should disclose the purpose why ing the validity of the Aadhaar basis, Union Minister of Law& as well as Cabinet and parlia- Google, Amazon and even the data is being collected mentary approval, Prasad said: The draft sets the stage for a Information Technology Rav " is a monumental law and we would like to have widest parlia- government will begin workingPointing out that the report mentary consultation..Ww CONTINUEDON PAGE2 unique ID system Data Protection Act, which the on while keeping the commit- Justice and Shankar Prasad said. will go through the process of Electronics & govemment-collect from users and the reasons for which they CONTINUEDON PAGE 2 doso. These entities,drivenbyteir FULL COVERAGE demand formore and more data, PAGE 20 FRONT PAGE THE INDIAN EXPRESS

  5. creating a dasabase of residents would be importance to the digital economy, the antitheticar to a"well-banctioning data committee said that there should be a mandate to store and process personal amodel globally, blendingsecurity privacy, to the autoncmy of the UDAL thecommit critical tothe nations interests salety andinnovation Speakingto reporters after submitting the seport, ustace Srikrishna said there the commsttee's re- port "Ctizens must come at the top The msmestoftheatzenmus beprotected any cost. Simultaneously, the state has and findlythe pro tection cannot be at the cost of tade and ee noted that the Aadhaar Act is silent onays the central government should the powers of the UIDI to take enforce detmine thecategories of personal data for exc lusive stocage in India "not jast with regard to enforcement but also strategic Thes includes companies wargtlyin interests ofthe State" However,t hasalso sasting on Adhaar number%,those using Laddown exeptions with regard toper- Aadhaar numbers for unauthorised pur sonal d.a relating tohealth whichcan be poses and those lealung Aadhaar numbers, penmicied for overseastranster for reasons menr action against er ant companies in were three aspects to all of which huve seenseveral instancesin ofprompe ction or amergency industty, he said. This framework is similar to buying new shoes A firs it will be ticht but will the recentpast. Each of these canaflect inThe draft Ba isolays down penaties formational privacy and requires urgent for tadure by duta fiducaiaries to comply edressal" therpost sad UIDA CEOAy with the provisions of the law to a maxi- Paper Il Important aspects of governance, transparency and accountability, e- governance- applications, models, successes limitations, and potential; citizens charters transparency & accountability and institutional and other measures. Later, he said Bhushan Pandey was a member of the mumofRs 15crore or 4percent of acom commitee Among var us measures, the 10, pany'sglobal turnoverin the preceding f member commatee, which was constSimilarly.the repoet has also recom- nancial year The penalties paid by tuted on July 31 last ye ar, has suggested mended amendments to the KT1 Act, violating ent ities in this case will be de- moves to safeguard personally sensitive pointing out that disdosure of indorma posited to a Data Protection Fund, which infornation truke provesaons for localesed tion feom public authorities "may lead to will among other purposes, finance the storageof is thus im- functioning of the Data Protection portantto recognise in this context,there Austhonty The commattee's report sttes that the is a conflict of fundamental rights beHours before the final report was sub weentransparency and privacy. .The act cantly to bokster prinvacy protections and that neither the right to privacy nor the only representative on the panel, Ram ensureautonomyofthellur Unique nght to 1famnation1s absolute and wil Vedashreehead of Data Security Council kdentilication Authontyof India the nodal have to bebalanoed against each otherin f tndia senta dawent note to theconna- authonity for the Aadhaar project It ts some cncumstances has beenrecognised tee,in wsch she hsdisagpeed withthree Aathaar Act "needs to be amendedsignf mitted to the soverment, the industry's the impact of the proposed data protec by the Supreme Cout, the report said provisions of the Bdl on framework on albed Laws, incudingSection 8(1 X) of the RII AcT,which the The first pertains to restrictions on the Aadhaar Act and theR1l Act,whiche rport has highlighted,exempts the pub cross-border flow of personal data This forpersonal licinformtion officer from daclosing any approachis qureor data for difkerent objectives Under the proposed law, a Data formation, which has no relationship to omy"Vedishrre noted an independent repulatory body that will would caune unwartanted invasion of pri beresponsible for the mforcemert rd ef vacy of the individual. fective Broady the DPAshall perform the Tollow amendment to this section and said tha agrment on categorisation of financial data and password as senutive personal ation of the LawThe committee has recommended an data, and thirdlynoted herreservationson nthe bill treat- ingprimary functions f)monitoning and daityisneeded on whenthe sectionwill ing viclatons ascrimanal ofences Thein be activated to harmonise thestandard of standard setting:(ni)research and aware privacy employed with the general data fines and compensaton is excessive and enforcemeot(u) legal affairs, policy and dusion of h the ness: (m)inquary.ghevance handling and ad adication, the report noted protection statute would impact the enforcement mecha- Besides thecommittee sad ithas idem tified S0 satules and regilat ons that have nism gready, she said Thecomintteeha Roormended two broad sets of amendments tothe Aadhar The repurement tstoronelwe, serv. a potential overlap with the data prote ing copy o peronal datain Indiahasbeen Act that aimtobolster the richt topnvacy of tion framewock and that the ministries opposedby IIM Indore Director Professor concemedshouldensure appropriate con the UIDAL In total the committee hasogultationsto make thenecessary comple ainstthebascphilosoply ofthe Intemet indviduadsand to ensure the autonomy of RishkeshaTKrishna who saidthur itwas and imposesaddtional costs on daabdu However, since the Supreme Court is to pronounce its judgment in the case, the report states that no the menits or demerits of the arguments centered Onthe issueof data localisation, the re cianes without a proportional benefit in port has identified circumstances under advancing the cause of data protection Krishnan also said the observations in Inda and cases where it can be stored and recommendations regarding the Recognising the Aathaar Act were outsidethe scope of the which data has to be mandatonly stored comments have around Asdhaar and the possibiality that benetits of cross-border data flow and its committee's work SECOND PAGE THE INDIAN EXPRESS (cont.)

  6. Magsaysay awardees speak on what motivates them and the challenges ahead 'Award belongs He heals the to every student 'wanderers' HOMEWORK Who was Ramon Magsaysay? Paper I-Social empowerment Paper IV - Ethics and Human Interface: Essence determinants and consequences of Ethics in human actions; dimensions of ethics ethics in private and public relationships. Human Values- lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers and administrators; role of family, society and educational institutions in inculcating values uk, 51, inspired the fa- Phunsukh Wangdu, the un- 2009 blockbuster 3 Idiots. nion of the work we do. Be- mentally il patient wander ing on the road, I realise that I am not doing enough, says psychiatrist Bharat Vat The real-life innovator has taken on both manmade and natural challenges over war Ramon huk The 60-year-old doctor tion Foundation that he Magsaysay Award on Thurs The school experimented hopes that the awardwi started with his wife Smitha, Conferred the Ramon in 1988. day, Mr. Wangchuk is hope with syllabus by doing away now bring much-needed at also a psychiatrist, has ful that the prize "will pro with "alien knowledge", fotention to his cause of reha nited nearly 7000 mentally vide youth a boost in finding cusing instead on local bilitating and reuniting the ill wanderers with their fa- indigenous solutions to the knowledge for answers to mentally ill, who have wan milies since 1997 Back then problems of mountain peo the challenges posed by thedered away, with their fami the facility was in a small bungalow in Mumbai's Dahi difficult terrain. With ealies. passing year, SECMOL's re "T don't feel I deserve it We don't pick up beg sr area gars or homeless who know By 2006, the foundation longs to every student, ev In 2013, he built the pro-heir way around. The men moved to Karjat, on a 6.5 tally ill are out there on the acre plot that Dr. Vatwani and every dreamer in La- meet the demand for water roads because they can't bought with donations. He find their way back. They has a staff of 20 social work Mr. Wangchuk, who grad Mr. Wangchuk is current- get lost because of being de ers, eight nurses and three uated with a degree in engi ly setting up the 150 crore lusional," says Dr. Vatwani other doctors. They take the g in the late 1980s, Himalayan Institute of Alter an alumnus of the Grant patient to their hometown founded the Students' Edu natives, Ladakh (HIAL) in Medical College and GS with minimal details and dig cational and Cultural Move the Phyang Valley, 14 kmMedical College in Mumbai. out more with the help of alone as an individual. It be sults were for all to see ery teacher, every leader totype of an ice stupa t dakh," said Mr. Wangchuk in Ladakh. ment of Ladakh (SECMOL) from Leh. The Shraddha Rehabilita-the police and locals. FIFTH PAGE THE HINDU