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4th July {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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Sir days varumbo on aano by aano ennu engana manassilakuka?
thanx sir .. one of the most beneficial classes... and the best part is the conceptual clarity in such simple words... :)
Great Sir...after covering this course on daily basis, do i need to still make notes from The Hindu, specially.
such a tremendous way of teaching thnkuu sir
I like mains presentations more
great presentation sir..
  1. NEARDY Consult UPSC for selecting Will contest polls jointly police chiefs, SC tells States with Congress: Pawar Seat-sharing wil be finallsed in a week, says NCP chief Send list of probables to service commission for shortlisting three names NJSU fined for violating Styselfand Kanul Candhi had three moxtings We hveoome to the conciadon The Conpess and the N The Supeeme Court on Tue day peicrained the State g Tueday hele INudeta to contest the elections jointhy This NC have finally sealed the is the cdear alance for the upcong the chifsof the Congress and the ukrsamling betwe Lok Sabha and Maharaht EP We both buve communicated this to Seate kal NC preem Shard ers and both parties w oather and fiue the Over 30.000 Brus bo be repatriated by Sapt. 30 hee Exeti . We have 2004 to2014 bud lupt The Shiv Si.a reaais a coeent the clecoes jnly. bu opeed to connest the ment, but has sald it wso This is the dear dentand- Assembly electue, Maha- longer combine kroes with ng besween the chlefs of the rashtra independenty Congress and the SCP We and send back It shal, an people who hrve a The NCP president Sanghi's MCQ Digest 4th July, 2018 The Hindu +The Indian Express +PIB + others

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  5. SC verdict on Centre-Delhi power tussle today Judgment likely to provide clarity on the L-G and elected government's roles STAFF REPORTER ment Authority. Court's Constitution Bench heard both sides of the argu ment for over a month and The Supreme Court will pro- nounce its verdict on Wed- nesday on the ongoing tussle between the Centre and the democratically elected Ar- vind Kejriwal government over who wields the power to administer and govern the national capital. Repeated run-ins After its landslide victory in the Assembly elections in Fe December6 later reserved its verdict on bruary 2015, the AAP go- The Supreme Court is like- vernment has clashed with ly to provide clarity on the L-G over appointments, whether the L-G can unilat- file clearances and control of erally administer the Capital the police department, without being bound by the which reports to the Centre. "aid and advice" of the elect Be on a lookout A five-judge Constitution Bench headed by Chief Jus Anil Baijal with Arvind tice Dipak Misra will deliver Keiwal FILE PHOTO its verdict on the Delhi go- Last month, Chief Minis edgovernment ter Arvind Kejriwal and his The Delhi governmentfor this news! Cabinet colleagues held an unprecedented nine-day sit- had argued that the legisla tive powers of the L-G, as a vernment's appeal challeng- has been engaged in a perpe in at the official residence of delegate of the President, is ing the August 2016 High tual power struggle with the Lieutenant-Governor Ani limited compared with those possessed by the Delhi As is Delhi's unique position as ping meetings called by him however, argued that the ing as the national capital. He further claimed that best meant to take care of Court judgment holding the Central government-ap Baijal Lieutenant-Governor as the pointed official Mr. Kejriwal accused the sembly. administrative head of the At the core of the dispute Delhi bureaucrats of skip The Union government, a Union Territory function and his Ministers. High Court verdict The High Court had ruled The AAP government has re the officials were "on a strike the "daily utilities" of the that all decisions taken by peatedly highlighted that its for four months" and thatt Capital and the "real power the Delhi government Minis- government has no say over was being "orchestrated by to administrate the national ters must be communicated important departments like the PMO and coordinated by capital" was vested with the to the L-G, dealing a blow to law and order and agencies the LG the Aam Aadmi Party which such as the Delhi Develop Last year, the Supreme India. President and the Union of FRONT PAGE-THE HINDU

  6. LYNCHING DEATHS Mob violence is a crime whatever the motive, states should crack down: SC Whoever they are, they can't take the lawinto their hands, says CjI's bench Govt tells WhatsApp to act, will meet social media platforms our ki Baat Will help if PM lends "We do not want lynchings. EXPRESSNEWS SERVICE We do not want mob violence. weight to the cause NEW DELHI, JULY3 Prasad takes note, WhatsApp says need to collaborate KARISHMAMEHROTRA NEW DELHI, JULY3 We want to protect victims, THE EDITORIAL PAGE 12 said a bench of Chief Justice of AKING SERIOUS note of lynch India Dipak Misra and Justices ings and mob violence, the A M Khanwilkar and D Y IN THE wake of recent mob vio- lence acrossthe country fuelledby rumours of child lifters on social media platforms like WhatsApp, the Ministry of Electronics and ing on its platform in India. Information Technology has sent The initiative-which comes a letter to the WhatsApp senor as IT Minister Ravi Shankar management, urging action Prasad takes notice of the recent against Chandrachud. Supreme Court on Tuesday put states to check incidents. Saying it would not confine these incidents to anyparticular motive" the court id "this is mobviolence, which the onus on the The court was hearing a batch of petitions seeking its directions for curbing violence Why a rumour loves WhatsApp by cow vigilantes. "Whoever they are, they can't CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 is a crime circulat- FRONT PAGE THE INDIAN EXPRESS

  7. L-G bound by 'aid and advice' of Delhi govt., says Constitution Bench Disputes should be referred to President:SC e are Bottom line aresovereign, says SC KRESHNADAS RAJAGOPAL A Supreme Court MISRA CJt, for hinmelf and Justices AK Sriand USTICE ASHOK Bench of the Supreme Courto the Arvind unanimously held on Wedriwa nesday that Lieutenant-Go government vernor Anil Baljal is bound and said the by the "ald and advice" of eal powers of by a process QThe ald and odvice given the Council of The L-G must of the elected government in Delhi represent the pu blic will, perception and popular sentiment, the ive judge Bench of the Su preme Court observed on the prolonged power tussle between the Arvind Kejrl wal government and the Akd and odvise'in Article 239A444) has byte binding of diologue and discussion, seek to to be constrved to mean that the L G is bound by the aid and edvice of the Minister and if it is not exercise his power Counglil of Ministersthe possible to have it soander the proviso L-G has not been entrust resolved, to attempt it torefer any matter In case of difference of representatives opinlon, the LG shoulde ponts ofed with any independent through the Council of traghtaway refer the dis the order pute to the President for a f nal decision without sitting over it or stukifying the gov their separate but concur ernance in the National Cap ring oplnions, cautioned the ital, the Bench said. It con LG against sending every to the President Sending a stern message to the LG, the Supreme Court observed that a well deliberated legitimate dec sion of the Council of Minis ters cannot be stymied by orudesh cansozras upraner t ederalism, says Benchorthe lnci that the governance "trivial" dispute with the o- of Delhi cannot rest upon the vernment to the President whims of one functionary-The judgment came on the Lieutenant-Governo. appeals iled by the NCT go LEGAL CORKESPONDENT the negative attitude of the LG. What suffers is the combined action and sin Cncept ot collective of arriving at a solution by showing = You can use this term in your Mains Answers! The Lieutenant Gover vernment against an August nor has not been entrusted statesmanship, , 2016, verdict of the Delhi The Supreme Court on Wed with any independent deci High Court, which had de nesday urged the Lieute cere cooperation. In collab responsibliry sion-making power. He has clared that the LG has"com nant-Governor and the Ke orative federalism, the Un-etusice Depak Misra to either act on the aid and plete control of all matters riwal government to show ion and the State wrote in the main judg advice of the Council of Mi nisters or he is bound to im plement the decision taken nothing will happen without by the President on a refe the National Cap statesmanship in their rela governments should express ment that it is emphatical tal Territory of Deihi, and tionship while colning the their readiness to achieve ly submitted that if the col Sective responsibility of the term "collaborative federal the common objective and work together for it. Chief Council of Ministers is not ism" to define the inter de rence being made by him. Chief Justice Misra said pendence between the two Justice Dipak Misra ob en the expected weght the concurrence of the LG. there will be corrosion served, in his lead opinion or a five judge Constitution Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra held in his opinion, shared by Justices A.K. Sikri and A.M. Khanwilka the "L-G must work harmo- "Governments are in niously with his Ministers".their respective pursults of , of the essential feature of representative gvern development. The Uniongo Bench. HOW TO RULE DELHI EDITORILverment and the State go He said coliaborative Sed men Chief Justice Misra, along GSHOULD NOT BE AN with Justices D.Y. Chandra TRUCTIONIST SC PAGEvour to address the common ing to its 'special status' un chud and Ashok Bhushan in MORE REPORTS PACE vernments should endea eralism applied to Delhw ETRAYAL OF FAITHOF THE COLLECTIVE PAGE problems with the intention der the Constitution. FRONT PAGE-THE HINDU

  8. L-G should not be an obstructionist: SC Says a freeze on government decisions by him negates the very concept of collective responsibility KRISHNADAS RAJAGOPAL SOIBAM ROCKY SINGH NEW DELNI people of Delhi, is not able to usher in policies and laws ov- er which the Delhi Legisla- tive Assembly has power to The Lieutenant-Governor should act as a "facilitator" for good governance in the national capital and not as an "obstr Prolonged spat Referring to the prolonged judge Constitution Bench of spat between the L-G and the Supreme Court unani mously held on Wednesday. the Arvind Kejriwal govern- ment on various issues, in- It trimmed the Lieute nant-Governor's authority saying he cannot exercise his discretion in "each and ev- ery matter" of daily gover- nance. His discretionary cluding a freeze on appoint- ments of bureaucrats to mohalla clinic staff and schoolteachers, the Chief said the lective responsibility in the powers are in fact limited to Big day: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with Deputy CM Manish Sisodia in New Delhi. .P Constitution should not be lost in drama. Constitutional - public order, police and nance. The court said its not be given the status of a executive power of the NCT discord should be avoided. over which the legisla nine-judge Bench judgment "State Governor". In fact, he government was co-exten- There is a need for real disci tive power of the Delhi Legis in the NDMC versus State of is nothing but an 'Adminis- sive with its legislative pow pline and wisdom, he said. A lative Assembly stand ex Punjab of 1996 makes t trator', that too, in a limited ers, Chief Justice Misra freeze on government deci- sions by the L-G negates the Moreover, the NCT go was not a "State In fact, the Delhi is sui generis, a class The exercise of establish very concept of "collective vernment need only to in- Union still has the power to apart," Chief Justice Misra ing a democratic and repre responsibility". The gover- sentative form of govern nance of the national capital liberated" decisions. The within the legislative domain The court held that the ment for the NCT of Delhi demands a "meaningful or- elected government could would turn futile if the go chestration of democracy" his "concurrence" on every And for this reason again, make policies on laws enact- vernment of Delhi, that en and a "collaborative federal y matters in the State List cluded under Article 239AA. "clear as noon" that Delhi sense. "The status of NCT of clarified. form the L-G of its "well-de- make laws on issues coming observed. government need not obtain of the Delhi issue of day-to-day gover- the court said, the L-G can ed by its own Assembly. The joys the confidence of the architecture: ELEVENTH PAGE-THE HINDU