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5th July {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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A new ISRO Chairman are Kailasavadivoo Sivan
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  1. Zakir Nailk says he wont return to India till he is Another road develops cracks L-G bound by 'aid and advice' ofMSP for paddy hiked by ?200 Delhi govt., says Constitution Bench sovereign. Historic increase, says Prime Minister rs the people who are so la case et dderece o se prolonged power tueCom me der, a r owa centhe Nationala, ting ogranno cauti con the It's collaborative o the LG the Supreme n keeping with the prome meven as be played dow speech, the Unkn Cabin to igher food prices. urriving upport peces (SJwas, cotoe also in Et a solution tbyatret khan crops so that they MSPs wece announced for 5th July, 2018 The Hindu + The Indian Express PIB + others

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  5. Merkel cautions Trump against launching trade war 'Both sides should take steps to stop conflict from escalating powerhouse Germany, is running a massive trade sur- plus against the U.S., Ms. Merkel said that his calcula tion is skewed as it is based only on goods, not services. If you include services like the digital services, then you have a completely diffe- AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday warned U.S. President Do- nald Trump against unleash- ing an all-out trade war after he threatened to impose steep tariffs on cars from the European Union. In a speech to the Bundes- tag federal parliament, Ms. Merkel said both sides were effectively locked in a "trade conflict" since Mr. Trump's decision to slap punitive ta- riffs on steel and aluminium imports. with the U.S. showing a sur Chancellor Angela Merkel delivering a speech in Berlin on Wednesday. .AFP plus against the EU," she not ed. "It is almost old-fash- calculate goods and not include ioned to only 20% on EU cars. The EU has slapped tariffs voiced backing for a "digital "It is worthwhile to pre on iconic U.S. products, in- tax" that would target multi- vent this conflict from be cluding bourbon, jeans and nationals like Amazon, Face- coming a real war," she said, Harley Davidson motorcy book or Google, which have adding, however, that this cles, as a symbolic tit-for-tat come under fire for shifting "would require both sides" response to the metals earnings around Europe in to take steps. Mr. Trump on Sunday charged that Europe is "pos- 'Skewed But the EU is divided over calculation'he proposal, as countries, sibly as bad as China" on Taking aim at Mr. Trump ov including Luxembourg and trade, as he reiterated that er his complaint that the EU eland, are loath to see U.S. he is mulling import taxes of and, in particular, economic tech giants head for the exit. TWELFTH PAGE THE HINDU

  6. 'High crude prices biggest risk to economy' 175 investors in Singapore and prices as the top risk, noneofthe tial slippage," said Moody's. ENSECONOMIC BUREAU Mumbai saw investors identi However, higher oil prticipants acrossboth locations It however pointed that th fying higher oil prices as a key risk to growth and said that thought trade protectionismasa top risk for India. While 30.3 per government's recapitalization package is not sufficient, given Prices will have li IH cRDE oi pices are the there are risks to achieving 33 impacton Centre's biggest risk to the Indian econ- centof the Singapore audience banks havenotbeenableto raise picked rising interest rates asthe next top risk, respondents in India picked domestic p risks as the second top risk. per cent fiscal deficit. subsidy spending, capital as planned."Although "We broadly agree with the respondents' concerns about omy,according to a survey ofin- expect the recapitalization pack age to be sufficient to meet the minimum regulatory capital it will be insuffi- Says Moody's vestors, intermediaries and is- suers conducted by Moody's higher oil prices and rising inter- 2018 macroeconomic growth percent...From a fiscal perspec- leumand diesel fuel. "We do not deficit targets for the fiscal year kets as planned under the gov Keeping its 2019 growth stors Service in June. Notwithstanding the survey our recent revision to India's credit dynamics from oil hasdi- forecast of 7.5 per cent un It said that risks to sovereign needs w that cient to support credit growth. minished in recentyears follow- changed, Moody's expects the Banks have not beenable to raise igher oil prices will have a lim- forecast to 73 per cent from 75 ing subsidy reforms to petro- government to meet its fscal newcapital from the equity mar- impact on the government's tive, higher oil prices will havea expect oil prices to remain ele ending in March 2019. ernment's recapitalisation use eregulation of petroleum and limited impact on the govern- vated for an extended period, we see risks to measures,"said the report. ment's subsidy spending be- but this possibility remains a cause of the deregulation of pe downside risk," the rating achieving both budgeted rev enue and spending targets, in our view the government It further pointed that the At the 4th Annual India Il participants favored consol idating to five-to-10 public sec Policy has leftonly liquefied petroleum Wle most of the respon would likely cut back on tor banks rom 21 currently, in Challenges, Reform Progress gasand kerosene subject to sub- dents in both Mumbai and planned capital spending, as in line with the more recent gov Credit Conference of Moody's: troleum anddiesel prices, which agency added. India's ca and Growth Outlook," a pol of sidies," said Moody's. Singapore highlighted high oil past years, to offset any potn ernment announcements. NINETEENTH PAGETHE INDIAN EXPRESS