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4th August {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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  1. Mnangagwa wins the first election ince the fall of Robert Mugabe khant reathes fire, but England fghts back to keep Test on edge Congress raises questions over Rajes Gaurav Yatra to quit over story critical of Modi Kharge ACentre pushes for quota Trinamool MPs detained in promotion for SCs/STsto maintain peace: Rajnath They had tumed unruly at Silchar airport, Minister tdlls IS Cites historical deprivation.cals on Supreme Court to revisit 2006 Nagaraj ruling 3dead as buldings collapse in Lucknow oficial that prohiony r thry unded aLSSp that ensaed had also conplaned bout cring 1000 of years of de pevation" sfered by Dakn the State will huue to seve tho it the SCa STs in gonmentSinh tols the Lck Sabha n ervices Besides the Chile Friday thut menbers of Pr Jastioe the Bench comprises ament ton the Al-ada sured in the sule Kaland the bebaviour of the ven tul regard a M noeGeeral KK.Vemool MP Kahan Banee, Partiamet on Friday Student staed faced centuries of detentiomofsomf5 "to peceived report of asrtirgre skader, which wa or Kolkata and Deilbhi on Friday Issue of PM candidate will be Waterspread Sanghi's MCQ Digest 4th August, 2018 The Hindu +The Indian Express +PIB + others

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  3. PART 2 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  4. 14:03 unacademv Back to Plus Ace Economy: Prepare for High scores (PCM) Ayussh Sanghi 183k followers In this course, Ayussh will comprehensively cover Indian Economy Prelims cum Mains, which will provide a detailed understanding of the topics that will be helpful in solving subjective type questions as well as objective based questions. Next Class on 15th September - 8:30 pm Sessions Watched: 0/41


  6. Q - India has signed up for a Joint Venture called the 'Mattala Project' to refurbish and operate an airport. Where is it located? a) Nepal b) Myanmar c) Sri Lanka d) Afghanistan CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  7. 'Mattala project with India is on' Sri Lankan Minister says talks on the airport joint venture are progressing ture, will contribute $225 million to revamp and run the airport, while the Sri Lankan side will invest the balance. India will operate the airport on a 40-year lease, as per the draft agree ment, a top Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry offi cia in Colombo told The Hindu, clarifying that "noth MEERA SRINIVASAN COLOMBO Days after Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sin- ha told Parliament that there was no proposal for the Air ports Authority of India (AAD to acquire a controlling stake in Sri Lanka's Mattala Rajapaksa International Air port, a Sri Lankan Ministe said talks on the project are "progressing" with India ing has changed Following an experts' re- Mr. Sinha's remarks last No change: A view of the Mattala Rajapaksa International port that will look into t week came at a time when Airport, in the southeast of Sri Lanka. AFP three rounds of official nego- tiations were completed on a cials are under the impres Indian Minister of State for will be presented for Cabinet likely joint venture between sion that the deal is nearly fv Aviation would have clearance. Minister Siripala the AAI and the Airport &nal. The Indian government made such a statement to de Silva earlier told Parlia- Aviation Services in Sri Lan- is yet to respond to the Mi the Indian Parliament since ment that he would table the ka, to run the loss-making nister's remarks. Mattala airport, located in Qied by the local me- parties is yet to be finalised, act with "utmost transparen Sri Lanka's Southem Pro dia on the development, he said, according to a re cy. It is an open secret that vince. The Minister's res Transport and Civil Aviation port published in the State New Delhi's strategic inte ponse to a question raised in Minister Nimal Siripala de run Daily News on Friday. ests in running the airport Parliament, saying there was Silva said the discussions onThe two governments, af located near the China-con- no such proposal, sent con the development project of ter detailed negotiations, trolled port in Hambantota, fusing signals to Colombo, Mattala Airport are still un have agreed that India, with outweighs commercial con- where top government offi- der way. "Most probably, the a70% stake in thejoint ven- siderations. nical aspects of the joint ven- ture, the draft agreement the agreement between two agreement in the House, and TWELFTH PAGE-THE HINDU

  8. Q - India has signed up for a Joint Venture called the 'Mattala Project' to refurbish and operate an airport. Where is it located? a) Nepal b) Myanmar c) Sri Lanka d) Afghanistan CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST


  10. Centre pushes for quota in promotion for SCs/STs Cites historical deprivation, calls on Supreme Court to revisit 2006 Nagaraj ruling KRISHNADAS RAJAGOPAL NEW DELHI It is made clear that even if theconsequential seniority for celerated promotions with Paper I Salient features of Indian Society, Diversity of India State has compelling reasons Citing "1000 of years of de- privation" suffered by Dalit communities, the gover the SCs/STs in government services. Besides the Chief Justice, the Bench comprises Justices Kurian Joseph, Ro hinton Nariman, Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Indu Malho- tra. the State will have to see that its reservation provision does not lea to excessiveness so as to breach n- ment on Friday began its push for providing "acceler ated promotion with con Paper I - Social empowerment, communalism, regionalism & secularism - the ceiling limit of50% or obliterate the creamy layer or quential seniority" for mem extend reservation indefinitely bers of the Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes in the Nagaraj verdict of 2006 SUPREME COURT Access denied Attorney-General K.K. Venu gopal submitted that the (SCs/STS) in public employment. Courtesy a 2006 M. Naga such a reservation in promo Now, the government SCs/STs faced centuries of raj judgment of the Supreme tion would not affect the ov wants another ive-judge deprivation at the hands of Court, the government can erall efficiency of public ad Constitution Bench, led by not introduce a quota in pro ministration. The opinion of Chief Justice Dipak Misra, to prived of access to temples, motion for its SC/ST em- the government should also refer the verdict to a larger schools and the basic facili ployees unless they prove be based on quantifiable da Bench for re-examination. It ties of life. Even today, Dalit that the particular Dalit com- ta. The 2006 judgment was said the verdict had effec- grooms cannot ride horses. munity is backward and in- pronounced by a five-judge tively created an "impossible adequately represented, and Constitution Bench. society. They had been de- situation" for providing ac CONTINUED ON PAGE 10 FRONT PAGE -THE HINDU

  11. Social media hub plan dropped Supreme Court had raised the fear that it may create a surveillance state ter, Facebook and Instagram ture that merges mass sur would be tracked to identify veillance with a capacity for the "buzz creators" and so disinformation," Ms. Moitra, cial media influence LEGAL CORRESPONDENT NEW DELHI A proposal to have hubs to monitor social media traffic and trends has been with- Paper IV- Public/Civil service values and Ethics in Public administration represented by senior advo Justice D.Y. Chandrachud, cate A.M. Singhvi and advo who is a member of the cate Mohammad Nizam drawn, the Union govern- ment informed the Supreme Court on Friday Bench led by Chief Justice Di Pasha, had argued. pak Misra, had voiced the The petition had said the aim of the hub was to "create a technology platform to collect digital media chatter danger in a country where from all core social media privacy was a fundamenta platforms as well as digital Paper IV - Probity in Governance The decision comes after the court had questioned the proposal in a hearing on July 13, saying this may transform the country into a surveil- lance state. court's apprehensions about the government's plan, say, ing that this would pose a ht platforms "social media communica a petition filed by Trinamool tion hub" was a "brazen a With the government hav ing withdrawn its plan for The hearing was based Disinformation trend Congress MLA Mohua Mo tempt at mass surveillance". "The proposed social media the hubs, the court said the tra, who had alleged that the Ms. Moitra said popular so communication hub seeks to petition was infructuous and government's proposal for a cial media sites such as Twit create a technology architec disposed it of. TENTH PAGE-THE HINDU