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26th June {Part 3} (in Hindi)
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Ayussh Sanghi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ayussh Sanghi
Passionate Educator - CSE / Other Govt Exams [Peep into my Unacademy Plus Courses & experience awesome learning.]

Unacademy user
Sir, most of the time courses are left incomplete. The quality and knowledge which you enlighten to us is second to none. If you will leave them half turned; probably, no one could match the quality. So a humble request from a modest aspirant " please do no stop".
The course is of such great significance that I would request you to continue the course for the next coming years too since I will be sitting for the examination in 2021. Much thanks for such a course Sir . :)
Ankita Singh
a year ago
*2020 a correction .
sir plz give the link for ur telegram channel ...i cound not find it....tq
Vikram Kumar
a year ago
IAS Study Circle by Ayussh Sanghi
Monika Meena
a year ago
Vikram Kumar
a year ago
one of the best courses on unacademy platform pls continue this initiative till prelims topics are very well explained one suggestion ,pls also include the editorial portions .it will be really helpful
sir please continue the course it's very helpful and the best current affairs course in unacademy 😀

  2. TLESDAY, JUNE 26, 2048 Adityanath demands CBl moves SC against Recep Tayyip Erdo an reservation for Dalits over Russia helps it top Group A page in AMU and Jamia granting bail to Karti page 10 Turkey President page 12 Editorial page page to Balin Naroda India, Seychelles talk ailof 'mutual welfare co Modi, Paure discuss salled Assumption island project 3 get 10 year feia Nature'sfury daily digital butin of of the day, is now on is designed so provide you with concise and cid analyses of five top stoies of the day Monday awarded 10 year sons convicted in the case of the Narods Patiya mas India and Seychelles wille sacre that ocourred during sure mutually beneficial the 2002 rices. They were eps reganding Malled plans part of the 16 people con foe a military base at the s vited by the Dvaion land of Assumption, Prime Bench on Aprll 20 The court sald any le Monday tice, and the sentence must eeting with the visiting be proportionate to the Seychelles President Danny brutality of their crime. Faure, Mr. Mod announced Imposing oo enieng a several initiatives for the sentence wdl amunt egically located coun Measured response Seychelles President Danny Antone travesty of justcice... Impo try, including the grant of Rolien Faure being welcomed by Ram Nath Kovind, left,and cioe of 10 years of $100 milion Line of Credit Narendra Mod at the Rashtrapani Bihvan rous imprisorunent will be foe the purchase of defence from the ckatter of the elecronik and ocial media ridcase has been Android pladlorm. D forward in the absence of a maritime region and have "On the peoject of As parliamentary racification. declared exchange of neces download the app an Any liberal actitude to such offences would be "cou umption island, we ave price to read us sx and adreed to work Sor the wel Line of credit DAILY MCQs 26th June, 2018 The Hindu The Indian Express + PIB + Government Websites


  4. Hilly regions in Kozh kode to get communitv rescue volunteers They will swing into action during natural calamities ciently coordinating with relief to local residents till the other rescue squads. The re- arrival of bigger forces. At cent Karinchola landslip Kattippara, it was the local STAFF REPORTER KOZHIKODE Fed up with the usually long wait for the arrival of rescue that claimed 14 lives is rescue operators who man teams when disasters strike, among the incidents that aged the situation well till the panchayats in the hilly re prompted the local bodies National Disaster Response gions of the district are plan to consider forming a rescue Force and fire service squads team for instant help. arrived, they said. ning to form their own Com- munity Rescue Volunteer Field training and techni- (CRV) teams to swing into First phase of training cl support will be extended action during natural Among the grama pan to the team members by Fire chayats, Koodaranhi wl and Rescue Services person Supported by the Reve form the first CRV, enrolling nel from various regional un nue Department and the members of various volun its. Revenue Department offi District Disaster Manage tary organisations in Kodu cials from various taluks too calamities. ment Authority, the tes vally block. The panchayat will support the initiative. are likely to be a reality in has already conducted the In Kozhikode district, Kak various grama panchayats first phase of training in va- kodi was the first grama pan under Koduvally, Perambra, rious rescue activities under chayat to form a CRV team. It Kunnummal and Balussery the leadership of an expert was launched by Local Admi blocks within two months. agency comprising doctors nistration Minister K.T. Jaleel medical last year. The group was formed by selecting five squads earlier formed in vaAccording to members of members from each from 21 rious taluks had been found Koodaranhi panchayat, the wards in the panchayat. They successful in attending to presence of CRV teams dur were also trained by profes The local bodies came up with the initiative as similar and technicians. emergency critical situations and effi ing calamities will be a huge sional rescue teams. FIFTH PAGE -THE HINDU

  5. Centre cannot guarantee power supply to all villages, says official State-level distribution companies should ensure power availability; Centre can only connect villages and households to grid, says senior Power Ministry bureaucrat TCA SHARAD RAGHAVAN dline by March 2019, in t0.22 a unit of electricity nued assistance from the will be electrified by the Ambitious target The UDAY scheme targets reducing the aggregate losses from power theft to 15% by 2019, down from the 22% average at present While it is the Centre's res year-end. ponsibility to connect house holds and villages to the pow- Discrepancies in claims er grid or provide them However, an analysis by The alternative sources of elec Hindu has found several dis2 tricity, it cannot guarantee the supply of electricity to them, Arun Kumar Verma, of electrification Joint Secretary in the Power In some cases, the electri- Ministry, said here on fication infrastructure such houses be electrified but However, the Power Minis On their own, many of they will also get electricity try has claimed that this sit- the discoms right now are through the day, Mr. Verma uation is improving rapidly not ready to provide 24x7 |Duration of power under the Ujwal Discom As power, for two reasons," Am- surance Yojana (UDAY), with rit Pandurangi, senior direc- Power Minister R.K. Singh re tor, infrastructure, Deloitte and the on-paper status26 Despite the government peg cently saying that discom India, said. ging India as a power surplus losses have drastically re The first is their financial nation, almost every State in duced to 17,352 crore in health. Most of them are not the country reels undew 2017-18 from 51,096 crore in financially capable to do this. er cuts, especially during the previous year. Uttarakhand23:23 The actual supply is the were stolen days after they responsibility of the power were installed, leaving the distribution companies in target village unelectriied in each State, the official told reality but connected on The Hindu More to achieve ture to supply good quality ing to power sector analysts, is because discoms are still Sector specialists, however, power on a sustained basis very inefficient, with the say that while the perfor- But if the respective State go- costs they incur in the trans mance of discoms is improv vernments continue to give May 2018 CtionUR ap The Centre has claimed tricity was supplied for just a the infrastructure is ll That has to be done by that access to electricity also mission far outweighing re ing, they are still not at the financial support and assu 100% electrification of all vil, lages and83% of all house- holds across the country. It there or if they are getting the State governments and means consistent supply." venue. Government data performance level to supply rances to the discoms, then electricity supply, ma said. few hours a day. electricity 24x7 The on hope of the utilities is conti prove. Mr. Ver- "We are on track to meet the distribution companies (discoms). But we are aware the 24x7 power for all dea country, on an average, lose show discoms across the "It is not our ob to go and check every village whether this could definitely im- ELEVENTH PAGE THE HINDU

  6. 23:14 uhacadem Back to Plus Contemporary Issues 2018 & 2019 Ayussh Sanghi 173k followers In this course, Ayussh will comprehensively cover most important contemporary issues for last 12 24 months in a detailed manner which will be relevant for Prelims and Mains Examination. These issues stay relevant for maximum period of time due to which coverage of such issues will be highly beneficial for aspiring candidates of 2019. The classes will provide a thorough understanding of the topics that will be helpful in solving and writing answers in Examinations. Next Class on 30th June - 9:00 p

  7. 23:14 uhacadem Back to Plus Complete Economy for UPSOC CSE Mains Ayussh Sanghi 173k followers In this course, Ayussh will comprehensively cover Indian Economy for Mains, which will provide a detailed understanding of the topics that will be helpful in solving subjective types questions for Mains Examinations. This course will be conducted in English and the notes will also be provided in Englislh Next Class on 28th June - 8:30 pm Sessions Watched: 0/29