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1st + 2nd July {Part 1} (in Hindi)
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Ayussh Sanghi
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Respected sir 2019 k current affirs bhi ap isi trh taiyar kro plz sir plz and thank you alot for this , but it is not enough sir ,be continue
Hello Mr. Sanghi. Thank you for your diligent efforts. I have some doubts regarding a slide in this lesson which shows a table of rivers and their states. Please correct me if I am wrong. Firstly, Godavari flows through Chhattisgarh and not MP. How is it then a party to the dispute? Secondly, Narmada does not flow through Rajasthan. How is it then a party to the dispute? Thirdly, Mondovi /Mahadayi also does not flow through Maharashtra. How is Maharashtra a party to the dispute? Please guide.
Rahul surya
a year ago
sir as far as I know River Godavari directly doesn't flow in MP, actually it is Weinganga and wardha a tributary of Godavari (enters in telengana as pranahitha) and mixes with Godavari. so it MAY be a party to dispute. But the case of Narmada is interesting because I think there is only Narmada canal which provides water to Rajasthan ( from Sardar sarovar dam in Gujarat). so it may also be considered as a party of dispute.
Next highly recommended course for all UPSC aspirants.Sir you are just awesome. Aap bahut acche se samjhate hain,sunkar hi brain me store ho jata hai.Please sir ise continue jaroor rakhiyega,lots of request sir...:)

  2. MONDAY, JuLLY 2, 201 THE HINDU GROUP Gift your kid a Fua uteractiue ouliue 'world of luteractive quicces, puzzles, coutests aud More GST monthly revenue will e) (,) exceed i.l lakh cr: Goyal members of family found dead in Burari he sandea becamFurther rationalisation of rates if compliance improves, says Finance Minister Occult ritual may have gone awry, say Delhi police PM. Cong spar STao thOver single rate ay Soud dead under north Delli's Goyal said on Sunday, ad ftom the monthly GST ole tion wil kury car andkcoudave been practising an e may huve 1L30p.n_. _ Goyal said, speaking at the at-.ui. Lii. Yolcart say "I am etroducinGST with foor, the body of an el Those found hanging had DAILY MCQs 1st & 2nd July, 2018 The Hindu + The Indian Express PIB + others

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  4. PART 1

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  7. Q Consider the following statements about interstate water disputes in India: 1. Article 262 of the Constitution provides for the adjudication of inter-state water disputes 2. Parliament has been given the power to provide that neither the Supreme Court nor any other court can exercise jurisdiction in respect of any such dispute Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh are the four parties involved in the Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal 3. Select from the code given below: a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 1 and 3 only d) 1, 2 and 3 OAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  8. Karnataka to appeal Karnataka decides to challenge against Cauvery panel Cauvery water authority in SC However, subsequently, the government nominated two senior officials "under prot- est so as to curtail any furth- er damages to the State's interests.' ment scheme during his June 18 visit to Delhi, Mr. Shivakumar said despite the State's reservations, the Centre had notified and con stituted the regulatory com mittee and authority "in haste." All-party meeting resolves to seek legal redress and debate in Parliament "Our decision to file an appeal in the Supreme Court will be guided by our SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT BENGALURU Feb. 16, 2018: Supreme SC's deadline, which ended on March 29 Back to court Karnataka's decision on Saturday comes in a year when the SC has inter several times in the Cauvery issue Court delivers verdict on Cauvery river disput "Karnataka has been af- on Saturday decided to file April 9: SC asks Centre to submit draft by May 3 veneddirects Centre to notify appeal in the Supreme Court against the setting up of the Cauvery Water Man- agement Authority (CWMA) and the Cauvery Water Regu lation Committee (CWRC) on the grounds that the forma- tion should have been dis- cussed in Parliament. the Cauvery manage- Mohan ment scheme in 6 weeks May 14: Centre submits June 1: Centre notifies extension to notify for Management Authority stitutes Cauvery Water apart from Advocate Gener Cauvery water management al Uday Holla. Theyl scheme. According to the work out the modalities and Inter-State Water Disputes the context based on which Act, 1956, such matters we can approach the Su should be tabled and deli preme Court. Following erated on in the Parlia this, the government wil ment," he argued take a call on whether to file Union Ministers Ananth review petition or curative Kumar and D.V. Sadanada petition" Mr Shivakumar Gowda of the BJP Deputy said March 28: Centre files application before SC seeking a three-month Cauvery Water mation of the scheme June 22: Centre con- March 31: Tamil Nadu files contempt petition Management Authority The decision was taken Jning hands: H.D. Kumaraswamy and B.S. against Centre for not and Cauvery Water unanimously at an all-party Yeddyurappa at the all-party meet. m notifying scheme as per Regulation Committee meeting on Saturday, con vened by Chief Minister H.D Kumaraswamy, to plan the vernment as its representa- views, said Water Resources initially not nominated its re State's next move on the tives to the Authority and and Medical Education Mi presentatives, as it opposed Cauvery issue a Chief Minister G. Paramesh wara, Leader of Opposition B.S. Yeddyurappa, all minis ters in the State Cabinet, le- Meeting with PM the Committee would par nister D.K. Shivakumar. any move to form the AutPointing out that the Chief The meeting also resolved ticipate in the CWMA's first The participants also re ority. that two senior officials -meeting to be held on July 2 nominated by the State go to present Karnataka's Parliament. Karnataka had cONTINUED ON PAGE 10 Minister had personally met gislators representing con- the Prime Minister and Un stituencies in the Cauvery ion Water Resources Minis basin area, apart from sever- ter on the issue related to al top officials, participated the Cauvery water manage- in the meeting. solved to raise the issue in FRONT PAGE AND TENTH PAGE- THE HINDU [Sunday

  9. INTER-STATE WATER DISPUTES Article 262 of the Constitution provides for the adjudication of inter-state water disputes. It makes two provisions Parliament may by law provide for the adjudication of any dispute with respect to the use, distribution and control of waters of any inter-state river. Parliament may also provide that neither the Supreme Court nor any other court is to exercise jurisdiction in respect of any such dispute or complaint . Under this provision, the Parliament has enacted two laws The River Boards Act provides for the establishment of river boards for the regulation and development of inter-state river and river valleys. The Inter-State Water Disputes Act empowers the Central government to set up an ad hoc tribunal for the adjudication of a dispute between two or more states in relation to the waters of an inter-state river or river valley. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  10. INTER-STATE WATER DISPUTES River(s) Krishna Godavari Narmada Cauvery Krishna Mandovi/Mahadayi Vansadhara States Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Union Territory of Pondicherry Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra Goa, Karnataka and Mahasrashtra Andhra Pradesh & Odisha OAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  11. Q Which among the following is the first Indian state to establish a government-run community milk banking system called 'Aanchal mother's milk bank'? a) Rajasthan b) Bihar c) Tamil Nadu d) Maharashtra OAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  12. Q Which among the following is the first Indian state to establish a government-run community milk banking system called 'Aanchal mother's milk bank'? a) Rajasthan b) Bihar c) Tamil Nadu d) Maharashtra OAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  13. DISHA Dashboard . Initiative of Ministry of Rural Development It will be available to all members of Parliament and State Assemblies as well district officials, allows the user to track the progress of multiple and diverse schemes in a certain district, block, or even a gram panchayat 18 schemes are covered Will make it easier to monitor governance by geography (through government schemes) in real time OAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  14. Q The 'DISHA Dashboard' has an aim to? a) Educate and train Government school teachers who did not clear the Teacher Eligibility Test b) Financial literacy training of adults c) Monitor ongoing government schemes in real time basis d) Wholesome empowerment of adolescent girls OAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  15. 23:14 unacademv Back to Plus Complete Economy for UPSOC CSE Mains Ayussh Sanghi 173k followers In this course, Ayussh will comprehensively cover Indian Economy for Mains, which will provide a detailed understanding of the topics that will be helpful in solving subjective types questions for Mains Examinations. This course will be conducted in English and the notes will also be provided in Englislh Next Class on 28th June - 8:30 pm Sessions Watched: 0/29