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18th July {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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maam thanks or this i need to read 2016 india year book for 2018 attempt?
Mohanjeet Sahoo
3 years ago
i m also need 2016. if you get mail me plz..
sir, this move of specifying the relevance of the news with UPSC syllabus will be very helpful for. Thanks a lot for making this innovative measure. plzz continue it
yes sir///please continue thank you
thank you so much sir.... we appreciate the change u made for provide us better understanding of particular topic regarding gs papers....
yes sir...plz continue this practice of telling which question is imp for which paper... thank you ..
as a fresher I m able to have a holistic view regarding mains paperwise analysis this change is extremely beneficial in all aspects your efforts just leave me speechless !! keep up the brilliant work
  1. Make lynching a separate Trump faces fire Aelanoxnshyps ysSCjndge offence, SC tells Parliament for Puin summit Bench terms killings horrendous molocrac ' tels gnt. to take preventive stesO aa Accusedof compromising US interests csusowowT and conmol the speeado saulted Court on Tuendaymoan was alingndly od in the ne between the to in hig achad leads and ber in West mals Brennan denouncedM watcig the dentin of handradhud erved The e Stary of sp Sanghi's MCQ Digest 18th July, 2018 The Hindu +The Indian Express +PIB + others

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  5. Make lynching a separate offence, SC tells Parliament Bench terms killings horrendous mobocracy': tells govt. to take preventive steps RESIENADAS RAJAGOPAL Asking whether the people of India have lost their tole rance for one another, the Supreme Court on Tuesday condemned the recent spate There has been an unfortunate litam assaulted take law into their ofspiralling mob uiolkence hands and cannot hecomeTaramoni Roy, a district that compels us to rellect aw unto themseves whethera great RepublicHorrendous acts ol as horrendous and told to male ynching vice-president of the BJP, was allegedly involved in the assault of a mentally challenged woman by locas on suspicion of being a child ifter in West Bengals Jalpaiguri district late on Monday night Denying the ike ours has lost the values of tolerance Paper III- Linkages between development and spread of extremism acts of mobocracy" kahsrasy have tobe curbed wish iroa hands a separate offence. Law may not be able to make a man kove The 45 page judgment, by Bench led by im,but it can Lvp the Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, wonders whether the populace of a great Repu blic like ours has lost the va lues of tolerance to sustain a diverse cuture? man from ynching themsches in hnchingcharge, BIP district chictf a perception that a crime Debasish Chakraborty said She was trying to save the woman from being saulted. A case of attempt to murder was registered, the police said.PAGE I Paper IV Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude has been committed The recent litany of spi ralling mob violence, their I horror, the grim and grue some scenes of lynchings are made worse by the apathy of tbe bystanders, numbness of sid the primary obliga next four weeks. Lynchings wrong number mute spectators, inertia of tion of the government is to cannot become the order of the police and, finally, the protect all individuals irres the day, the court sald grandstanding of the inci pecthe of race, caste, cass The judgment refers to Maharashtra government as dent by the perpetrators of or religion. "Crime knows no submissions by senior advo part of its campaign against the crimes on social media, religion and neither the per cate Indira Jaising, for peti lynching asked the people to Chief Justice Misra wrote. petrator nor the victim can tioner Tehseen Poonawall dalthe helpline numbers Essay Right move, A poster brought out by the be viewed through the lens about self-styled viglantes lsted torepot rumour and Beware of the monster f race, caste, class or reli brazenly targeting Dalks and fake news. The phones that Describing lynchings and gon, "the court observed. minority community mem started ringing incessantly mob violence as "creepingIt directed several preven- bers in Maharashtra, Guja were those of some threats", the court warned tive, remedial and punitive rat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pra constables of the that the rising wave of fren measures to deal with lynch desh, Haryana, Kamataka, Government Railway Police. zied mobs - fed by fake ng and mob violence. Itar- Madhya Pradesh, ,amrnu It was "an inadvertent news, self professed morali dered the Centre and the and Kashmir and Delhi. ty and false stories- would States to implement the consume the country like a measures and file con- uwlS PRACTISEDIN COURT typhoon ike monster. mistake and a priting error, senior officials said. The poster was wihdrawn piance reports within the NOTON THE STREETS PAGE Timmiaely. PAGE T FRONT PAGE-THE HINDU

  6. KRISHNADAS RAJAGOPAL NEW DELH The limited role, if any, of a vigilante is to report an inci- dent to the police and not be come the law and punisher himself, the Supreme Court observed on Tuesday A citizen is accountable to the law, which gives him wings to realise his aspira tions. In return, the law de- mands the citizen to pay it When vigilantes involve themselves in lynchings or any other brutalities, they put their accountability to the law on the ventilator Paper III- Linkages between development and spread of extremism KILL A HUMAN BEING for a cow as I will not kil a cow for a human Paper IV- Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude This is how the Supreme Court explained the relation ship bet ween the citizen and the law, and how vigilantism and lynchings destroy the Against a menace: In this file picture, people participate in a candlelight vigil in New Delhi in very "majesty of law." Essay memory of a lynching victim AP The court held that it is ev ery person's duty to protect man dignity of another, for No act of acitizen ntohis own hands on the lives and human rights. No such an action would coma act of a citizen is to be ad tose the majesty of law," the judged by any kind of com judgment by Chief Justice Di- munity under the guise of pak Misra for a threejudge protectors of law is to be adjudged fancy of his shallow spirit of judgment. What the law pro- community underlawful means; that is the fun by any kind of vides may be taken away by the guise of protectors ofla Bench observed. damental concept of law. No There cannot be a right one is entitled to shake the "They vigilantes] forget foundation," the Chief Jus than the right to live Self styled vigilantes with dignity and further to The government cannot a th the administration of ce wrote. Any "external be treated with humaneness low self-styled vigilantes to law is conferred on the law forces" who assume the role that the law provides... No take over from law enforce enforcing agencies and no of protectors are criminals, citizen can assault the hu ment agencies one is allowed to take the law the judgment observed ELEVENTH PAGE THE HINDU [continued]

  7. Plants may soon create own fertilizer from thin air: study Scientists want to transfer a key trait of nitrogen-fixing bacteria into plants Paper IlI Science and Technology - developments and their applications and effects in everyday life Achievements of Indians in science & technology; indigenization of technology and developing new technology tfix nitrogen at night, after re- moving most of the oxygen created during photosynthe sis through respiration, re PRESS TRUST OF INDIA WA SIII NGT ON It may soon be possible to engineer plants that can de- lop their own fertilizer by searchers said using atmospheric nitrogen to create chlorophyll for photosynthesis, according to a team of Indian-origin re searchers in the U.S. The research team took the genes from Cyanothece, responsible for this day night mechanism, and put them into another type of cyanobacteria, Synechocys tis, to coax it into fixing ni- The researchers fromm Washington University in St. Louis engineered a bacteria Green team: The scientists who are studying nitrogen-fixing that uses photosynthesis to bacteria at the Pakrasi lab. .WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY IN ST. LOUIS create oxygen during the trogen from the air too. The next steps for the Paper Ill- Awareness in the field bio-technology team are to dig deeper into day, and at night, uses nitroagriculture and the health of can fix nitrogen from the air, the details of the process gen to create chlorophyll for the planet, according to there is a subset of cyano- perhaps narrow down even further the subset of genes Maitrayee The bacteria used in this necessry for nitrogen scientists Himadri Pakrasi Bhattacharyya. Gene manipulation photosynthesis. bacteria that is able to do so. The research, published and in the journal mBio, could eliminate the use of some human-made fertilizer, research, Cyanothece, is able to fix nitrogen because it has a circadian rhythm. fixation The team will then collab- orate with other plant scien- which has a high environ- Washington University's Cyanothece photosynthe tists to apply the lessons Pakrasi lab based its re- sise during the day, convert learned from this study to search on the fact that, alth ough there are no plants that mental cost. This discovery could have revolutionary effect ing sunlight to the chemical energy they use as fuel, and the next level: developing ni- trogen-fixing plants. a on EIGHTEENTH PAGETHE HINDU

  8. 09:23 unacademy Login Signup Indian Polity & Governance (Prelims + Mains) Ayussh Sanghi 180k followers In this Course, Ayussh Sanghi will cover all the topics related to Polity (for Prelims) & Governance (for Mains). Looking at past year analysis of Prelims and Mains - static and dynamic blend requires an updated approach for preparation. It becomes difficult for aspirants to prepare due to the vast syllabus and a plethora of recommended books/ content. This course has been designed in such a fashion that you get a clarity of: The Analytical part which is extremely important for Mains (Governance) through topic explanation and Answer Writing to test your skill/ learning & The Conceptual as well as Factual details important for Prelims. The focus will also be on key analytical areas with utmost clarity where students face difficulty in understanding and which have a high probability of being asked in UPSC exams. The content is prepared from the 10,300 Includes 18% GST Apply for this Plus Course 9 Last date to apply is 31st July In HIGH DEMAND Cost increases on 15th July.