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12th + 13th August {Part 1} (in Hindi)
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Sir can you please guide me about what you mean by "subah ke analysis me humne dekha". Sir what is this about. can you please tell so that I can look for it also.?
Jatin Verma
2 years ago
Wadhwana Dhruvi
2 years ago
Thank you sir.
Sir, the audio and the ppt are not matching, showing something but reading something different altogether.
sir the audio is not in line with the video and video ends in the middle.
sir plzzz economy k hindi m video series bnaiye..
kya ho rha hai voice and pdf are different
Vikram Kumar
a year ago
sir telegram channel kese join kre
  1. Set up panel to study conditiots of children Sarabhai centenary aunch TV channc Somnath (Chatterjee saffers heart attack condition critical who lhe in prsons S KEAR Centre comes to Kerala's aid Ahead of Khalistan rally'. seijhrian India announces Guru fete Rainath announces 2100 crore as imediate relief.terms situation serious Move is secn as counter to the demonstration in London Singh on Sunday en flood vaged Kerala and an- braced for another ngel of n aflet a fresh w the Bay of Benpl es boll in the o counter to the allh, bed ty a LLS based goup. had been sbe tor Ring drug abuse The Union Minste'sn the fet rsps the Response Fund The Cef " he pro-h rally ss the UX partidgatnd ndia, ook place in Ta reded the terally drnganaereurveyofthe food.fected weavinKenal.on Sunday. "r* eares sanctioned t8) cnreauateretothe Sta" meda that Centre was were daugnt andpower evdenn by aa tremno wver, sad people had a amd tight serwty: The Square and yup ter, num outits .th -...ta espe tundreds bmeless and ed i the y fe enond since 1524. Theud 10000 people hd menrom be Satiotal Disa Sanghi's MCQ Digest 12th & 13th August, 2018 The Hindu +The Indian Express +PIB + others

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  3. PART 1 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST


  5. Q Consider the following statements about the 2017 India-China border standoff or the Doklam standoff: It is an area comprising a plateau and a valley at the tri-junction between India, Bhutan and China 1. The area is disputed between China and India located near their tri-junction with Bhutan 2. 3. It is strategically located close to the Siliguri Corridor or Chicken's Neck, which connects mainland India with its north-eastern region Which among the statements given above is/are correct? a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 1 and 3 only d) 1, 2 and 3 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  6. Tharoor gives Doklam report to govt Meets Sushma as Standing Committee's report could not be tabled in Parliament sources said, BJP members had a series of objections and did not let the panel dations of the panel but with the testimonies of MEA and Defence Ministry officials, which were candid and ma- ny of them unflattering to- wards the government," a Committee member said. timonies from the MEA and the Defence Ministry con tradict each other. Both sides, however, agreed that there was a build-up of Chi nese troops at the other side of the border. SOBHANA K NAIR NEW DELHI Chairman of the Standing Committee on External Af adopt the draft report irs Shashi Tharoor on Fri day met External Affairs Mi- nister Sushma Swaraj to 'No objections' According to sources, Mr. resolve the stand-off over the Tharoor submitted the re The report contains test Sources told The Hindu panel's report on the Dok- port to the Ministry of Exter monies of former Foreign Se that Mr. Tharoor had ex lam crisis. nal Affairs to give the govern cretary S. Jaishankar, pre plained the entire situation The panel failed to table ment an opportunity to sent Foreign Secretary Vijay to Ms. Swaraj. The MEA wil the report in the just-con- study it before tabling it in Gokhale, Defence Secretary study and, if need be, redact luded monsoon session, Parliament. "It seems that Sanjay Mitra and former Ar the "problematic" portions. though it had met on August the ruling party has no ob- my chief General Deepak Ka 7 and 9. At both meetings, jections with the recommen poor (retd.). In parts, the tes CONTINUED ON PAGE 10 FRONT PAGE THE HINDU [Sunday

  7. Doklam Standoff . Doklam, or Donglang in Chinese, is an area spread over less than a 100 sq km comprising a plateau and a valley at the tri-junction between India, Bhutan and China. It is surrounded by the Chumbi Valley of Tibet, Bhutan's Ha Valley and Sikkim. It is an area disputed between China and Bhutan located near their tri- junction with India. Despite several rounds of engagement between China and Bhutan, the dispute between the two over Doklam has not been resolved. It flared up in 2017 when the Chinese were trying to construct a road in the area, and Indian troops, in aid of their Bhutanese counterparts, objected to it, resulting in the stand-off. .Doklam is strategically located close to the Siliguri Corridor, which connects mainland India with its north-eastern region. The corridor, also called Chicken's Neck, is a vulnerable point for India. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  8. CHINA Dokalam Plateau Sikkim Doka La Thimpu Gangtok. Nathu La BHUTAN Kalimpong Darjeeling Siliguri

  9. Q Consider the following statements about the 2017 India-China border standoff or the Doklam standoff: It is an area comprising a plateau and a valley at the tri-junction between India, Bhutan and China 1. The area is disputed between China and India located near their tri-junction with Bhutan 2. 3. It is strategically located close to the Siliguri Corridor or Chicken's Neck, which connects mainland India with its north-eastern region Which among the statements given above is/are correct? a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 1 and 3 only d) 1, 2 and 3 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST


  11. Q Consider the following statements about the regional grouping, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC): 1. The Secretariat of the Association is set up in Dhaka, Bangladesh 2. Afghanistan, Maldives and Nepal are part of the grouping 3. Indian financial assistance to SAARC members has doubled in the past five years Which among the statements given above is/are correct? a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 only c) 1 and 3 only d) 2 and 3 only CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  12. Tight-fisted neighbour? Indian aid to SAARC nations falls Going by govemment data. assistance fell from 59286 crore for 2013-14 to ?3.4836 crore for 2017 l& but Maldives has been an outlier, despite the dip in ties Dip in tions) before he retired. share of Indian assistance, Both our major projects the assistance required for the Salma dam and the Af major hydroelectric power ghanistan Pariament-were plants lke Punatsanghchu 1 done and handed over [in and 2 and Mangdechu has this period), so there is a nat. been disbursed 7590%, sakl ural tapering until we under oticials, while Indian ass is- take the next major project tance to Bhutan's Ilth five each financial year, basedon Maldives, has been dipping since 2013. Aid to Bangladesh dropped by the largest margin (87%) India's financial assistance to launched itstenure with the financial aid SAARC neighbours declined "Neighbourhood First" slo- the progress in execution considerably in the past fve gan The one exception was aligned with project imple years, a reply by the govern the Maldives, to which In mentation cycle. Time lines ment in Parliament this week dian assistance has been con fixed for projects vary, and 1.000 The startling figures were year since 2013, despite the consultations with host go revealed in the Lok Sabha in dip in bilateral ties. The Mal vernments and ground answer to a question wheth dives is the only country of sitsation reasons for the decline was many projects had been ly. In Sri Lanka, the decline India had completed pro thegrouping that Prime Mi However, officials gave a jects committed to countries nister Narendra Modi has not number of explanations for in the nelghbourhood. Minis yetvisited, and despite rising the downtrend. "Our com ter of State for External Af tensions bet ween New Delhi mitment to the neighbour- fairs V.K. Singh submitted a and Male over the conduct of hood has never been as chart of India's grant assis elections this year and the strong," said an Indian dipo tance (GA), or projects crackdown on the Oppos mat now serving in the re nanced through a grant, to tion parties by President Ab gion, explaining that the GA was explained by delays hood, and there were fewer homes to be built by India in projects started in the perlod the plantation areas, though In Afghanistan, India has in the north and east of the rather than the ambitious three main projects in Mal started in 2008-09. In Ban the refit of MNDF ship Hura- d acquisition for the Ak Defence Ministry building is Amar Sinha, who was also pleted. In Bhutan, which has er toan other wise declining shifted to work on small de island has been completed velopment projects (SDPs)India is still complet highways, dams and big dives: a police academy epal, Sri Lanka and Banga cial strongly denied the con 19 were expected to be high- to absorb the additional aid, building projects that were These lines of credittention that the declining f er for each of the countries headded. are given at the minimal in terest rates of 1.2%, the oth, showed a faggin Involved. The Nepal in These [trends] are main adesh, the main grant for ver. An offer to build a ed, the Ex- interest in the 2017-18 was 303.26 crore. ly related to project cycles for instance, and was expect Maldives, Nepal and Sri ternal Affairs Ministry de ca explained, compared neighbourhood policy. The Significantly, the drop for comment. In its reply in Par, at 6.7%. concurred the clined to make any formal with loans offered by official sald financial assis ed to rise this year to 2650 bassador to Afghanistanproject has now been com the Maldives alone is the o crore, provided the govern ment in Kathmandu was able most Secretary Economic Rela always received the largest trend in neighbourhood aid. ELEVENTH PAGE- THE HINDU



  15. Farm Loan Waivers Essentially, the Centre or States take over the liability of farmers and repay the banks. Waivers are usually selective - only certain loan types, categories of farmers or loan sources may qualify. For instance, in 2008, crop loans and investment loans were waived for marginal and small farmers (those with less than 2 hectares of land ownership); other farmers were only given a 25 per cent reduction. When nature rides roughshod over debt-ridden farmers in the form of erratic monsoon and crop failures, they face grim options. Indebtedness is a key reason for the many farmer suicides in the country. Loan waivers provide some relief to farmers in such situations, but there are debates about the long-term effectiveness of the measure. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  16. Farm Loan Waivers . Critics demand making agriculture sustainable by reducing inefficiencies, increasing income, reducing costs and providing protection through insurance schemes They point out that farm loan waivers are at best a temporary solution and entail a moral hazard - even those who can afford to pay may not, in the expectation of a waiver. . Such measures can erode credit discipline and may make banks wary of lending to farmers in the future. It also makes a sharp dent in the finances of the government that finances the write-off. But farmers can decide the fortunes of political parties, and politicians are wary of antagonising them. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  17. Q - Which among the following are the possible disadvantages of farm loan waivers? 1. Entails a moral hazard increasing a culture of indiscipline among borrowers 2. Undermines the fiscal health of state governments 3. Makes banks wary of lending to farmers Select from the code given below: a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 1 and 3 only d) 1.2 and 3 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  18. Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) FDI occurs when an investor based in one country (the home country) acquires an asset in another country (the host country) with the interest to manage the asset. The company investing in this country also usually transfers assets such as technology, management and marketing. Further, the investing company seeks the power to exercise control over decision making in a foreign enterprise the extent of which has to vary according to its equity participation In India, foreign affiliate means a subsidiary company or an associate in which investors owns a total of at least 10%, but not more than half of shareholders voting power. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  19. Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) Since 1991, the regulatory environment for foreign investment has consistently been eased to make it investor-friendly, making India one of the fastest- growing economies of the world. FDI inflows, top 10 host economies, in 2016 (Billions of dollars) (9-2015 ranking United States (1) 391 348 It has been ranked (9th in terms of FDI -254 United Kingdom (14) China (4) Hong Kong, China (3) Netherlands (7) 33 inflows) among the top attractive destinations for inbound investments 134 138 108174 92 69 The Gol with intent to attract and promote FDI has put Singapore (s) Brazil a Australia (16) India (10) Russian Federation (25) 71 in place a policy framework on FDI which is transparent, predictable and easily comprehensible. 48 20162015 Developing and The Gol through Department of Industrial Policy & 38 2016 2015 Promotion (DIPP) formulates a consolidated FDI Policy Source: UNCTAD F/MNE datobose (www.unctod,orglfoistortizticeks on a yearly basis which is a defined framework for FDI CAyussh Sanghi's MCQDIGEST

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