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14th August {Part 1} (in Hindi)
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superb course mam..thanqq
Sir, My Friend is working in Indias No.1 Biggest Govt. bank, she is being sexually harrassed by one of the male counterpart trying touch her in uncomfortable places she is tried to avoid in many cases but she cant keep on going like this everyday, what should she do now ? Please suggest
  1. TURSDAY AUCUST 2018 THE HINDU 10.00 27 killed as rains pound north India heany howers forecast today BJP chief Amit Shah backs simultaneoE electionms Page 0 Iran's supreme leader Khamenci rejects Trumps offer of talks age 12 Brooks Koepla keeps his cool. clinches PGA Champlonship sitle Foge % Kejriwal charged in assault case Somnath chatteriee Delhi police name CM.his deputy in the case of alleged attack on Chief Secretary in February Former Lok Sabhaa trum hi cy z anSpeaker was ailing ence is commited by any for two months Arraigned: AAP's 13 THE CHARGE The Delhi polce on Moed A team bead by Assed away on Monday tional DC tnort Singh had quetoned Mr. sedby hie wik, o The probe ageocy Ned the chargesheet in the cart ef hous at his denceMr. Chterjee had been es from valous polzxal ater a Del cout hd m and was undr treatment pial Somnah Chatherjee ments. He was pboed on ines MP and kemer Lok ehe acopyof the statement passed away a gj5am, mim," Chief Minister Mb ONLINE ecuned perions om dar pat Kallash Galke, Gopal Rai, kindra Pal Gao hrf Minater and thr Deputy Chad 3liai". Gupta, Mabn lal, Prana "anar and tanh Molanta A cording to the STR. thr darge dreted, inong er okncnfor critial i mabatian tsoa mnal Beidnthe tothe perion whosestate- ment it ha. worded .. the due to mude ple organ tal- hav," QkSPraerp tandon on behald ol the honpita etoldjournul mataBa ists after her whit. hwe termed theehargeset med as many a AAPlted at the camp office at Mr. Keyluheesidence at cntiing any peron MLAaasacoased , the char, India rejects UK. proposal on JNU student Umar Khalid attacked Pune tops Sanghi's MCQ Digest 14th August, 2018 The Hindu +The Indian Express +PIB + others

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  3. PART 1 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST


  5. Q - Consider the following statements about the Ease of Living Index: 1. It was launched by the Ministry of Finance in January 2018 2. Each city is given a score between 0 and 100 3. The 2018 Ease of Living Index assessed 111 cities in which Pune ranked first Which among the statements given above is/are correct? a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 1 and 3 only d) 1, 2 and 3 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  6. Pune tops Ease of Living index; Patna ranked lowest of II1 cities provide any data on those information from data reflects ability to provide data incaostarved urban local bodUan delights as much as actual performance "If Delhi is showing zero in any category, it probably Complex administration Mumbai, Pune & Tirupati scored high on 'Ease of Living Index: Chennai's and Hyderabad's ratings were above avg. while Bengaluru and New Delhi scored poorly were unable or unwilling to means that no data was gi Particular complications provide data received low ven for any indicator under were seen in indicators such that category," a consortium as health -where local go member told The Hindu, ex vernments did not have ac- plaining that urban local bo- cess to data from private For example, New Delhi has dies had been required to hospitals. The consortium score of "zero" on indica respond to 553 questions in assisted cities in plugging tors regarding inclusive 15different categories under the data gap with regard to PRISCILLAJERARA ns ree cities in Maharashtra scores Navi Mumbai Pune Pune, Navi Mumbai and Greater Mumbai - top the Data deficient first Ease of Living Index brought out by the Union Mi a nistry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The national capital, housing and mixed land use the four parameters New Delhi, is ranked 65 and compactness, and eleasing the Index, "If cities are not able to40 Chennai among II1 cities, while Chen score of just 0.12 on econo Housing and Urban Deve provide data, how will they ent Minister Hardeep be able to plan and use their did not participate in the This does not mean that Singh Puri said the ranking resources wel? The first the capital actually performs marks "a shift to a data-dri- thing they need to learn is to nai is in 14th place, Kolkata my and employment. Bengaluru A city's ranking reflects its so poorly on these indica ven approach to urban plan get their data ecosystem ability to provide data, as tors, according to members ning and management. He aligned," pointed out a con well as its actual perfor of the consortium which car said future editions of the In sortium member mance on four different pa- ried out the survey and pro- dex m ay also incorporate d rameters institutions or duced the Index for the go- tizen and stakeholder feed- governance, social indica vernment. Instead, it back rather than relying on tors, economic indicators probably means that the government data alone. and physical infrastructure, NDMC and the three Minici _A consortium member Senior Ministry officials told pal Corporations which gov admitted that it was a chal The Hindu that cities which The other cities in the top 10 include Tirupati. Chandi- garh, Thane, Raipur, Indore, Vijayawada and Bhopal. The three cities at the bottom of the rankings are Rampur CITY'S POPULATION (LOG SCALE ern the city simply failed to lenge to collect some of this Kohima and Patna. SEVENTH PAGE THE HINDU

  7. Ease of Living Index The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) launched the Ease of Living' Index in January 2018 to help cities systematically assess themselves against global and national benchmarks and encourage them to shift towards an outcome-based' approach to urban planning and management. The key objective of the Ease of Living Index is to: - Generate information to assist evidence-based planning; Catalyse actions to achieve broader development outcomes including the Sustainable Development Goals; Assess outcomes achieved from various urban policies and schemes; and - Serve as a basis for dialogue between citizens and urban decision makers CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  8. Ease of Living Index The Ease of Living Index captures the breadth of the quality of life in cities across 4 pillars and 15 categories using 78 indicators, of which 56 are core indicators and 22 are supporting indicators. The core indicators measure those aspects of ease of living which are considered 'essential urban services. The supporting indicators are used to measure adoption of innovative practices which are considered desirable for enhancing ease of living. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  9. Powor Safoty & Security Assured Water Transportation & Mobility Supply Supply Institutional Educatiorn Health Governance Social IT Identity & culture Solid Wasto Managoment Public Open Spaces Housing & Inclusiveness Economic Physical Economy& Mixed Land Use Roducod Pollution Waste Water Management &Compactness 4 Pillars 15 Categories

  10. Ease of Living Index . Each city is given a score between 0 and 100. The score that a city receives is based on its performance on each indicator under that pillar, and the level of importance i.e., the weight assigned to each pillar and indicator. The pillar weights, are as follows: Institutional (25 points) Social (25 points) Economy and Employment (5 points) Physical (45 points). A core indicator carries 70% weightage while a supporting indicator carries 30% weightage. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  11. 05 10 08 07 06 03 o 02 04 TOP 10 CITIES

  12. Q - Consider the following statements about the Ease of Living Index: 1. It was launched by the Ministry of Finance in January 2018 2. Each city is given a score between 0 and 100 3. The 2018 Ease of Living Index assessed 111 cities in which Pune ranked first Which among the statements given above is/are correct? a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 1 and 3 only d) 1, 2 and 3 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  13. Disclose panels on sexual harassment, companies told Rules amended by Corporate Affairs Ministry India (SEBD to incorporate this disclosure in the report on corporate governance of various companies so that there is a higher responsibil- ity on the Directors of these Companies to implement aneka Sanjay ok, New D JAGRITI CHANDRA NEW DELH In order to ensure better im- plementation of the law against sexual harassment at workplace, the Centre has the Act. Under the Sexual Harass ment at Workplace Act, it is mandatory for any organisa- tion with 10 or more em- panies to disclose whether Maneka Gandhi called ita poyees to constitute an ICC they have constituted an in step towards making the Anemployer who doesn't do ternal complaints commit workplace safe for women. so could face a fine of up to made it mandatory for com tee dicc) to probe such 50,000 The new clause says that An ICC should consist of a the report will have to conpresiding officer, who is a tain "a statement that the woman employee at a senior The Corporate Affairs Minis Company has complied with level in the same organisa- try has amended the Com- provisions relating to the tion, at least two employees panies (Accounts) Rules,constitution of Internal preferably committed to 2014, governed by the Com Complaints Committee un the cause of women", anda panies Act, 2013, mandating der the Sexual Harassment member from an NGO or a the disclosure. This has been of Women at Workplace person "familiar with issues Rules amended a long-standing demand Prevention, Prohibition and relating from Minister for Women Redressa) Act, 2013. and ChildI neka Gandhi. to Ma- Ms. Gandhi called the The amended rules were notified on July 31. It adds a clause to a rule on matters that should be part of the Board's report. move a "major step towards making the workplace safe for the women in the private sector." She added that she will be requesting regulator Security Exchange Board of Like civil court The committee would have powers similar to those of a civil court and would have to complete its inquiry within 90 days. FRONT PAGE AND TENTH PAGE-THE HINDU

  14. Q - Which among the statements given below is/are not correct about the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013 The Act superseded the Vishakha Guidelines for prevention of sexual harassment introduced by the Supreme Court 1. The Act makes it mandatory for every employer to constitute an internal complaints committee (ICC) which entertains the complaints made by any aggrieved women 2. Select from the code given below: a) 1 only b) 2 only c) Both 1 and 2 d) Neither 1 nor 2 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  15. Q - Which among the statements given below is not correct about the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT)? a) It was originally prepared by India in 1996 b) One of the objectives of CCIT is to have a universal definition of terrorisnm c) The CCIT was recently signed and ratified by all the members of United Nations d) All the statements are correct CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  16. Terror, reforms raised with top UN official Visiting team meets Modi, Sushma KALLOL BHATTACHERJEE NEW DELH Ahead of the convening of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, India has indicated that the campaign rism," said the MEA in an of ficial press release, follovw ing the meeting between the delegations of the Minister and the UN president. Ms. Garces, the fourth against global terrorism will woman president in the his be on top of its UN agenda tory of the largest organ of External Affairs Minister the UN interacted with Ms. Sushma Swaraj conveyed In- Swaraj and Prime Minister dia's concerns regarding the Narendra Modi during her issue to the visiting UNGA four-day visit. president Maria Fernando In n interaction at the In- Espinosa Garces, who main- dian Council of World Af tained that there is not yet a fairs (ICWA), she said India's consensus among the mem- demand for expansion of ber-states about the defini the UNSC had featured in tion of terrorism. the discussion with the Prime Minister and indicat ed that she would try to UNSC reforms "The External Affairs Minis- build consensus among all ter emphasised the need for UN member-states regard UN Security Council (UNSC ing issues such as expansion reforms, especially contin- of the UNSC and counter- uation of the Inter-Govern- terrorism mental Negotiations, aswell Ms. Garces said she will as early finalisation of the appoint two co-facilitators Comprehensive Convention to help her address reform International Terro- issues. TENTH PAGE- THE HINDU

  17. Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism The CCIT is a proposed treaty which intends to criminalise all forms of international terrorism and deny terrorists, their financiers and supporters access to funds, arms, and safe havens. It was first proposed by India in 1996 at the height of Pakistan's proxy war in Kashmir. It provides a legal framework which makes it binding on all signatories to deny funds and safe havens to terrorist groups. The original draft had the following objectives: To have a universal definition of terrorism that all 193-members of the UNGA will adopt into their own criminal lavw To ban all terror groups and shut down terror camps To prosecute all terrorists under special laws To make cross-border terrorism an extraditable offence worldwide. OAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  18. Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism Despite India's efforts to push a global intergovernmental convention to tackle terrorism, the conclusion and ratification of the CCIT remains deadlocked, mainly due to opposition from three main blocs - the US, the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC), and the Latin American countries. All three have objections over the "definition of terrorism" (the most divisive of the issues) and seek exclusions to safeguard their strategic interests. For example, the OIC wants exclusion of national liberation movements, especially in the context of Israel-Palestinian conflict. The US wanted the draft to exclude acts committed by military forces of states during peacetime. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST