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25th July {Mains Perspective} (in Hindi)
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Ma'am can we get these notes/ppt?
You can download these slides from Unacademy learner’s app .
I HAVE A CONFUSION! an article of the hindu have following statement regarding excluding the WB CM from lokayukta purview in matters of public order "The Bill said that the provisions of excluding Chief Minister is in line with the provisions contained in the proviso to section 41 (1) (a) of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013. The legislators said that the particular section of the Central Act refers to excluding Prime Minister from the purview of investigation of the Lokpal." SIR PLEASE EXPLAIN that if PM is not excluded then y lokayukta bill of wb excluded cm and on what behalf? just hope u understand what i am asking because even i am confused🤔🙄
Ravi Ranjan
a year ago
The Indian Girl
a year ago
nothing resolved🙄question is still troubling me.
Ravi Ranjan
a year ago
WB assembly has amended section 8A to keep CM out of Lokayukta. Hope this helps.
Such an amazing,, cool,,, clear and excellent,, explanation by ayush sir only
गुरु पूर्णिमा के अवसर पर महान गुरु को नमन करते हैं।
Very very thaankful to you sir.
sir 26,27, 28 july ???
  1. SC pulls up Centre for its d appointing a Lokpal Tripartite fight YPLAYERS dTerms progress wholly unsatisfactory; tels counsel to file aftidavit on progress over plan towed Hnd 1 long drawn 2011 342 :. Let Supreme Court Judge mmalproud. db p mn Sanghi's MCQ Digest 25th July, 2018 The Hindu +The Indian Express +PIB + others

  2. Follow me: YouTube Youtube Channel- Ayussh Sanghi Tube Telegram Channel -ASanglhi Facebook Page - @ CAAyussh Sanghi OAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  3. PART - 2 CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  4. 12:59 a unacademV Indian Polity & Governance (Prelims + Mains) Ayussh Sanghi 181k followers In this Course, Ayussh Sanghi will cover all the topics related to Polity (for Prelims) & Governance (for Mains). Looking at past year analysis of Prelims and Mains - static and dynamic blend requires an updated approach for preparation. It becomes difficult for aspirants to prepare due to the vast syllabus and a plethora of recommended books/ content. This course has been designed in such a fashion that you get a clarity of: The Analytical part which is extremely important for Mains (Governance) through topic explanation and Answer Writing to test your skill/ learning & The Conceptual as well as Factual details important for Prelims. The focus will also be on key analytical areas with utmost clarity where students face difficulty in understanding and which have a high probability of being asked in UPSC exams. The content is prepared from the vital sources- Laxmikant, NCERT XI, XII & Subhash Kashyap, Governance topics from Rajni Goyal & Arora, 2nd ARC Reports and important government documents. Tips will be given to continue updating for Governance & P the current oriented part to streamline yo preparation aft Il the exam

  5. Q - Which among the statements given below is/are not correct about the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013? a) The Act allows setting up of anti-corruption ombudsman called Lokpal at the Centre and Lokayukta at the State-level b) The Lokpal will cover all categories of public servants except the President, Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers c) A five-member panel selects the Lokpal which includes, among others, the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha d) All the statements are correct CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST


  7. Q Match the following tiger reserves with the states to which they belong: Tiger Reserve I. Satkosia Tiger Reserve Il. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve Ill. Bandipur Tiger Reserve State to which it belongs A. Karnataka B. Odisha C. Madhya Pradesh Which among the following options is correct? a) I-C, I-B, III-A b) I-B, Il-A, II-C c) I-A, I-B, IlI-C d) I-B, Il-C, IlI-A CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  8. Bandipur roadkill comes down, thanks to ban on night traffic SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT MYSURU There is a significant reduc tion in the number of road kill in Bandipur ever since the ban on night traffic through the tiger reserve was introduced in 2009 There were as many as 93 wildlife deaths from 2004 to 2009 before the ban orn night traffic on the two na tional highways cutting A file photo of vehicles entering the Bandipur Tiger Reserve through the tiger reseearly in the morning, after the restriction period one connecting Gundlupet and Wayanad, and the other Tiger Reserve connecting Gundlupet and Ambadi Madhav, Director, ber of animals being killed Ooty was introduced. steady decline in the num- Bandipur Tiger Reserve, said by speeding vehicles, he The number declined to there were as many as 32 said. Statistics indicate that 34 between 2010 and 2018 deaths in 2004, which n eight animals have died in once the ban came into ef creased to 41 in 2007. But the last four years and only fect, as per the statistics once the ban on night traffic one death was reported in maintained by the Bandipur came into effect, there was a 2016 FIFTH PAGE-THE HINDU


  10. Satkosia Tiger Reserve Located in the Angul district of Odisha . Area of 988.30 km2 Located where the Mahanadi River passes through a 22 km long gorge in the Eastern Ghats mountains Located in the Eastern Highlands moist deciduous forests ecoregion Saktosia Tiger Reserve was designated in 2007, and comprises the Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary and the adjacent Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary River Mahanadi in Satkosia CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  11. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve . Popular national park in India located in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh Declared a national park in 1968, with an area of 105 km2. Derives its name from the most prominent hillock of the area, which was said to be given by Lord Rama to his brother Lakshmana to keep a watch on Lanka. Hence the name Bandhavgarh which in Sanskrit means Brother's Fort. A core area of 694 km2 was established including the previously named ranges and the Panpatha Sanctuary along with a buffer area of 437 km2 which was declared as the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  12. Bandipur Tiger Reserve Established in 1974 as a tiger reserve under Project Tiger Located in the south Indian state of Karnataka, which is the state with the highest tiger population in India . Once a private hunting reserve for the Maharaja of the Kingdom of Mysore but has now been upgraded to Bandipur Tiger Reserve . Known for its wildlife and has many types of biomes, but dry deciduous forest is dominant Nagarhole National Park Mudumalai National Park +Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve CAyussh Sanghi's MCQ DIGEST

  13. Lok Sabha passes anti-graft amendment Bill It provides for jail terms to public officials taking bribes and those offering illegal gratification Paper Il - Important aspects of governance, transparency and accountability, e- governance- applications, models, successes limitations, and potential; citizens charters transparency & accountability and institutional and other measures jan Chowdhury, while sup porting the Bill, said despite the government's claim of corruption-free govemance there had been manys legations, including the mul- ti-core Rafale deal, bank frauds by Nirav Modi, Mehu Choksi and Vijay Mallya The Lok Sabha on Tuesday of Bill, 2018 that seeks to pun- ish bribe-givers and bribe Bribery takers. Pre-investigationSancioe fon The Bill provides for jail terms of three to seven ears, besides fine, to those e Only be two fornms of crimiWhat is new Giving a bribe is now an ffence, punishable bya 7-year prison term Section introduced They talk about zero tole Misappropriation of proper for Special Court ty entrusted to public servantunder this Act to on icted of taking bribes Except when one is forced wu pron nd those offeringtguthory agor proval of relevant (except when caught done while in office attach and confiscatebut the realit to give a bribe. But it should be reported within seven ly opposite. There is maxi prevention guidelines for sanction The Bill also extends the ambit of public servants wobe is termed "und What it was There were five kinds omitted ones are taking bribe Decision on request This was not done gratfication other than months, which may be provision in the Act, but under a 1944 Sena's charge But the sharpest attack came from Shiv Sena member Ar vind Sawant who tore into the Modi government over demonetisation and grand There is also a provision noNospecitic provision, to get prior permission for except as abetment Court for another without public serving officers only has prompted many to say that the law has been "di luted from its original draft. It could einmpower the publicProtection formerty but happens if citizen's report This is to protect public This helps avoid a Paper II - Role of civil services in a democracy Paper IV- Probity in Governance: Challenges of corruption decisions Erier it was a He alleged that the "BIP used investigating agencies The Bill, cleared by the Rajya unanimously by the Lower been provided to ensure that In a departure from the seven days House after debating for honest officers were not inti earlier anti-corruption lw, However, taking note fMany members who took party.He also asked wheth als and make them join their midated by false complaints. the current law makes a dis the concerns raised by many part in the debate stressed er the elections rallies of the Minister of State for Per "For any corruption case, we tinction between "collusive members that the seven-day on the need to crb election Prime Minister or a Chief Mb sonnel and Public Grievanc will bring guidelines for deci bribe givers" and those who window was too short, Dr.expenditure and bring about nister were borne by the ex es Jitendra Singh replied to sion to be ordinarily given in are "coerced. In such cases, Singh said the government electoral reforms to stop cor chequer or the political par ty. "Let the people find out, e. two years. He described the the Bill seeks to protect those would look at ways to "ex ruption in politics. He said safeguards had Bill as "historic who report the matter within tend this period while fram Congress MP Adhir Ran said Mr. Sawant TENTH PAGE-THE HINDU

  14. INSULATING PUBLIC SERVANTS: Lowdown on the significant changes in the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, adopted by both Houses of Parliament Sanction for prosecution What is new Sanction needed for prosecuting former officials for offences done while in office Bribery What is new Pre-investigation approval What is new Criminal misconduct What is new Forfeiture of property What is new Giving a bribe is now an offence, punishable by a 7-year prison term Only be two forms of crimi- nal misconduct. Section introduced Police officer cannot begin probe without prior Misappropriation of proper for Special Court ty entrusted to public servantunder this Act to Intentionally enriching oneself illicitly What it was There were five kinds: omitted ones are taking bribeunder the Prevention habitually, getting anything free or at a concession obtaining pecuniary advantage for oneself or for another without public interest Except when one is forced to give a bribe. But it should be reported within seven days attach and confiscate property approval of relevant authority or govt (except when caught Centre may notify guidelines for sanction Decision on request for sanction within3 months, which may be This was not done Bribe is termed 'undue advantage', defined as gratification other than legal remuneration What it was No specific provision except as abetment What it was but a rule similar to it extended by a month was struck down by of Corruption Act, but under a 1944 ordinance through civil courts provision in the Act, - Sanction was Supreme Court required under PCA for serving officers only Protection formerly This is to protect public It could empower the public to refuse to give a bribe but seven-day limit may not be enough. As to what available to officials secretary and above down) is extended to offences covered bothservants from being wrongly serving and retired officers. Guidelines and time-limit may help make sanction prosecuted for official decisions. Earlier it was a crime to "obtain advantage to a private party without public interest" fresh procedure to confiscate property obtained through corruption, enables court conducting trial of coercion is not registered by the police is unclear all public servants TENTH PAGE THE HINDU (continued)