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7th March- The Hindu Editorial - Part-2 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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our defence minister as well as external affairs minister are women to empower them
well done sir.... you explained this in so easy manner.....
very nicely explained sir👍🏻

  2. Last year's #MeToo movement and Sabarimala protests showed. perhaps Indian women are echoing her and are ready to foment a rebellion What fuels these movements? India's economic transformation a stark realisation that it has not paid particular care and attentionto women Declining inequality in education 2018, in the Class XII CBSE examination, 88.31% girls passed, compared to 78.99% boys. UBHODESP

  3. In spite of rising education and rising aspirations, labour markets and social norms constrain womer Datas- show that education and employment have a U-shaped relationship. Illiterate women are most likely to participate in the workforce. Work participation drops sharply for women with primary and secondary education and rises only with college education white-collar jobs are either not available or de and offer little job security in this time of a gig economy. mand long hours UBHODESP

  4. NSSO data for 25- to 59-year-old workers in 2011-12 show that among farmers, farm labourers and service workers, nearly one-third are women, while the proportion of women among professionals, managers and clerical workers is only about 15%. Educated women's main employment options lie in qualifying as a nurse or a teacher or looking for office jobs women's lives are also circumscribed by social norms that shape their family situation. UBHODESP

  5. Young women-whereas a third of Japanese women and 11% of Sri Lankan women aged 30-34 are single, less than 3% of Indian women are single at that age ofSriLankan aged 30-34 aresingle, Moreover, women's education does not seem to carry the same value in the 'marriage market' as caste, the family's economic status and horoscope Research from other countries shows that educated women marry similarly educated men But in India, women frequently marry men with lower education than themselves UBHODEE

  6. If rising education for women does not offer increasing income-earning opportunities or better marriage prospects, does it at least give women greater autonomy in other areas of their lives? Little evidence - greater say in household decisions or freedom of movement outside the home Periodically their frustration takes the shape of a social movement? Our political process sees women as an extension of the men in their households and assumes that no special effort is needed to win their hearts and minds. UBHODESP

  7. Election season, perhaps it would be wise for political parties to remember that women form half the voting population. focuses on creating economic and social opportunities for women. #WeMeanPower UBHODESP

  8. The End! UBHODESP