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30th March- The Hindu Editorial - Part-1 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
Dream of Achieving Big l YouTube & Facebook : UPSC360

Unacademy user
Would like to give my thanks because I had benefitted from your videos in prelims 2019. few science and tech questions directly came from your videos. hats off 😊
Siva Prasad
8 months ago
I am really happy to learn this Ravi. Good luck for your results . I hope you do well in the other stages of the exam as well. Good luck :)
u are very hardworking..u can do it Sir..please add some lessons in Braham ashtra series.
Thank you very much sir for your's your gratitude
sir it's my pleasure to learn from u



  4. A reality check The move on Azhar in the UNSC is welcome, but India must continue to engage with China UBHODESP

  5. The U.S. move to take a listing request for Jaish-e-Mohammad founder Masood Azhar directly to the UN Security Council is an indicator of the frustration of a majority of the Council's permanent members with China's refusal to budge on the issue. Accused of working with al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden; Exchanged for hostages at Kandahar following the 1999 Indian Airlines hijack. Since 2001, the JeM and Azhar have claimed responsibility for several terror attacks UBHODESP

  6. China has used its veto on Azhar's listing at the 1267 UNSC Sanctions Committee four times in the past decade, evidently to protect Pakistan Its stand on Azhar is at variance with the otherwise tough stand on terror in Xinjiang province. With the latest proposal, the U.S. plans to "shame" China by bringing the Azhar listing to a public debate at the UNSC. But, there is no indication that China is ready to change its stand, particularly in the face of coercion or threat from the U.S., and it could veto this proposal as wel UBHODESP

  7. India with "patience and persistence", in keeping with its desire not to sacrifice the bilateral relationship over the issue. New Delhi must applaud the strong support the U.S. and the other UNSC members have provided on the issue of cross-border terror threats, and on the vexed issue of Azhar's listing. UBHODESP

  8. A stop sign India must raise its ambition on reduction in carbon emissions UBHODESP

  9. It is no surprise that the International Energy Agency found that India's carbon emissions grew by 4.8% during 2018, in spite of the national focus on climate change in energy policy. There is wide recognition of the fact that Indians are not historically responsible for the problem, and it is the rich nations led by the U.S. that have pumped in the stock of carbon dioxide linked to extreme climate impacts being witnessed around the globe As the IEA points out, India's emissions have grown, but per capita they remain less than 40% of the global average. UBHODESP

  10. Total emissions GT CO2in 2013 Per capita emissions 5 10 15 20 0 china European Union (28) Russian Federaton United States Japan Korea, Internatonal Shpoing Canada Brazil United Kingdom I Internatonal Aviation Saudi Aabia Mexoo l South Atrica Tawan I Thailand Span lMala Argentina I raa UBHODESP

  11. Equity among nations is therefore at the centre of the discussion on energy emissions, and the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities is central to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Reassuring as this may be, the universal challenge of climate change has grown to such proportions that urgent action to sharply cut carbon emissions is crucial, and all countries, including India, must act quickly. Intensive measures in key sectors - scaling up renewables to raise their share in the energy mix, UBHODESP

  12. Priority area is the cleaning up of coal power plants, some of which are young and have decades of use ahead ha eaasaa The Centre's plan to expand electric mobility through financial incentives for buses, taxis and two-wheelers needs to be pursued vigorously, especially in the large cities. UBHODESP