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25th March- The Hindu Editorial - Part-1 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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2 options correct hosakte h Kya gate me???
Niti Ayog = National Institution for Transforming India + Former- Planning commission from 1950 + In 2015 Niti Ayog + chairman - Prime minister
Niti Aayog- National Institute for Transforming India
national institution for transforming India
national institute for transforming india
national institute for transforming india

  2. Twelve years later The Madras High Court has prevented a miscarriage of justice in the 'Dinakaran' case. UBHODESP

  3. A different league IPL In its 12th iteration, the IPL fields concerns about its place in the cricket calendar UBHODESP

  4. Another look at fiscal transfers 80 088 The time has come to amend the Constitution to fix the proportion of shareable taxes for the States. UBHODESP

  5. Federalism is an old concept. Its origin is mainly political factors, its structure. In large countries, it has been felt that only a federal structure can The efficiency of a government depends on, among other efficiently meet the requirements of people from different regions. E. V. JOIN, or DIE. UBHODESP

  6. In our country During the independence struggle, provincial autonomywas regarded as an integralpart of the freedom movement. However, after Independence, several compulsions, which included defence and internal security, led to a scheme of federalism in which the Centre assumed greater importance. Later centralisation of political parties the process of centralisation gathered further momentum. Economic planning at a nation-wide level helped this centralising process. UBHODESP

  7. Fiscal federalism is the economic counterpart to political federalism. Fiscal federalism is concerned with the assignment on the one hand of functions to different levels of government, and with appropriate fiscal instruments for carrying out these functions on the other. It enable the different levels of government to carry out their functions Building any principles into an actual scheme of assignment of taxes to different levels of government in a Constitution is indeed very difficult. UBHODESP

  8. Example, in the United States and Canada, both Federal and State governments have concurrent powers to levy income tax. On the contrary, in India, income tax is levied only by the Central government though shared with the States. Recognising the possibility of imbalance between resources and responsibilities, many countries have a system of inter-governmental transfers. Vertical and horizontal imbalances have been addressed by every Finance Commission. UBHODESP

  9. However, Central transfers to States are not confined to the recommendations of the Finance Commissions. There are other channels - through the Planning Commission until recently as well the discretionary grants of the Central government. New developments The Fourteenth Finance Commission has broken new ground in terms of allocation of resources. One of its major recommendations has been to increase the share of tax devolution to 42% of the divisible pool. The commission has argued that this does not necessarily affect the overall transfers but only enhances the share of unconditional transfers. UBHODESP

  10. Over years, the performance of the Central government is judged not only on the basis of actions taken which fall strictly in its jurisdiction but also orn initiatives undertaken in the areas which fall in the Concurrent and even State lists. Today, the Central government is held responsible for everything that happens, including, for example, agrarian distress. In viewing the responsibilities of the Centre and States we must take a broader view than what is stipulated in the Constitution. UBHODESP

  11. On the allocation of unconditional transfers, two questions arise. The first is to determine the total transfers that need to be made, while the second is whether all transfers must be done by the Finance Commission alone Finance Commissions prior to the Fourteenth recognised that some transfers were being made by the Planning Commission; this was kept in mind while deciding on tax devolution By the time the Fourteenth Finance Commission was required to submit its report, a fundamental change in the institutional framework had occurred UBHODESP

  12. The Planning Commission was replaced by the NITI Aayog, which was simply a think-tank Perhaps the time has come for the Constitution to be amended and the proportion of shareable taxes that should go to the States fixed at the desired level Also-can follow the practice in the U.S. and Canada: of allowing the States to levy tax on personal income, with some limitations UBHODESP

  13. The End! UBHODESP

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