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15th March- The Hindu Editorial - Part-1 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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Unacademy user
hello sir, what is dossier? can you explain this please..........
Subhodeep Das
10 months ago
kind of report
Ansh yadav
10 months ago
okk......... thank you sir

  2. China's block Its decision on Masood Azhar is shocking - but India must keep up persuasive diplomacy UBHODESP

  3. China's decision to block the listing of Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist at the UN Security Council is both a setback to India's post-Pulwama diplomatic strategy and a reality check on ties with China at present. After the February 14 attack, claimed by the JeM, the Gol had made the listing of Azhar a focus in its diplomatic efforts. It reached out to several governments, and shared a dossier on Azhar with each member of the Security Council, who are all members of the 1267 ISIL and al-Qaeda sanctions committee. A special effort was made with Beijing, which has blocked the Azhar listing in the past, including just after the 2008 Mumbai attacks. UBHODESP

  4. From 2016 to 2018, India's proposals to list Azhar, with evidence of JeM involvement in the Pathankot airbase attack, were also foiled by China, which placed holds on the listing, and then vetoed it. The vetoes came despite the fact that the JeM is banned, and in the UNSC listing it is noted that Azhar, as its leader and founder, accepted funds from Osama bin Laden China, as the one country that has refused to allow Azhar's name on the list, is well aware of the evidence against him, but is not ready to withdraw its objections. It is clear that despite India-China relations improving after the Wuhan summit in April 2018, China is unwillingto align itself with India on its concerns on cross-border terrorism emanating from Pakistan. UBHODESP

  5. China's stand is regrettable and condemnable, and it has been consistent on this issue. New Delhi must now consider whether it wishes to accept this as a fait accompli, or confront Beijing to try to persuade it to change its stand by means of incentives or coercion. It is also unlikely that the suggestions being offered by some political groups, of cutting imports from China and other punitive actions, will yield much The government may be more successful if it identifies the incentives it can offer China in the next few months to review its position. UBHODESP

  6. While some of those incentives would be bilateral, the Chinese spokesperson's hint that dialogue between New Delhi and Islamabad, and even possible "triangular" talks including Beijing, is indicative of China's thinking While listing Azhar at the UNSC is an unfinished task, the larger issue remains: JeM and other terror groups that are threatening India. be better-placed to help in this matter. to ensure that Pakistan takes substantive action against Azhar, the China, with its economic and strategic leverage with Pakistan, may UBHODESP

  7. A model policy for women in the police It must ensure equal opportunities for women in all aspects of policing as well as a safe and enabling work environment UBHODESP

  8. women constitute about 7% of the police strength in India. This number is expected to rise, with many States and Union Territories providing for 30% (and more) reservation for women in the police in specific ranks However, this is not enough. The discourse on mainstreaming women in the police by making policing inclusive, non-discriminatory and efficient in India is missing in policy circles. One way to mainstream women in the police is to develop a model policy that will challenge the deep-rooted patriarchy in the institution. UBHODESP

  9. Unfortunately,till now, not a single State police department has attempted to even draft such a policy Thus, neither the Central nor State governments can get very far by merely adopting reservation to increase gender diversity without considering the need for policymaking. Model policy, Lay the foundation for equal opportunities for women in every aspect of policing, Strive to create a safe and enablingwork environment UBHODESP

  10. One of the first steps to ensure a level playing field for women in the police is to increase their numbers action plan to achieve the target of 30% or more in a time-bound manner. Departments should also undertake special recruitment drives in every district to ensure geographical diversity. Spread awareness about opportunities for women in the police. Current data reveal that most women in the police are concentrated in the lower ranks Needs to be changed- appointment in leading operational positions. UBHODESP

  11. Women police officers should be encouraged to take on public order and investigative crimes of all types, and should be given duties beyond the minimum mandated by special laws. Often police departments still lack proper internal childcare support systems As far as possible, women should be posted in their home districts in consultation with supervising officers Most State police departments have received funds under the Modernisation of State Police Forces Scheme for providing separate toilets and changing rooms for women, and for constructing separate accommodation for women Make best use of this fund UBHODESP

  12. Police departments must also ensure safe working spaces for women and adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards discriminationand harassment, in order to make policing a viable career option for women Departments are legally bound to set up Internal Complaints Committees to prevent sexual harassmentat the workplace. Departments must operationalise the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act of 2013. UBHODESP