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16th March- The Hindu Editorial - Part-1 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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  2. A fresh warning India must recognise the human cost of poorly enforced environmentlaws. UBHODESP

  3. The sixth edition of the Global Environment Outlook from the UN Environment Programme has come as another stark warning: the world is unsustainably extracting resources and producing unmanageablequantities of waste. The linear model of economic growth depends on the extraction of ever-higher quantities of materials, leading to chemicals flowing into air, water and land. This causes ill-health and premature mortality, and affects the quality of life, particularly for those unable to insulate themselves from these effects( vulnerable class of people). The UN report, GEO-6, on the theme "Healthy Planet,Healthy People," has some sharp pointers for India. UBHODESP

  4. It notes that East and South Asia have the highest number of deaths due to air pollution; by one estimate, it killed about 1.24 milion irn India in 2017. As India's population grows, it must worry that agricultural yields are coming under stress due to increase in average temperature and erratic monsoons The implications of these forecasts for food security and health are all too evident, more so for the 148 million people living in severe weather 'hotspots'. The task before India is to recognise the human cost of poorly enforced environmentlaws and demonstrate the political will necessary to end business-as-usual policies. UBHODESP

  5. That would mean curbing the use of fossil fuels and toxic chemicals across the spectrum of economic activity. There are some targeted interventions that only require the resolve to reduce air and water pollution, and which in turn promise early population-level benefits 16 Aggressive monitoring of air quality in cities through scaled-up facilities would bring about a consensus on cutting emissions of greenhouse gases, and provide the impetus to shift to cleaner sources of energy. It is significant that GEO-6 estimates that the top 10% of populations globally, in terms of wealth, are responsible for 45% of GHG emissions, and the bottom 50% for only 13%. UBHODESP

  6. Pollution impacts are, however, borne more by the poorer citizens. Combating air pollution would, therefore, require all older coal-based power plants in India to conform to emission norms at the earliest, or to be shut down in favour of renewable energy sources. Transport emissions are a growing source of urban pollution, and a quick transition to green mobility is needed In the case of water, the imperative is to stop the contamination of surface supplies by chemicals, sewage and municipal waste. As the leading extractor of groundwater, India needs to make water part of a circular economy in which it is treated as a resource that is recovered, treated and reused. UBHODESP

  7. But water protection gets low priority, and State governments show no urgency in augmenting rainwater harvesting. New storage areas act as a supply source when monsoons fail, and help manage floods when there is excess rainfall. UBHODESP

  8. Softer, slower Parliamentary votes give the British PM hope that a hard Brexit can be avoided. UBHODESP

  9. With the overwhelming vote on Thursday to seek a delay to the exit from the EU, Britain's Parliament might have actually given Prime Minister Theresa May another chance to push her existing deal for Brexit. With the catastrophic consequences of a hard Brexit option thus foreclosed, from Britain's perspective at least, there is good reason to think that the worst is over, although there is no clue yet to the direction of the exit Both these proposals had been rejected as part of earlier amendments to the draft withdrawal bill UBHODESP

  10. Only a temporary respite from uncertainty seek from Brussels an extension, until June, to complete the exit formalities. UBHODESP

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