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14th March- The Hindu Editorial - Part-2 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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sir reasoning for rrb je kab launch krenge aap??
Mohit Kumar
10 months ago
Already kr chuka hu....dekh lijiye
Parminder Singh
10 months ago
ohk thank u sir
can you please discuss an article of official secret act as i cant find that article.. or if you have created that article so please can u tell me the lesson or date to review as its very important article for these days

  2. Down, but definitely not out On the verge of being wiped out territorially, the Islamic State still poses a big challenge to intelligence apparatuses. UBHODESP

  3. The ruling against Begum being let back into the U.K. highlights the modern dilemma of how exactly to blend compassion with the need to combat terror relentlessly in parts of the globe. Analysis-IS saga provides a case study of how the draw of terrorist ideology can gain strength, expand and then evaporate at equally fast speed We know that extremism of any kind including Naxalism in India -is a magnet for some young minds. The heady cocktail of a spirit of adventure and frustrations early on in life is what spurs youngsters such as Begum UBHODESP

  4. It is too soon to conclude that the IS is past history Nature of the sleeper cells, lone-wolf attack. Iraqi President, Barham Salih, went on record a few days ago to say that although the 'Caliphate' has been eliminated, there are sleeper cells and extremist groups on the Syrian border which needed to be taken care of UBHODESP

  5. India's grand strategy on Pakistan Develop a sophisticated counterterrorism strategy, while exuding a vision of peaceful coexistence UBHODESP

  6. When a society's patience wears thin, one of two things typically happen. Either its leaders embark on a bold new direction, or they spin a story for their domestic audience and carry on as before. Response Gol undertaken recently- amid - impending national election little doubt - many have called upon the government to resist from brazen use of the 'national security' card in mobilising public opinion. UBHODESP

  7. Nevertheless, the willingness to take the fight to the Pakistani heartland and cultivate a measure of uncertainty is a clear departure from the policy of strategic restraint. The signal to Pakistan and its benefactors- clear established a new normal. What has India got from the air strikes? Active defence We can point to three gains. The idea that India has a right to pre-emptive self-defence a right that so far has been the exclusive privilege of the Western powers has been legitimised by the reaction and behaviour of the great powers during the crisis UBHODESP

  8. The idea that the Pakistan army and its intelligence services could wage a costless proxy war against Indian military targets in Kashmir has also been challenged. Sudden strike created a measure of uncertaint Pakistani planners in the minds of The next challenge before Indian security planners is to incorporate this approach as part of a grand strategy. What goals should India seek? Should it focus solely on Pakistan's external behaviour, or more logically also keep an eye on its internal structure UBHODESP

  9. How to bring - Pakistan's international allies and partners, specifically the U.S. and China, be rejigged closer to India's aims and interests? Also, measures - India formulate an enlightened approach towards J&K The military -Indian grand strategy would involve a more robust internal security framework, including the introduction of more advanced counter-terror capabilities and doctrines that seek to substantially minimise Indian military casualties in Kashmir (since 2008, 740 security forces personnel have lost their lives), patiently building covert proxy capabilities that impose reciprocal costs on Pakistani security institutions, and a more sophisticated conventional military posture. UBHODESP

  10. There is a geopolitical counterpart to an Indian strategy too. It must be recognised that although Pakistan cannot be isolated, its patrons and allies, many of whom seek to develop deeper ties with India, can be persuaded in their own interests to influence Pakistani behaviour Evidence of this - China, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are nudging Pakistan to rein in its destabilising behaviour. can work to India's advantage. Also, engagement with the civilian government and, more importantly, the Pakistani people, towards whom it must exude a vision of peaceful coexistence. UBHODESP

  11. A model policy for women in the police It must ensure equal opportunities for women in all aspects of policing as well as a safe and enabling work environment UBHODESP

  12. women constitute about 7% of the police strength in India. This number is expected to rise, with many States and Union Territories providing for 30% (and more) reservation for women in the police in specific ranks However, this is not enough. The discourse on mainstreaming women in the police by making policing inclusive, non-discriminatory and efficient in India is missing in policy circles. One way to mainstream women in the police is to develop a model policy that will challenge the deep-rooted patriarchy in the institution. UBHODESP

  13. Unfortunately,till now, not a single State police department has attempted to even draft such a policy Thus, neither the Central nor State governments can get very far by merely adopting reservation to increase gender diversity without considering the need for policymaking. Model policy, Lay the foundation for equal opportunities for women in every aspect of policing, Strive to create a safe and enabling work environment. UBHODESP

  14. One of the first steps to ensure a level playing field for women in the police is to increase their numbers action plan to achieve the target of 30% or more in a time-bound manner. Departments should also undertake special recruitment drives in every district to ensure geographical diversity. Spread awareness about opportunities for women in the police. Current data reveal that most women in the police are concentrated in the lower ranks Needs to be changed- appointment in leading operational positions. UBHODESP

  15. Women police officers should be encouraged to take on public order and investigative crimes of all types, and should be given duties beyond the minimum mandated by special laws. Often police departments still lack proper internal childcare support systems. As far as possible, women should be posted in their home districts in consultation with supervising officers Most State police departments have received funds under the Modernisation of State Police Forces Scheme for providing separate toilets and changing rooms for women, and for constructing separate accommodation for women Make best use of this fund UBHODESP

  16. Police departments must also ensure safe working spaces for women and adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and harassment, in order to make policing a viable career option for women Departments are legally bound to set up Internal Complaints Committees to prevent sexual harassmentat the workplace. Departments must operationalise the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act of 2013. UBHODESP

  17. The End! UBHODESP