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21st March- The Hindu Editorial - Part-1 (in Hindi)
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Subhodeep Das
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sir I am working in bank as an officer my DOB is 06-05-1987.from 8 to 8 I am extremely busy in bank which includes travel time.what should be my approach in order to crack UPSC as I am left with 2 attempts.kindly guide me sir
Wish you a very Happy Holi Sir!
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  2. Happy Holi


  4. A lot to lose Tamil Nadu's regional players are locked in a national battle UBHODESP

  5. Useful tool he VS The dollar-rupee swap allows the RBI to directly influence rupee value and liquidity. UBHODESP

  6. The Reserve Bank of India's decision last week to resort to a dollar rupee swap, instead of the traditional open-market purchase of bonds, to infuse liquidity into the economy marks a significant shift in the central bank's liquidity management policy. Under the three-year currency swap scheme, which is scheduled to open on Tuesday next week, the RBI will purchase $5 billion from banks in exchange for rupees. The central bank will infuse as much as 35,000 crore into the system in one shot at a time when liquidity generally tends to be squeezed For the banks, it is a way to earn some interest out of the forex reserves lying idle in their kitty. UBHODESP

  7. Apart from injecting fresh liquidity into the economy, the move will have implications for the currency market even as it helps shore up the RBI's dollar reserves. Overall, the dollar-rupee swap is a useful addition to the RBI's policy toolkit as it offers the central bank a chance to directly influence both the value of the rupee and the amount of liquidity in the economy at the same time using a single tool. can be an effective way to lower private borrowing costs as w The coming elections, which can lead to an increase in cash withdrawals from banks, may have also played a role in the RBI's larger decision to boost liquidity in the system. UBHODESP

  8. But, If banks choose to deposit the fresh RBl money in safe government securities at low yields, as they have done in the past it will be a problem. But, overall- a good option UBHODESP

  9. A short history of data Why the recent undermining of the credibility of India's statistical outputis especially regrettable UBHODESP

  10. Past two months, Indian national statistics and the organisations that administer them have faced a volley of criticism In January two independent members of the National Statistical Commission resigned in protest, over alleged suppression of economic data by the government. More recently, amidst growing scepticism regarding India's official statistics, more than a hundred scholars comprising economists and social scientists released a statement decrying the fall in standards of institutional independence, suggesting political interference as the cause. Kaushik Basu, a former chief economist of the World Bank, also recently bemoaned the declining credibility of India's official statistics. UBHODESP

  11. While declining data quality has been an issue for a while, concern over institutional independence is new. India's national statistics were once internationally renowned among economists and policy professionals for their reliability In the decades following World War lI, India had reason to be proud not only of the institutional independence of national statistical bodies but also-uniquely among developing countries-of a pioneering history of independent data collection and publication. The birth of a new nation led to an explosion of national statistics, based on the need to plan the economy through Five Year Plans. UBHODESP

  12. Even begin training statisticians from other developing countries. Later creation of India's National Income Committee, the Central Statistical Organisation, the International Statistical Education Centre in Calcutta, and the National Sample Survey - all created around the mid-century mark. UBHODESP